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A Shanty High Above the Ground

What I could have?

Could have given?

Living so high above the ground.

Golden hair, all around.

Or, perchance an ice-house.

Villains frozen.

Prize targets for my bait. 83 more words


A Heart by Night. By Day

How organic to yearn for love?

Then stand in its light.

Such as, searching for the sun five minutes after midnight.

More often than not, 23 more words


All Thoughts Be Them Gentle

Without pride the first of snow arrives.

And, for the briefest of moments…

All thoughts.

All gentle.


Clowning of cows

disrespecting a hard frost with their snowy beds. 36 more words


the Grain of Hard Labor

Set upon a lonesome hill

A macrame of buildings and self-will.

Adeptly placed into landscape from the vacant window sill.

Communities of back-breaking promises.

Handed down chores. 54 more words


Act of Valor by Tecumseh

So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. 186 more words


Old Slaughterhouses

Sultry subtleties, of change have surrounded the camp.

Red leaf, blue sky, old slaughterhouses…

Not a one to ask,


Just the stillness of what used to be. 64 more words


Staring Down Winter

On and on, a breeze.

Endlessly, the rain.

Yet, no place leftover.

That would keep the sane.

With a hush blowing in the winds.

And, late clover, for all cares. 13 more words