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River Loop 100

It’s a hot winter’s day in Brisbane. It will reach 30°C despite only being August. Blue skies will reflect on the river as I glimpse it throughout the ride. 309 more words



For once I get to ride a brevet that is not a permanent. Working weekends usually precludes me from joining the social side of randonneuring. But today I have a small window and the time limit for this 100km Brevet Australia ends before my work shift commences. 630 more words


2017 SFR El Paseito Mixto Populaire

I’m not sure why I think of the SFR Dual Populaire and Picnic as an End of Season event (Extravaganza? Celebration?) – the weather in this part of Northern California does not shut down riding for the winter months, and there are certainly more rides on the SFR calendar. 1,466 more words


2017 SFR La Ruta Loca Randonnee (LRLR) 200k

silver morning at Crissy Field

We were early to the start, since Eric had volunteered to help. The fog horns were booming call and response across the bay. 2,008 more words


2016 SFR Orr Springs 600kNOT

fresh baked loaf

Well the title sorta gives away the ending, so I don’t spose it really ruins anything to say I hadn’t really planned to do this ride. 1,526 more words


2016 SFR Los Cabos Sueltos 200k

Another kindler gentler (than La Ruta) mixed terrain from Carlos, although this one is 200k rather than the Populaire length. There was a solid turnout of the usual suspects, and, after the benediction from the route designer himself, we rolled off into the silver morning from Crissy Field. 703 more words


Three Big Days in the Colorado Sky

Our New Mexico – Colorado tour got back on the road Sunday with the first of three long days that took us across two of Colorado’s highest passes and another big ride to come tomorrow that crosses I-70 up to Kremmling. 841 more words