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Summer stroll

A stroll on the beach … at night … in summer. A glow on the sand caught my attention. As it grew brighter it caught my … full attention. 65 more words

Random Writings

Quartet Poetry

Excerpts from Fallon Rei. She’s quite witty I might say.

8 more words


Thoughts on Hope

My friend just got diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. She has begun Chemo treatments for it. She is 35, with three young children–the youngest of whom is not even 2. 399 more words



Dear grandma,

I really miss you so much.
How are you doing in heaven?
I know it’s a nice place up there and I knew that you are now peaceful and happy. 285 more words


Pitch Black

The night was pitch black. Eleven pm … pitch black. The moon was missing … it was supposed to be a …  full moon … it didn’t rise. 19 more words

Random Writings

Thug or mentally ill?

Thug, or mentally ill? Let’s consider the evidence:

* Racist hate groups’ constant rhetoric of “they’re taking over”
* Assault-weapon gun ownership (for protection) involving less paperwork then a fishing license… 824 more words


What's next ?

The world seems different now. Everyone i know, everything seems different. That’s what I used to think . Now I know . I am the one who changed. 272 more words

Random Writings