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​Decide fast. 

The universe needs instructions from you so it can create what you want.

Every day you wait is a day the universe could have used to help you. 72 more words

Venting Session - 2017/08/17

Something is constricting my insides, and my mind has not been feeling right. It’s times like these I crave some sort of normalcy, but it doesn’t work that way, nothing can never be that easy. 211 more words


Fakap (Fucked Up )

OK. I’ve told you that I fucked up my CS, don’t you dare be the reason I fucked up my MOM. There are lots of other shits that I need to settle. 50 more words

Merdeka adalah ketika kita terbebas dari penghambaan kepada manusia dan bisa sempurna menyembah Allah Rabbul ‘alaamin.



Being the possessor of an extensively fluctuating intellect, I sublime to writing.

I do find peace there and somehow I can experience the burden released.


You want to wave your Nazi flag?
You want to scream “Nigger” and “Fag”?
You were taught to fear the Jew.
Prepare to be brought into full ugly view. 154 more words