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Light & Dark

Ever notice the demeanor and appearance of people in unhealthy relationships?  It could be romantic relationships, friendships, familial, work, etc, etc.
Have you ever really allowed yourself to notice the difference between the two individuals based on their outward physical characteristics? 797 more words

Should I Have To Buy It Cause I'm Black?

Have you ever looked at a game and said to yourself “I should/have to buy this game because of the main character’s race, sexual orientation or other”? 991 more words


Book Review

A fellow blogger that crossed my path a while ago has published a book.  It is full of truth and pain and her reality.  Her memoir. 245 more words


Love Traps & Tricks

He moves like a sheikh,
though it doesn’t matches all his
childish streaks,
when he gets to smile,
prepare yourself to be killed,
coz’ this dude, 17 more words


The Hottest Photograph Ever Taken

Someone asked me a very simple question: “What is the coolest image you have ever taken?”

I pondered the question from a very literal perspective, sifting through my mental library of images, specifically trying to locate the coldest subject I have ever photographed. 390 more words