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Every time you are being rejected,

Hold on take a deep breath

And let it go.

Every time you are being rejected,

Keep calm and be patient… 81 more words


Afraid, Ashamed, and Words Unspoken

So many things left frozen in time. Calls left unmade, cancelled appointments, hours upon hours of missed time at work, limits on things you can do, due to anxieties, toxic emotional habits, stories left untold, poems left unwritten due to negative feelings associated with them, it’s not knowing what state of mind you will wake up in from one day to next, so many emotions, so much emptiness, it’s hiding scars  with bandages and extra clothing, it’s being triggered by countless things sometimes you yourself don’t even understand, its unopened letters, it’s secret tears, it’s times where life seems to be passing by and it feels like mentally your stuck in a one place, it’s knowing the truth but believing a lie, it’s hurting in ways other people couldn’t even begin to understand, it’s the flashbacks, it’s those times where you are convinced you are not enough, it’s late nights where flashbacks and misery seem to consume you, it’s the times where the questions Am I sick? 218 more words


The new impostor syndrome: redefining the literary genre


It is funny how the meanings of things change, and with the change, a whole cascade of other meanings change. 787 more words

The Creative Process

Throw Back the Curtain

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” – Author Unknown

I had just finished setting up my daughter and her friend so they could sack out and watch movies, before heading into my son’s room to settle him in with his kindle and a snack, when my cell started pinging message notifications one after another. 

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Visions In Ultraviolet

Mirror Image

I push and I push hard, I push until I break. I push so that this world can’t break me, so that I  break myself before this world gets the chance to.  348 more words

Words Ar3 Art

Daily Prompt: Pretend

I woke up one day,  reached for my phone and read your text.

You completed my sentence with a period.

You ended the relationship that I… 53 more words

Random Writings

What now, my dear?

What now?

This is what I’ve been asking myself lately. Adding to my misery is my inner self acting like an answering machine steaming off her very classic slogan…

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Random Writings