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Sandy Hook: The Impact of "What-If"

It’s been five years since the lives of twenty-six children and adults were taken from their family, friends, and communities.  Five years of what-ifs. What if they’d been sick that day? 566 more words

Random Writings


I got my grades back for this quarter that just ended and I’m quite happy with them and proud of myself. I smiled at the proof that I was doing something right. 282 more words

Random Writings


She floats across the sea of life,

Carried by waves gentle and turbulent,

Feels aimless and adrift,

But not direction she seeks,

Only an anchor she prays for, 82 more words

Random Writings

Jolly (Daily Prompt)

We smile, we laugh,
We sing, we dance,
Until at last,
I wobble,
‘Cause it’s jolly exhausting,
To feign happiness.


Random Writings

Relocate (Daily Prompt)

Where do they go,
What shall they look to,
Now that you said no,
These feelings pester more,
My heart’s no place for them,
But they’ve nowhere to relocate, 16 more words

Random Writings

Misty Mountains

Jameson walked up the steep path of the mountain. He had been walking for two hours already and although he was near the top, his legs were already tired from trekking. 92 more words

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