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PCH Randos Five River 300K, Saturday February 7th 2015

We rode Terry Hutt’s “Five Rivers 300K”  as our first 300K brevet of the year. The route uses several of the long-distance bike trails in Orange and Los Angeles counties. 258 more words


2015 SFR Healdsburg/Russian River 300k (Workers' Ride) (R3)

Short version:
Great company – a fine mix of awesomeness and asshattery – along with splendid weather made for a memorable day of cycling.

The rest of the story: (or much more of it anyway) 3,392 more words


From yesterday's ride

The Icehouse; Harrisonburg, VA


The Randonap

Since beginning my glamorous randonneuring career in 2005, I’ve not only ridden in places I never imagined, but I’ve dozed in an assortment of spots I never before would have considered comfortable or conducive to sleeping. 373 more words


2015 SRCC Healdsburg to Napa 200k (R2)

I’d never done this brevet before, somehow it had never fit in my schedule. Or maybe I should say I’d never fit it in to my schedule, as the flat route never really piqued my interest, and the resulting fast times give it a somewhat testosteroney vibe that I’m not so keen on. 1,598 more words


Building Up to Brevet Distances

Like a lot of randonneurs, Felkerino and I have developed a method that serves us well in our preparation and training for brevets. I see our approach as one that works for people who have other activities vying for their time and attention (be it job, family, or other pursuits) and for those who have already developed a solid base level of fitness. 1,958 more words


Why Write About Bicycling

As I was padding around the Mall on a meditative lunch run, I pondered what keeps me writing about time spent on my bicycle. 316 more words