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why does the emptiness of the night ignite your thoughts?

just to remind me that can never achieve fullness without you?

Random Writings

Pain Demands To Be Felt.

Loss is a crippling thing.

My eyes scroll over the Facebook post for the 100th time, and the words do not register in my mind. I do it again and again until it sinks through; I have now lost a second loved one in the space of a month. 678 more words


Bright Lights, Sunsets and Funnel Cakes

The sun was setting. I could see the bright oranges and yellows that made up the sun ☀. The colors and the placement of the sun in the sky looked so unreal it appeared to resemble a painting. 592 more words

Random Writings


An election came and passed, you still hold to old thought modes steadfast. 135 more words


Let shit fly

Learn to let shit go, let if fly.

Don’t bother reaching out to the sky.

Just let it float away, I don’t care!

Let that shit float out of the stratosphere! 22 more words

Random Writings


This gloomy weather has gotten me low,

like fog in a valley down below.

How long will this bleakness last I do not know.

But to cross the unknown I must continue to row, 10 more words

Random Writings


The boat is built well, it is built with veteran hands.
the captain is determined, determined to reach foreign lands.

He seeks new adventures, for he knows he can never settle down. 109 more words

Random Writings