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Circa 2014

I vow to never suggest that we make a sex tape and I vow to never ‘bust you in the face like a Jackson Paulik.’ I don’t know what those words mean, but I heard them on Entourage. 749 more words

Random Writings

Bach in the Subways

We spent Saturday evening celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach’s 330th birthday. It’s been a while since I listened to orchestra music, so I knew I really wanted to go when I found out that there would be a free performance by the Manila Symphony Orchestra at Trinoma Mall. 1,033 more words

Random Writings

Costs of Technology, Updating the OS

I decided to give in and update my Lion to Yosemite. I’ve tried upgrading to Mavericks before but downloading about 5GB is near impossible in the connection that I have in Manila. 843 more words

Random Writings


Sometimes it’s okay… to eat alone
.. To drive alone
… To dream alone
… To be alone

~ This is not really a poem I guess just a few lonely sentences of encouragement. 118 more words

Random Writings

Random Pieces Of Writing #1 - The Walking

The Walking

I started walking, I didn’t care where I was going, where I had been, i just started walking. I didn’t notice my surroundings; my ears were filled with sound.

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Surviving the Super Storm (updated)

Tri-State Tornado – March 18, 1925

3.5 hours  ~  219 miles  ~  3 states  ~  Mile-wide funnel  ~  300+ mph winds  ~  695 lives lost… 2,994 more words

Random Writings

When Life Gives You a Basket of Socks - Go Fishing!

Confession: I would rather do just about anything than sort socks. There are always pairs that are missing, it’s tedious work, and I don’t even like wearing the things, so why would I want to fold them? 309 more words

Random Writings