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I am a terrible artist.

There, I said it. Painting, drawing, writing, level design, dance. I love it all. But I have to be honest with the world. 43 more words

Random Writings

When You See It

What do you see in this picture?

If you’ll ask me, I see LIFE playing. By the time you step on the pedals, time ticks and your life starts moving. 260 more words

Random Writings

No Cosmetics

Baby take it all off
I’m not talking your clothes
I’m asking you to remove your cosmetics
I want to see your blemishes
Your imperfections… 109 more words


Meet Special Agent Shriya Thakur, Duke Bradley's Partner in THIRTEEN YEARS OF DUST!

Born in the USA to Indian parents, then then raised and educated in London, Special Agent Shriya Thakur joined the FBI after she returned to America to reclaim her right as a citizen. 483 more words

Random Writings

Final Reflection: "In The End"

Maybe it’s because I forgot how to be a student.¬†Maybe it’s because I never looked up from my smartphone long enough.

But I thought this class was great, and sure did learn a lot. 499 more words

Random Writings

Why are you afraid? I am not a monster who will creep to your bedside in the late hour. I am made of all you claimed to hold dear but my shell was worn and frail. 131 more words

Random Writings

Random writing inspired by pre-Raphaelite paintings

Other bloggers I’ve noticed do this thing of getting random photos off Pinintrest (whatever that is) and writing about them. I love this idea but have¬†two reasons for not being able to do exactly that – one is that I have no idea how to use this ‘pinintrest’ thing – two, that it is illegal to use other people’s photos. 2,873 more words

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