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A Month of Reflection: Day 20 - Redeemed

So today I was in a very reflective state…and I don’t mean reflecting over the last 20 days, the last month, but I am talking YEARS! 479 more words


To the Girl Who Always Doubt Herself

Be strong
Hold on
You can do this on your own

Words hurt
People leave
But you must go on

You always ask
“Can I do this right?” 39 more words


Week of loneliness

In the Netherlands, we have this week the week of loneliness. Then they organise all kind of things so people can come out and connect with others. 468 more words


Clowns on the loose

This business of clowns hiding in the forest and scaring people is complete bullsh*t. They started in North Carolina and have migrated towards my home in Ohio. 45 more words

I'm participating in InkTober!

And I don’t plan on becoming lazy for this! I told myself that I wouldn’t back out. I think it’s also a good thing, since at least I’ll have a “break” from work, and I’ll be doing this. 96 more words


Infinite Desire...

You roam around in my eclectic thoughts
As an eclectic voice, I have come to love

Your serene presence soothe the soul
Incredibly assuring, infinitely passionate… 40 more words






Sorry, some of my random pics are in here…

I am so glad tomorrow’s Friday. I’ve never really been one of those people who LOVES and WORSHIPS Fridays, but seriously, I want this week to be over. 208 more words