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Daily Prompt: Pretend

I woke up one day,  reached for my phone and read your text.

You completed my sentence with a period.

You ended the relationship that I… 53 more words

Random Writings

What now, my dear?

What now?

This is what I’ve been asking myself lately. Adding to my misery is my inner self acting like an answering machine steaming off her very classic slogan…

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Random Writings

Random Thoughts About a Short Story

I had a pretty decent idea for a short story – but, as usual, no time to start writing it – yet. Now, those that know me know that I am so preoccupied with organization, I walk a shadowed line that exists somewhere between Librarian Of The Year and “Hoarders” candidate. 311 more words

Visions In Ultraviolet


Every time I pass before the house with the ragged punches of purple flowers in its driveway, I see white young butterflies in a festive flipping over the constellation of the drowsing flowers. 56 more words


Okay. So lately, I’ve been thinking of writing some stories and guess what, I did it! (although I’ve been doing some short stories and excerpts, I’m not that just confident to show it)  It’s hard to come up of something that will help me put all the words in detailed. 2,286 more words



I’ve been thinking a lot about redemption lately, about how people love a good redemption story (almost as much as they love a good underdog story). 340 more words

Random Writings

Binging and Bread 

Thinking back to one of my first posts Which can be found here.. I’ve been looking more at my eating habits, and came across a trigger that would set me off into the cycle of moving from one cupboard to the next but still not being satisfied. 385 more words