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I’m Proud To Announce That I’m Officially Running The Boston Marathon This Year (Virtually)

For the first time in its 124 year history, the Boston Marathon has been cancelled because of Covid-19. The race was originally supposed to take place on April 20th—I’m sure much to the dismay of any runners that smoke weed—but that obviously didn’t happen due to the lockdowns. 841 more words

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Lockdown nature

The covid-19 lockdown has meant we’ve had to give up a lot of things: seeing our friends and family, holidays and even simple things like popping to the local shops. 118 more words


Sunshine & Showers

I’m always amazed by how kids’ innocent questions spawn thoughts in our minds. Often quite deep ones at that. Like today when my daughter asked me “What does a seed have in it, that helps it turn into a plant?” 466 more words

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Chapter 1: Arrival of Manickam - the AlShakl (A)

Chapter 1A of the series – The scrolls of Agniketa

Note: If you have not read the preface, please click here to read.

“Your majesty, a saint named Maharshi Yuktanand has come to the palace. 470 more words