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Writing Challenge Q&A: My Day

Hello yet again!  This is the second to last installment of the Writing Challenge Q&A for anyone who’s wondering.  Today’s topic is courtesy of my beautiful and crafty friend, … 617 more words


I Got a Liebster Award

My thanks to Spartacus2030 from My Opinionsville for nominating me for a Liebster Award. Go there to read the rules if I have nominated you for one in the list below. 983 more words

Types of Flesh

Bit of a incoherent mess of thoughts, so here goes…

Is there a difference between eating one species’ flesh and eating another’s?

Why is cannibalism wrong and not carnivory (to people who do not believe that all carnivory is immoral)? 1,387 more words

Stray Thoughts

Internet debates (part 1)

Internet Debates: A crock of shit or no?

(the first in what will surely be a long series of rants on the matter)

I’m not going to poke the bear. 165 more words

Stray Thoughts

Random Essay: Canceled Series

This weekend I had a chat with my pen pal about a series of books that was the reason for our friendship, and I was like hmmm, the second installment to the adult spinoff of that series should be published soon.  827 more words