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Horizontal Hundred

Once again I’m ten minutes late for the start time I nominated for my brevet permanent. No traffic today; I slept past my 3:15am alarm. But it’s a good confidence boost to know I can stay calm and ride in conditions that used to cause stress. 392 more words


Flat Fifty

I decide to ease my way back into randoneuring with a 50km Brevet Permanent. It seems sensible to build up the mileage, rather than flogging myself with a 200km brevet straight away. 350 more words


Indian 300K, a Successful Failure

Well, I finished my 300k Brevet in record time! Two years ago I rode the same Indiana 300k in 18 hours, yesterday 17:26 minutes! It was a very successful day, but it wasn’t… 2,370 more words


Kinder-Gentler 400 km ride report - More rain, less hills.

This is my next report about our most recent 400 km ride with DC Randonneurs.

To rest better this time I took a day off and slept well. 1,051 more words


First Brevet of the year

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I have blogged. It’s been an interesting first 4 months of the year. I looked over my last blog and my goals I set for this year. 2,409 more words


2015 DBC Antelope Lake 600k

gathering for the start

rolling out

Yep, this was two years ago already. Spose I should just let it go – but I have this compulsion to write about these things, and I’m signed up to do the ride again (later today! 1,659 more words


300 miles in 24 hours

So there was this great idea.

What if a bunch of friends that had a shared love of BOTH eating and riding bikes got together and split up into teams and went for a bike ride? 3,642 more words