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Gaining Weight

“Pyl, nibus-ok ka”

Those three words are music to my ears. Especially these two months where I travelled back to my hometown to meet with family and old friends. 248 more words


Random Life Stuff

Morning Peeps

Thought I’d have a bit of a catch up with you and let you know what’s going on in my world… I don’t want to burden you so feel free to dump your own thoughts in the comments below too; a problem shared and all that 🙂 217 more words

Latest Blog

Sweats Are Fat's Tears

Hello to all cuties out there, today’s blog update will be a short one to share with you all my current life happenings. Recently I watched a variety show which I find a sentence really useful. 215 more words


Short: Wind

i miss you
like how you feel the wind
an occassional gust
and seeing the trees sway
wonder if you felt this way


—Two to three ways, and more.

There’s always hesitation.

We walk on path that sometimes we are so sure about, and we are not sure about. Other times, we just stand there, staring at roads ahead not knowing which to pick. 191 more words


The Exodus

And so my blog-virgin fingertips fall on the creation of a new universe from a mind that is far from spotless. Engaged in thoughts that tend less to guide and more so to entertain the audience of my ego that smiles at the dry, laughs at the pervasive, cries at the shallow, and once upon a time shares a thread of that which is human; the heartfelt emotional tendencies that drive us to be us in a world where we all hide behind a handheld avatar. So, welcome.