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4.25 free write

Too tired to cry, but I keep on trying, as I’m rising higher and higher, but can’t help but wonder all the while why, when all I want to do is trade in tomorrow, when today is all we’ve got and always full of sorrow… 167 more words

#AtoZChallenge: V

V is for Violin.

As played by Itzhak Perlman.

This is my go-to track when I need to recover from life.



An after thought

A lot has been happening to me recently. Most of them are health and safety related problems. Sighs.

Health because I’m still observing myself on my apnea. 216 more words


Random thoughts thursday

Day 112
No complaint. It has been relatively peaceful on all fronts. It means I should be writing more. I haven’t been good with my time management this week and spent way too much time on the phone and my sleep suffered. 481 more words


Bumabalik na naman sa bisyo
Nagsasawa na naman sa mundo
Babasagin ang matagl na binuo
Susugal na naman kahit alam kong talo.

Isang bote isang medya isang case para talagang may tama… 69 more words


Bring It on Home to Me

Yes the title refers to the Sam Cooke classic of the same name.  And yes I have posted this before but it was part of my “Friday Night Dance Party with Sam Cooke” presentation. 148 more words