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Sitting in a Starbucks

So here we go, a stream of consciousness, and I’ll have you know I usually tend to spell the word “consciousness” wrong, but this time I didn’t.  218 more words


First Post Alert

So, to be honest I don’t have a direction for this blog. I want someplace to just write… Maybe you’ll learn something from something I write, maybe you’ll find something funny or interesting. 29 more words


What is summer?

What is summer?

*Note: this isn’t really a poem, just a random musing hehe*

What’s summer?

Summer is lollipops,

summer is popsicles.

Summer is carefree days at the beach; 23 more words


Nick Wilde Changed My Life

The title basically says everything. Nick Wilde changed my life, For better or for worse. So if you couldn’t tell already, I kind of have a thing for the fox from Zootopia. 1,024 more words


Compelling arguments

Since Italy wasn’t yet unified at the time of the Divine Comedy’s writing, some Italian provinces could’ve also included Switzerland at some point or another it would be enough to assume local folklore would’ve influenced it. 156 more words


Around the time I stopped writing on Plop two years ago, I also found myself spending less and less time on the Internet. First I stopped using Facebook, then Flickr, then Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Flipboard, Feedly and after a few months, I was only on for work or for practical reasons like finding opening hours of a store or booking an event. 531 more words