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The Girl - Short Story Version

*Written with a tired mind and only a few small edits or revisions.

There used to be this girl in her teenage years who was clad in a simple shirt and miniskirt, and was enveloped in an aura of innocent sensuality that was awfully appealing for reasons that were utterly intangible. 989 more words

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The Beginning of A Journey.....

Yesterday, I had a moment with my little sister. We finally sat down and had a real honest talk about the effect that being hit by a car had on us. 457 more words

Random Writings


We only together
When we together
Our relationship is worse
Than fans that are fair weather
We keep our distance
Just to say we’ve been thinking of each other… 147 more words


floral x fading

There’s this band that I really like called Pierce the Veil and they’ve just recently released their new album, Misadventures. This song is called… 166 more words

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An Untitled Story - Part 3

*Subject to edits

In the end, they each paid for their own drink. He had reached the counter before her, so he ordered his drink (a Mocha Frappuccino without whipped cream) first, and as he waited for it at the pick-up counter he decided to spare a glance at her – who was still at the payment counter fishing out her Starbucks card from her purse – in order to see what he was unable to see earlier: a full body view of her. 818 more words

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Perks of Dating an Older Dude

Let me get straight to the point. Age doesn’t matter they say… and while it doesn’t, somehow… IT DOES (not in a negative connotation though). 589 more words

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An Untitled Story - Part 2

He had imagined several times before scenarios in which they would meet unexpectedly, and the setting and birthplace of those scenarios was this very bookstore. The her in his scenarios was sometimes the cute and innocent one, and sometimes the slutty-looking one. 731 more words

Random Writings