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Blue-eyed birds

Two blue-eyed birds with with red bodies and brown wings and tails fly effortlessly below threw dark blue clouds. Storms ahead appear assured.


Dear African American Man -An Open Letter #JusticeForFloyd #BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe

In the last twenty four hours I’ve been pretty disgusted ( more than normal), about the police brutality against men of colour in America.  After I viewed the video of George Floyd’s death while surrounded by four police officers,  while one of them had his knee on his neck while George said ‘I can’t breathe’  I took to Facebook. 486 more words

Random Thursdays

-I’m saying it. I don’t think NYC Marathon is happing. As a matter of fact, NYRR just should call the fall racing season a wash. That said, I would not mind a spring NYC Marathon, but I realize that the logistics of postponing a marathon of this magnitude would be a nightmare.  621 more words


Bali Mandara

Agustus 2018
Dari Lampung transit Jakarta
Tiba sore hari disambut jingga
Berdecak kagum dan ternganga
Hari itu langit cantik merona

Semburat oranye di samping kemudiku hari itu… 57 more words


For no particular reason

Writing can be a pain. Yet the lure of getting some validation in exchange of wrestling with one’s mind for a word that can slot neatly into place is too strong for so many of us. 86 more words

What Is the Most Underrated Everyday Item?

Well, I guess it depends, doesn’t it? You see, my neighbours have a regular hot tub and for them, it’s as much a daily essential as toothpaste or Cornflakes. 1,635 more words


It's So Hard, to Say Goodbye…Or Is It?

Just recently, (three weeks ago now as I edit) we had a weather phenomena called a derecho, make its way through the state. Essentially that means we had hurricane strength winds wail on our home for a few minutes. 556 more words