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Too Much Moi

Good Morning My Most Venerable Peeps,

I feel like I slammed you this past week with announcements and the like.

Today, you get a break. 110 more words


Government Will Run Out Of Money In November, Treasury Secretary Warns

Halloween will be extra scary this year if the U.S. government runs out of money as Treasury Secretary predicts.

The U.S. government will exhaust the extraordinary measures it has taken to avoid a debt-ceiling breach “on or about Thursday, November 5,” according to a letter sent by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to Congressional leaders. 129 more words


How do we stop gun violence in America?

These mass killings of innocent people has to end. Everyone has their own sets of blames and consequences; sets of statistics that match either side of the argument. 1,180 more words


A warning this will happen. no rapture. Jesus IS Salvation!

No one knows the hour except the Father.  Do people think there is such a thing as coincidences with God?  If so you do not know God.   734 more words


A random truthful comment. Go ahead judge me

This is what God has told me and many will call me a devil for this and I don’t care you can judge me all you want. 1,103 more words


Finding Inspiration

This is just me rambling on this lovely October day. Things have been pretty crazy lately, but I’m hoping to make a big post this weekend about Destiny, celebrating our 5th anniversary! 661 more words