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Jessie J - Flashlight

{My God, some people and all my Dogs are my Flashlight.. :*………….<3}

When tomorrow comes

I’ll be on my own
Feeling frightened up… 457 more words


“The most important thing in life, he said that night, is to love and be loved, and to do what you love…it was so inspiring to see someone at 81, still so happy going to work.”

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Dear 2015

Everybody gets a chance to talk about the New Year, of course why can’t I? Happy new year! Bloghearts!
Dear 2015,
It is with deep gratitude to God, that I write this, I’m glad I got to see you, well I met you months before the rest did, you must be shocked, Never mind hun. 334 more words

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Hiiii…I know that look, but what can I say, I’m totally guilty and sorry too.My “awol-ness” was never intended trust me! Plenty water e yaff pass under the bridge. 139 more words

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Dear Maya,

With mourning grace my heart was faced with the news of your passing. The most brilliant of gems in the literary diadem, you were a voice of victory everlasting. 411 more words


Giving up on slumming

“If I disappear, it means I have died in the gym.”

I said that to everyone I was close with before or on Monday before I started gym classes. 220 more words

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On being 35 years old with 2 cats...

Being 35 years old is a significant milestone for Singaporeans. Simply because you would have reached the age which you can buy your own public housing without the prerequisite of being married or with another person (not sure how it works because I am obviously not buying my own housing yet). 297 more words

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