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There... And Back Again!

Sometimes I long for the closeted private sanctuary of my own car as I travel about. But, then again, I have no confidence in my own ability to focus sufficiently to drive a car – too away with the fairies most of the time. 554 more words


They cling like parasites
on your soul
remnants of nightmares
linger even on such a bright sunny morning
like clouds darkening
a small corner of the sky premonition of some misfortune awaiting its
predestined hour to strike



Paying It Forward

The real question isn’t ‘over or under’ its ‘do you replace it’?  I’m taking about the roll of toilet paper.

Let’s be real, here.  We don’t honestly care if its over or under as long as there is enough to accomplish the task, amiright? 544 more words

Can You Believe It?

[Productivity] Flash is Down

Words Written Today: 883

Project: Sci-fi Flash (Completed)

This one was another android flash story. The story was more military centered than my usual fare but it was fun to write. 62 more words


Uninstall Instagram

Karena sesuatu dan lain hal, saya menghapus Instagram disusul Twitter sejak 3 minggu lalu. Facebook masih tetap disimpen, nggak kepikiran dihapus jg. Nggak tau juga. Mungkin Facebook tidak seadiktif Twitter, apalagi Instagram. 458 more words


Drama Review:- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Hello to all drama lovers out there, today’s blog update will be a drama review on a Korean drama titled Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. It was first aired in year 2017, with a total of 16 episodes. 556 more words