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I was an active social media user a few years back , I do use it now but to a very limited extent . Why I limited it to a certain level deals with how I used it before . 545 more words

Let Me Ask You A Question - 2/24/17

Let me ask you a question:

Have you ever accidentally started a rumor that spread like a wild fire?  


A Slave To Research

Remember when I said music and mood (and my surroundings) influence heavily what I write in any particular session? Yeah…well…err…

That ain’t always a good thing. 278 more words

Writing Thoughts

The Art of Deception

Recently I embarked on a 45 day transformation challenge through my kickboxing gym, I Love Kickboxing Kirkland. 45 days to get into the gym and transform yourself from the inside out. 1,582 more words


This years winter has me like...

I WANT to enjoy this February warmth, but it just feels so WRONG.

In the “WTF IS HAPPENING TO OUR PLANET?!” kinda way.

lol. But Global Warming doesn’t exist, right?