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[Tips] Ngebersihin Perhiasan Emas Rutin dirumah

Gue ini rajin lho sebenernya. Seriusan deh. Haha

Serius nih ya. Take my jewelry for an example. Gue rajin ngebersihin sendiri sebulan sekali.

Berdasarkan ilmu pengetahuan browsing dan saran dari mereka yang berkecimpung didunia jewelries, berikut cara gue ngebersihin perhiasan emas gue… 234 more words

Random Writings

When Adversity Strikes

Every time you feel lost and dejected

Hold on stay calm, you are not the only person rejected.

The rough patch shakes us for a moment like a violent earthquake, 85 more words


[SARAN] Buat yang pacaran atau temenan sama bule - Part 1

I am not an expert in dating foreigners cause I definitely am NOT! But I do work, hang out, and be friends with them.

Gue baru pernah pacaran sekali sama bule (We’re now engaged and plan to get marry sometimes this year) tapi gue punya beberapa temen bule dan lumayan sering dicurhatin sama mereka urusan nyari pacar, ngedate ataupun ketika pacaran sama cewek Indonesia. 783 more words


Letter to Self

Dear FutureMe,

Silky rays of this golden morning are soothing your skin. Lying on the bed, struggling to keep your eyes open, you indulge in thoughts. 468 more words

Random Writings

Sands of Time

No one knew that time runs so fast. That could change the way we work, that could develop or spoil the way we think or smash and burn the way we see. 478 more words

Random Writings

Depression Is

I am utterly exhausted.

It turns out that masking your emotions and keeping up a good impression is an immense amount of work. I am not equipped to continue to act as though I am not completely and utterly lost. 651 more words

Lecture - growing your Skills in the Labour Market

Here is a summary of todays very helpful lecture. This would be worth checking out for those who may not have taken notes or missed out on the lecture. 544 more words

Random Writings