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Overthinker's Struggles

Overthinkers are simply silent but their minds speak a thousand words. And most of the time, understanding them is quite challenging. Though they don’t speak their mind and you wouldn’t know what actually runs in their head, their actions betray them. 410 more words

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A letter to self#1

Dear you,

You are having creativity blockade and I promise, this won’t last for long. Don’t panic, don’t stay up whole night thinking what you’re doing with life. 91 more words

Random Writings


Waking up to a wonderful Saturday sunrise
Fixing up a nice bowl of cereal
Still in pajamas as the TV turns on
In a rush to escape from the inevitable… 69 more words


Dinner and Dance

In Singapore, Dinner and Dance Party a.k.a D&D, is an annual event common to all companies wherein all employees and bosses gather together to celebrate and to socialize with colleagues you barely know as a form of gratitude to people who work hard for the company and achieve one goal. 102 more words

Random Writings


It’s been days since I’ve slept
I lay here with my eyes closed anyway
Stuck in between REM and some other conscious state
I begin to hallucinate… 32 more words


Moving On and The Life After Heartbreak

Moving on, many of us believe, is easy to say but so difficult to do. Right. How are you going to stand back up after a very hard fall when it feels like you’ve broken all your bones and can’t handle the pain that seeps deep within your soul? 1,188 more words

Random Writings

Ruang Tamu Rumah Kamu

“Kamu ngerasa nggak sih? ruangannya tuh bikin aku ngerasa gemuk gitu. Kacanya gede banget, lampunya malah kekecilan. Meja sama sofanya gak sinkron.”

“Iya, iya. Terus apa lagi?” 715 more words

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