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Too late

I am not one you choose to make amends with on your death bed
Yes, I’m a sweet and nice person, but you couldn’t fathom the filth that goes on in my head. 208 more words



Yea I kissed her. And she was gentle. Lips so soft… And she was my first. I had always been curious but had always planned on that staying a curiosity. 365 more words



f o c u s

As I lay with you in these sheets, I see… I see exactly what i want to see. I see us and a smile on your face. 1,001 more words


Who do They Think They Are?

They think I’m a user,

an abuser.

I promise I’m not a monster.

They think I’m unusal,

that I turned.

I wasn’t bitten by a vampire. 70 more words

Random Writings


She’d given up on love and all of its games
Wanting to love again but knowing that it would never be the same
She met the eyes of a guy who would have been good for her life. 148 more words


The beauty of fiction

Somebody asked me the other day a question that i’ve never in my life thought that i’d have to answer. They asked me why I chose to read fiction novels instead of nonfiction… The question stomped me because I wasnt able to provide an answer. 228 more words


Old Friends (originally called "It's Been A While")

Lunch room days
Basketball games
Guy pains
A constant change
In atmosphere
In attitude
There for the good and the bad news
You stayed true to me… 230 more words