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I’m far away yet I want to be close to you

I’m here today but tomorrow is something new

These feelings still remain deep inside my heart… 45 more words


Don't Got Time For You

Don’t got time for your violence

Don’t got time for your rage

Don’t got time for this anger

Don’t got time for you

Don’t got time for your sadness… 24 more words


I Want To Be Free

I want to be free

Spend my days staring at the sun

I want to touch the sky

With my wings gliding through the wind… 8 more words


What I Need From You

There are things about me that you do not know and some that you probably never will.


That’s the funny thing about memory, it fades. 351 more words

Let Me Be

Let me fly among the stars

Across the emptiness of space

Let soar wide and far

Let me dance among the angels

Gliding upon their wings… 72 more words



Its the middle of the week, but the future looks bleak

Its a Wednesday

Traffic and road rage, heartbreak and heartache

Its a Wednesday

Fires and embers, employees and members… 53 more words


What Is War?

What is war?

Is it the battles that are fought?

Is it the emotions that are wrought?

I sincerely hope not.

What is war?

Is it the anger that we share? 70 more words

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