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The dogs are forever taking a route I don’t want them to.  Wind blown, caustic and harsh on the skin…basic, barren stretches of land.

Yet, in moments with grace, I think ‘ 59 more words


Wearing Layers

In between, the in between season, nothing but scars across the land.

Frozen tundras, neither dark nor light.

Days are distant.

Night lay like ground work, always in sight. 20 more words


No Absolutes, Just Illusions

Time and newness, as of late, want to collide.

Casting shadows upon all that I find.

There is no absolute.

Of this, I am sure. 23 more words


Cycle of Abuse: Breakdowns Come, Breakdowns...Do Not Go

I set aside specific days to write this journal/introspection of my childhood and life.  If anyone reading this has suffered at the big, callous, hand of abuse…both visible and invisible.  1,383 more words


Every Morning...Mary Oliver

We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight. John Lennon

I read the papers, 183 more words


Parochial School Drop Out

It is not an egregious act.

I am just taller than most.

Forever, looking over the tops of heads.

Now, that I am older…

I chew less on the lies fed. 141 more words


Ageless in the Woods

Amid the inclement weather.

There is almost always…great sacrifice with pride.

A demeanor to life where the individual does not hide.

Infinity does not stop for raging rivers to quietly…set aside indifference. 30 more words