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Universal randomizer comes through every time

Howdy buddy,

I know it’s been a while since the last time i blogged however, it’s better late than never.

Today people Today I am going to talk about the one and only universal Pokemon randomizer . 245 more words


Sound FX: 8 bit and HD

Hi everybody,

as you know along with visual assets I’m developing all the audio for Wizards’ Duel. As a composer I’m putting all my effort into the OST, and since the beginning I didn’t mean to complicate things too much with environment’s audio. 325 more words

Wizards' Duel

The Big Bang Fizzle

Ten Reasons to Stop Watching the Big Bang Theory Immediately

  1. It is no longer funny. The writers seem to have been replaced by a small plate of improperly stored anchovies.
  2. 242 more words
Chris Farmer

[FUZZYBACON] - Our Greatest Quest : Pokémon Ruby Randomizer Nuzlocke

You’ve all heard of Pokémon before. The franchise that has revolutionized gaming and entertainment for kids and adults alike, spanning across an ever-expanding TV series, trading cards, toys, and one of the biggest selections of video games to choose from. 303 more words


Not sure what to watch on Netflix? Try this


I came across this site not to long ago, it is basically a randomizer for netflix. If you are not sure what to watch just give this a try and it will randomly pick something for you.


Spontaneous Saturday 11/22: Pokémon HeartGold Super Randomizer Nuzlocke progress

Back in June, I was interested in Pokémon Super Randomizer. I started with Pokémon Black, then I moved on to HeartGold, and then on to Black 2. 1,341 more words

Video Game

The Vigilante

Just to show how really short-sighted it is possible to be, civic activist Filip Vukša was fined nearly €500 for repairing a dilapidated bus stop in Belgrade. 274 more words