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2016 SFR El Paseito Mixto Populaire

what a day for a bike ride!

Carlos, of La Ruta fame (or is that infamy?) has also concocted a kinder, gentler mixed terrain populaire – … 822 more words


2017 Flèche NorCal: Team BnB

I didn’t get the memo about new-style jersey

how many randos does it take…

Somehow I got talked into doing the Flèche again this year. Slow learner, I suppose. 2,268 more words


2017 Fresno Randonneurs Bass Lake Blossom Trail 300k

Millerton Lake Dam

RBA Lori Cherry has been hosting brevets in the Fresno area for a few years now. My first thought, when I heard she’d started a new region, was, “Fresno?” in a slightly incredulous tone with perhaps a smidge of disdain. 1,742 more words


2017 SFR Dart Populaire: Tandemonium

here’s the team!

rolling out through Davis

Although the last time I made it out on the event was a few years ago now and my stoker is no longer riding – not, as far as I know, anything I did – I was still on the team roster and got an invite for the Dart Populaire with Tandemonium. 1,342 more words


Made-Up Me: D.C. Randonneurs 600K

The uncertain arc of a ride as long as a 600K draws me to it. So many factors define the ultimate experience: fitness, weather, terrain, traffic, and the bike itself. 1,231 more words


2015 SFR Shasta Mountains 1000k – Day 3


EricL + drop bags

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Although I was still less than excited to hear the alarm, it did feel pretty decadent that it was not dark outside. 1,469 more words



It’s dark and cold as I unload my bike from the back of my car. Once again I am late for my self-nominated start time. It’s 4.45am by the time I set off on the 100km Sandgate-Scarborough Brevet Permanent. 566 more words

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