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Jekyll & Hyde.

A shadow lurks in the darkness.

There are no menacing red glowing eyes. No sharp yellow claws extending towards me. No bloodstained cracked razor teeth twitching to devour my very soul. 567 more words

Random Writings

Be Yourself...

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I really like this picture of myself.  Some of the reasons I like this picture are because I have on no makeup,  my hair is messy & blowing in the wind, you can see my tired eyes, some acne, my braces showing, my uneven eyebrows  and if you look closely you can kind of see the scar on the left side of my forehead(technically on the right side in this picture) .

441 more words
Random Writings

The Campfire

The rain falls gently on the rooftop
The wind blows softly as the temperature drops
The earth is chilly in this moment
The campfire burns in wary atonement

The Icognito Writer


Your Shadow

You can’t run away from your darkness

There is no escape from your shadow

Make sure you don’t stray from the oath

Cause if you dont stay, you’ll never know… 36 more words


Let them be.

It is but a fact that every human ever has walked down a school hallway, cowering in the shadows, hoping to not be seen, sometime or the other. 149 more words

Random Writings

Tulips In The Dark

Do not scream

For, they’ll hear you shouts

And do not cry

Or, you’ll draw them out

Because the lie and hide in the shadows… 77 more words



I looked out the window. A thick, sullied cotton-candy- like cloud was dragging itself. So heavy! I could sense the sketch of your lips somewhere in those clouds. 92 more words