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Ready or Not

You can’t run from me.
I’ll always find you. But it’s amazing, this little game of chase we’re attempting to play.
Truthfully, I’d be able to pick you out of a crowd of 1 million. 189 more words

Creative Writing

Green Memories

As I walked around the yard, I looked around and saw many “green memories.” Plants and trees that have been with my family through the years…trees that were planted as small saplings and grew into beautiful giants that towered over us, danced in the wind, and warned us of the changing seasons…and oh the flowers! 633 more words

My Journey


Have you yet to realize
That everything they tell you is polluted
Top heavy with false accusations
And big words to hide real lies
Have you yet to realize… 66 more words



August 14 at 8:25am

Humans, they are mysterious creatures. They have so much inside them they repress, suppress or react upon. Everyone is carrying their own baggage. 113 more words

Random Writings

Miss Me

They all say they miss me
Only to very soon forget me
So many messages fired
They all seem to miss me
I may come back someday… 65 more words


Grief, Celebrity and Social Media Revisited

A lot has happened in the past week to get me thinking about grief and social media again. Yesterday would have been my dad’s birthday. It crossed my mind to make a note of it somewhere, but I didn’t. 743 more words

Random Writings