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I’m so tired of being careful.

Well..... That Sobered Me Up.

Today I have been feeling love from my teachers, like you know that feeling when your teacher’s are super proud of you, like I got this feeling from FIVE teachers today, FIVE. 252 more words


Film Photography- Beirette Camera

I continue to love my Beirette Camera, it’s easy to use and has a very high hit rate.  I know, it’s supposed to a gamble, and you get all sorts of crazy cool results.  115 more words


True Love Never Has To Hide: Beyoncé's LEMONADE

True Love Never Has To Hide: A Review of Beyonce’s Lemonade

“Keep the top tier, 5 star”

The queen on the cover of LEMONADE is clearly ruling more than just the fervent dealings of her busy bees. 1,017 more words


Something Everyone Needs to Know

Read this article; watch the video. Please, I’m begging you!

“It shouldn’t be hard to tell a 5’9” white guy that he’s not a 6’5” Chinese woman, but clearly, it is.

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Tune Up... Dump... Random Roundabout.

How are you doing? I’m fine… but that’s a lie, I’m not fine… hmmm I’m OK, yep that’s it. I’m OK… I’m always OK.
It’s been a crazy few weeks, two surgeries on my lower jaw, finding out that one of my kids is in harms way for a while, the loss of a dear friend, house maintenance issues, legal issues, job issues, legal job issues, fighting with three insurance companies for too many technicalities, a whole new level of pain in physical therapy, mental exhaustion, care-giver burnout, and “extended family” drama…. 65 more words


stretching a little farther and a bloggy resolution

I just completed my second round of Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga Camp. The program is tough, with lots of slow flows and breath control (I was seriously breathing through the poses), but the gains are amazing. 465 more words