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if I was a...

This is basically random, and fizzy garbage that my brain spewed out.

Yeah, I do actually personify stuff and myself all the time.

Laugh at the absurdity with me. 349 more words


You Could Never Tell

You could never tell.

You could never tell they had been through it all.

Been through tragedy and loss.

A feeling of hopelessness always lurking in the background. 13 more words

Random Writings


Soft, succulent moans resonated from behind the bedroom door, gentle coos of pleasure and lust, casting a heated atmosphere over the entire room. Two women -one brunette, one with crimson red locks- knelt upon the floor before him, their hair wrapped about his wrists…held firmly within his powerful grip. 692 more words

Random Writings

Tell Me....But Don't

Why is it that you drive me away? Is it to protect me or to protect yourself? Is it a fear that as you discover the darker parts of my inner self, you are thereby exposing the very parts of you that you have fought so hard to keep hidden? 825 more words

Random Writings

Glass House

I live in a house, a glass house. Though this is not just any old house of glass. No, it is in fact enchanted. Outside, people pass by day in and day out, curious eyes looking inward to catch a glimpse of the woman inside. 1,120 more words

Random Writings

"Driven Desires"

As my hands grasp her wrists, pinning them to the bed, I fight to hold back the tremble that threatens to course through me. My breath shaky, I am overwhelmed by the sensation of having her there, on that bed, her body so inviting…so perfect. 848 more words

Random Writings

Screw The System

Ignorantly I would say screw this country
Screw the system
Now all I see is people being killed that share the same skin as me… 134 more words