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And sometimes that silence seems to be killing and stabbing you to death.
It’s painful, sometimes.

Random Writings

The Life of a Century-Old Man

I met a hundred-and-two-year old Chinese-Singaporean elderly with his son in his late sixties. They live together in a small studio-type unit. The old man was diagnosed with a rectal tumor, which causes him to feel the urge every now and then (and I mean more than 20 times a day). 1,149 more words

Random Writings

Not To Cheat or To Cheat... Again and Again.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

That’s how the saying goes. Many of us, teenagers, young women, ladies, and mothers have been cheated upon by their partners, and yep, the group includes yours truly, I am a member of the women-who-indirectly-got-a-taste-of-other-women team. 449 more words

Random Writings

This past week

This week has been so tough for me. Mostly because I don’t know how to articulate what is happening in the world around me. People are scared, people are sad, and people are hating. 252 more words

About Me

To the one I won't ever know!

When I read the name similar to yours that belongs to somebody else, I stop for few seconds and drift my eyes away,

When I stumble across the moments we had unknowingly spent together, I force myself to push the memories away, 161 more words


A mail that'll never be sent

Loved ones are never far, they say. Though they are distant, we always feel their presence. World has turned into a global village no doubt. But you can’t hug a person you see in the live-chat, can you? 349 more words

Random Writings

In My Sleep

I fell in love in my sleep
Resting in her warm bussom
I felt at home but her face I could not see
Another level of consciousness reached… 70 more words