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Kitson Quandary

I was recently in Las Vegas. Not really by choice.  Well, kind of. My better half was attending a convention there and I decided to tag along. 655 more words

Random Writings

Day 12, Hadron Super Collider Theorem

Sometimes, we just end up watching too much Big Bang Theory.

Portia: When we go to Switzerland, can we go and see the Hadron Super Collider? 646 more words

Random Writings

Pieces of Me

Found this on my computer in a folder of things I have written in the past.  This was written in 2008.  I am not much for writing anything in poetry form anymore but I still thought I would share it. 160 more words

Mental Health

What if...?

What if I kissed her,

chaste and innocent?

My world could be turned upside down,

couldn’t it?

What if I grabbed her hand,

and meant it? 110 more words

Random Writings

Day 11, Home

I wake up with the sun in my eyes. My window with pink lace curtains greet me good morning. I stretched, taking in my cotton candy pink room in. 682 more words

Random Writings

In moments of sleep, I am...

In the moments where I lay beneath a mountain of blankets,

breathing slow and steady,

a series of moving pictures plays like a movie behind my closed eyes. 148 more words

Random Thoughts

if I was a...

This is basically random, and fizzy garbage that my brain spewed out.

Yeah, I do actually personify stuff and myself all the time.

Laugh at the absurdity with me. 349 more words