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A Ballet Bird

Super random, but this bird does a “ballerina-like” dance (according to Wikipedia), forming what looks suspiciously like a tutu from of its feathers, and that’s really cool. 60 more words


In order to enjoy this story, I think, we have to make few presumptions first.
Let us presume that it is possible to find a way into a highly secured nuclear weapons facility and even gain access to nuclear missile launch codes with relative ease, 1,053 more words


Educators Who Changed My Life

Howdy, howdy!  Lately, I’ve been seeing things floating around Facebook land with captions like “tag a teacher who changed your life” and all that.  I haven’t actually participated in these memes, but I’ve seen them.  868 more words


Cool Candy

I just wanted to share a cool video about a Victorian Candy machine.  I think you are gonna love it! Click here for the link.


Questions to ask when editing scenes

This comes from The Writer’s Circle, and I need to ask these questions..