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Jalan keluar

Minggu, 29 Januari 2017

22.38 PM


Apa gunanya sahabat

Kalau bukan untuk menemani

Apa gunanya sahabat

Kalau tidak ada dalam duka


Sahabat macam apa aku ini? 75 more words



We can not live out lives alone.

Life would be boring without it.

Not to mention, we would go crazy in no time.

That is why friends are there to support you. 38 more words


No Mercy

No mercy for the weak

No favor for the poor

No grace for the lost at heart

This world is a closed door

I said no mercy for the weak… 100 more words


Hour Glass Hearts

I had wrote this poem in a more simplistic form a few years back in response to the unfairness of time in my own perception. Looking back I revised and reworked the poem and I think its meaning is still applicable. 74 more words

Random Writings

Cry Me A River, Child

Cry me a river, child

With your tears so tired

Cry me a river, child

With your face so sad

Cry me a river, child… 81 more words


People Like You

You call me insane, don’t know my name

Don’t talk to me at all

But I’ll just smile and wait for a while

Cause I know you’ll fall… 104 more words