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The Last Play

It was cold on the city streets. Meredith hugged her coat tenderly, shivering as she did so; her coat was nothing but mere rags at this point. 404 more words

My Literature

Like The Clouds

It was cloudy over head; the sky was grey. Jess had just turned on the fireplace and was sitting on the couch in a blanket burrito holding a hot cup of cocoa. 206 more words

My Literature

A Sailor And His Ship

Brody decided to become a sailor at a very young age; he decided it when he was 5. After watching countless videos of Popeye and Sinbad, Brody thought that the coolest people were sailors; take that superman.  391 more words

My Literature

A Chance Encounter

(Author’s Note at the Bottom)

I carefully set my mug on the scarred bar counter, my jaw clenching. The men to my left and right looked horrified, and I could feel the rum soaking into my tunic. 2,405 more words


Misty Mountain 3

Misty mountain, I’ve come back again

Things just haven’t been the same

Misty mountain, how have you been

Can you tell of what you have seen… 26 more words


The Muse: Who Am I?

​I went and stood before the panel; the lights were extremely bright

They started by trying to reassure me; everything was going to be alright… 344 more words