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Devil's whispers

Think with your brain rather than follow your heart, it is true that the heart wants what it wants but is it what it truly is? 334 more words

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It is true that our naivety often sets us for a long haul of disappointments.  In truth there is no way we can remain in our naivety not especially in this century, what we often hear or see are probably only the half-truth or rather a whole lie.  215 more words

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What would happen if i was locked down for 90 days with random strangers....

The Big brother show is airing and it seems romance has been shut down by the eviction of a certain girl from Ethiopia…Nway that was a random though that touched me after i saw some hashtag big brother and I asked myself if was kept in a house for 90 days with unknown people what would I do?? 218 more words

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More Beautiful You

I saw this video this morning and it made me realize how people see themselves vs. how God sees them.

Which then reminded me of this song by Johnny Diaz… 109 more words


Who Do You Think You Are?

I received the book “Who Do You Think You Are?” from booksneeze.com in order to review it. It has taken me some time to go through it because of other responsibilities. 306 more words

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Kid Snippets

This was featured at Kevin DeYoung’s blog this morning and i really enjoyed it.

This first one sounds just like a conversation between my son and daughter. 10 more words


Baptism Gone Wrong

At first I thought this was a parody piece, then I found out it wasn’t.

Sad and disturbing.

HT: 22 words

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