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Open up your mind/ Don’t be afraid to cry/ Everybody telling you all of their own nothings/ Hold me and tell me your everythings. I don’t care what they say/ Only words of small minds projecting their own insecurities, too scared to realize real potential. 165 more words

Random Writings


Destiny such a fickle thing/ Hope soaring, Angel wing/ Per chance to dream/ Dreams fragmenting, Loosened consciousness/ Invading nightmares dance freely/ Realized fantasy, Alluring reality/ Dreams, By-gone eons cessation/ Equilibrium maturing, Soul liberation/ Madness entrapped, Soul bonded/ Freedom fleeting, Sheep bleating/ Darkness advancing, Humanity fading/ Animals breeding, Resources depleting/ Lofty ideals dashed away/ Pride Courage Honour Dignity/ Human strengths gone forever/ Such fancy false dreams/ Ages ago lost, forgotten/ Hold thought, Sight spark/ Eternal flame, Hope ignited/ Per chance to dream once more

Random Writings

At the apex

I can see for miles, past all the trials. The goal is in sight, down below I face a fight. Never told it would be arduous, so far it has been adventurous. 119 more words

Random Writings

The Bridge - By Martin Chambers

Doctor Pierre Dansie had not yet successfully managed to integrate himself into the mountain villages around his new home in Castello di Rostino. Fortunately, he knew it wasn’t really a personal dislike which was setting him apart from the inhabitants, more that Corsicans were distrusting of anyone from mainland France, and Paris in particular. 854 more words

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Step 1: Go to school, with the sole purpose of acing (or at least passing) all subjects and topping (or at least surviving) each class. Extra-curricular activities can wait. 1,012 more words


The Tree of Fate

The tree of fate stands gloriously tall.

We are but mere mortals, pretending that we own it all,
That we know everything that is to be known, 196 more words



History repeats itself
In the form of “freedom of speech”
Where hypocrisy grants room
To the oppressors to continue
Ravaging and destroying anything in reach… 109 more words