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I've seen the light

After much anguish I have finally settled on a light system for the PBP.  There are so many choices in the Buy-o-Sphere it leaves you confounded and confused . 280 more words

A Switch in My Head Just Went Off

A switch in my head went off on my morning ride.  It was a significant and important change.

First, a little background.  Near the end of last year, I set 3 cycling goals for 2015. 239 more words


2015 Tour of Five Bakeries 200k perm (R8)

photo tour version

Back at the Pet-the-Goat rest stop on DMD, Phil (providing awesome support), Sarah and I (riding) talked about doing one of Sarah’s perms some time. 606 more words


Whenever I am weak, then I am strong

Well, my quest for the ACP Super Randonneur (SR) is completed. While I hoped to do the SR in Indiana, I DNF’ed (did not finish) on the 600k due to my feet and returned two weeks later to the Detroit 600k to complete the series. 2,311 more words


It's just around the corner

It’s time. The registration is complete.  Tickets are purchased and reservations made.

Team Moose is fired up and ready to roll.

The road has been hard  and taken its toll. 90 more words

Training for Randonneuring Rides on a Tandem

Those of you who receive American Randonneur– a quarterly publication of Randonneurs USA– may find this article about randonneuring tandem basics familiar, as it is a piece that was recently published in the Summer edition. 1,463 more words


2015 Ukiah Mendocino Ukiah 200k perm (R6)

Not to spoil the ending, but. Third time’s the charm! For seeing Orr Springs Road in the daylight that is. Which, not to spoil it more, I actually had before, but it had been several years, and after last year once not even making it there and then the second time when we did get there it being dark already, I wanted to see it again. 1,037 more words