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Costs of Technology, Updating the OS

I decided to give in and update my Lion to Yosemite. I’ve tried upgrading to Mavericks before but downloading about 5GB is near impossible in the connection that I have in Manila. 843 more words

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Sometimes it’s okay… to eat alone
.. To drive alone
… To dream alone
… To be alone

~ This is not really a poem I guess just a few lonely sentences of encouragement. 118 more words

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Random Pieces Of Writing #1 - The Walking

The Walking

I started walking, I didn’t care where I was going, where I had been, i just started walking. I didn’t notice my surroundings; my ears were filled with sound.

79 more words

Surviving the Super Storm (updated)

Tri-State Tornado – March 18, 1925

3.5 hours  ~  219 miles  ~  3 states  ~  Mile-wide funnel  ~  300+ mph winds  ~  695 lives lost… 2,994 more words

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When Life Gives You a Basket of Socks - Go Fishing!

Confession: I would rather do just about anything than sort socks. There are always pairs that are missing, it’s tedious work, and I don’t even like wearing the things, so why would I want to fold them? 309 more words

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Writing Prompts: I Knew You'd Come

She had just gotten off the phone

with the guy who held her heart.

She had spent the call in tears

and letting everything out. 428 more words

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Moms are Aliens

One rainy day I was off to our campus , my mom gave me an umbrella to use. It’s not those umbrellas that fold small. It’s a big, gigantic, humongous umbrella where fifteen people can be spared from being drenched. 411 more words

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