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Dance, Swing and Sway

Slowly the record plays

What song I don’t recall

Its soft though, that I remember

Like the sound of leaves in the fall

Gently I pull you close… 93 more words


Holding You, Holding Me

Vivid memories rest in my mind

Watching the sunset as time flies by

Vivid memories are all that I see

Holding you, holding me

Pictures of the past are on display… 46 more words


Set A Fire

Set a fire to your heart

Let it burn with passion

Set a fire to your love

It’s a chemical reaction

Set some fury to your body… 41 more words


In The Night Time

In the night time

We are creeping

Hiding from daylight

While others sleeping

Finding the right time

We need a reason

We’re in the limelight… 47 more words


Train Tracks

Train tracks leading to nowhere

Dark skies and a dark sea

The suns back in the atmosphere

But its out of light; I can’t see… 51 more words


Hello Soldier

Hello soldier from the war

I heard you lost your leg there

You were so full of life before

Now your face reeks of fear… 107 more words


Hello Poverty

Hello boy from the fields

You are struggling to find work

Searching for one last meal

Before you body joins the dirt

Hello pauper on the street… 70 more words