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Never Lie To A Child.

Hiya guys and welcome to a new blog post.

So, this was not the original blog post planned for today, I have a few Paris Blog Posts… 610 more words

New Blog

Getting on the 30s Train! (Yikes!)

When you start your 20’s you assume you will be young and carefree forever! Your favorite phrase was probably “by the time I’m 30, I would be..” And then, 30 comes along and you are shocked that you aren’t a celebrity or married to one (i had so many options back then), and your bank account isn’t an endless fountain of cash! 243 more words


Friday update.. stirmi, eggsac and bean weavil explosion

Western invert show is next week – it’s gonna be a good one.. get yourselves there!

To all my sisters...

Never ever be afraid to be yourself.

You are beautiful from top to bottom.

You are strong.

You are valuable.

You are loved. 

Hold on to positivity. 21 more words


Taking my first trip ON A BUDGET!

Worrying about a budget for a trip is always a setback, for as long as I remember all I wanted to do was travel around but budget was a problem! 408 more words


I got a little pressie from a fellow youtuber - Peter Webster

With thanks to Peter for sending me five assassin bug nymphs. They are totally awesome and pretty damn quick. You can see me opening the box in the link below, I’m sure they will feature heavily in my upcoming videos. 15 more words

The Beauty in Simplicity

With everything going on in the world we tend to get caught up in so many different things that we forget to enjoy the simple things of life. 62 more words