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Watch Us Play Zelda: A Link To The Past With Randomized Items

(Source: kotaku.com)

Last Friday, Stephen Totilo and I played through a modded version of Zelda: A Link to the Past called the Randomizer. It randomizes the contents of every chest and item-giver in the game, which shifts things in some really interesting ways. 37 more words


Random Choices 2.0 - Using Excel as a randomizer

Bringing an element of randomness into the classroom can really challenge students.

There are many apps that act as random generators, but have you tried using Excel to create a randomizer of your own? 1,029 more words


US Government wastes money... again

To be fair, to the unknowing person, it’s difficult to gauge to how difficult it would be to create an app that randomly points one of two ways. 167 more words

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TSA Buys An App That Points For $47,400, Great Use Of Taxpayer Dollars

Seriously, this is what they spend our tax dollars on! It would be better if they used a cardboard sign and turned it each direction. 95 more words


Try Your Turn On An Emoji Randomizer

A while ago I read a fun article by Tech Crunch and I made sure to bookmark it to share here at a later time. Today is your lucky day, folks! 75 more words

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