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Hair today...

You get what you pay for. This certainly rings true with haircuts. I used to be cheap and go to one of those chains. You could even go on line and put yourself on their waiting list or use a mobile app. 313 more words


On our way to Wizard School!

Thank you and Welcome to Fantasy Realm! A community for all of those who wishes to share their love for the fantasy world. Everyone is welcome, from humans to goblins, to mermaids and dragons and everyone in between! 49 more words


On Folktales, Playwriting, and My Shiny New Website

I keep taking these fun hiatuses for no reason. Apologies. (Or not, because I’m working two jobs and trying to do this whole writer-who-has-jobs-and-has-to-pay-for-grad-school-situation. Oy. Anyways.) 408 more words

To be alive!

No blame, no shame, no claim
of vice is cast on a tree when she
feeds her soul, heals every leaf,
soothes each branch sans a fee, 485 more words


Changing Goals

It’s almost June and that’s usually another excuse for me to plan (half-year goals and whatnot). But recently, I’ve been trying to take a different approach by limiting goals and instead re-evaluating the ones that I already set for myself. 669 more words


Monday Minstrel: West and East

The painting above, by Anthony van Dyck. , depicts the English King Charles 1. Painted in 1637-38 it is a political statement more than a portrait. 241 more words

The Monday Minstrel

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