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Making the Experience Yours: Randonneuring

A while back, I wrote a post called Randonneur- and Real-Life Spouse, which attempted to articulate my frustration about feelings of exclusion from a particular brevet experience (the #randbro adventure). 520 more words


2015 Old Cazadero 300k perm

I’d foregone the brevet, as it was just the week before the Shasta 1000k, but still wanted to do the route, so got together a few folks to do it as a perm. 1,151 more words


Wrap-Up: Second Conference on Planing

Last week the Second Conference on Planing was held in Brussels, Belgium. Intrepid CRC reporter Persephone Crockaphone got the scoop for our readers. Here are some highlights in the form of comments from attendees and a sampling of photos. 224 more words

I pulled the plug on my 600K at mile 302, according to Strava. A few miles less than that on the cue sheet. I was 33 hours into it and I couldn’t make the math give me a finish. 1,153 more words


The Faithless Cyclist

It has been a while since I blogged about my Double Century. There could be loads of excuses, but the truth is I lost my faith in God. 2,282 more words


Real Life Lessons From Randonneuring

I started randonneuring because I wanted to see what the distances beyond 100 miles held for me. I hoped randonneuring would make me fitter and stronger, and help me see new places. 595 more words


Steering Clear of the Poop

Kit ‘n Kish 600k

Now kids, gather round while your jolly Uncle Mark dispenses some sage wisdom about how to lead a virtuous life. . .and how to be a successful randonneur.   5,351 more words