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Peddler Doll - She's Here

Well. Technically, they are here.

Six doll heads came in a small box inside a shoe box. Now, I have to decide which will be the peddler doll. 7 more words

Random Writings

Take It Personal

I thought about it on my drive

What if I committed suicide

Would you take it personal

Your face would be the last I saw… 162 more words

The Poet Q

You Think You Know Me?

You have no idea who I am. You have no idea what goes on inside my mind. None. I am everything you overlook. I am everything you wish didn’t exist. 179 more words

Random Writings

Taking Responsibility

So I’ve been watching Lockup on Netflix and one common theme is standing out in every episode. Whenever the film crew is doing a one on one with an inmate and they ask “So why are you in here?” all the inmates tend to answer the same way. 272 more words

Random Writings

Peddler DollĀ 

I found a potential stand.

This was at an estate sale for $8. It may be a little small once she is dressed and holding her basket. 14 more words

Random Writings

All Bright Stars.

“Stars seems to twinkle because we see them through layers of Earth’s atmosphere.”

Doesn’t that make some sense to us?! It should. By the time our life has rolled over our heart, it has maintained to create layers over our eyes.

268 more words
Random Writings

Back To Reality.....

Every once in a while it’s like I need a jolt back into reality and at that point I’m already way past gone . I’m usually so far in my mind I’m losing grip of the world around me . 64 more words

Random Writings