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Unsystematic: adj. relatively random attempts at achieving a goal(s)

When you try to achieve a goal(s) based on luck, a hit or miss approach, or a try it and see approach then you are definitely not being systematic about it with accurate  organized planning. 108 more words

Common Sense

Oh... my... god...

So I went to an all you can eat buffet…. and ate more than I could or should eat. I literally feel like I am going to explode. 21 more words


Day 20

Day 20

Total Minutes

Thought for the Day

I took the dogs on a walk early this morning to the high school. Trinity was plugging along, bless her, but I could tell she was sore, so we didn’t have a long, long walk. 496 more words


Brain Freeze

Yesterday afternoon I watched three documentaries: one on Lance Armstrong and his doping scandal(s) surrounding his Tour de France wins (The Armstrong Lie), one on the 2013 cycling team Argos-Shimano who won four (drug-free) victories in 2013’s Tour de France ( 994 more words