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Blue. The colour of the sky. The colour of earth.

Blue. The colour that is supposed to be soothing to the eyes and calming to the brain. 48 more words

Random Writings

Blood On My Bow Tie

​I have blood on my bow tie

It may be my own

I can feel my nosebleed heavy

Aching pain through my body

Sitting on the steps of an empty home… 137 more words


Stranger Things? Indeed.

When my cousin tells me I need to watch a show, I’m writing down the title and looking for it, because I learned long ago to listen to her instincts. 688 more words

Visions In Ultraviolet

Cedar Point is a Huge Ripoff

If you’d asked me last year I totally would have sang the praises of Cedar Point. We had season passes and came almost every single week. 523 more words


Youth (Daily Prompt)

I thought about youth
as carefree days
spent with friends in joy,
unfettered by the worries of life,
and also sweet teenage love
filled with passion and purity, 49 more words

Random Writings

Pardon for the Exploited; Epistle for the Unjust

If I could be in a position of power, I will prioritize the majority of thoughts in this set. To consider myself wearing other people’s shoes, those of the lowly and lacking. 187 more words

Random Writings

Star Photos: They're Not Actually as Hard as They Look

Last summer, I made myself a promise that by the end of the year, I would have finally taken my long-awaited photo of the stars. The challenge seemed like a huge aspiration, almost impossible for me to achieve. 1,556 more words