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Firefly 400K
May 21, 2016

Those of us who have some attachment to Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city, have become sadly familiar with the term  4,111 more words


2015 SFR Russian River 200k

Nicasio Reservoir

Hicks Valley Road

My big stretch/goal ride for 2015 was the SFR Shasta Mountains 1000k, which would be a multi-day extravaganza, so I figured I’d better do some riding-both-days-of-the-weekend sorta things to get some sort of prepardedness for the hey I just rode my bike a mildly inappropriate distance yesterday and here I am going to do it again today kinda thing. 772 more words


Beyond Fun: D.C. Randonneurs Frederick, Maryland 300K

As I set out my gear for Saturday’s 300K, I noticed the 2015 cue sheet for the same ride still in my bag. One year later, back again. 600 more words


Oscillating Gnomes found to be the cause of Planing

By: Gram Pettifog

September 17, 2018

Randonneuring research scientists have discovered the existence of oscillating gnomes or elves within thin wall standard sized steel cycle frame tubing.  3,140 more words


RUSA Member Profile: Bill Beck of D.C. Randonneurs

While some of you may already have read this feature in the most recent issue of American Randonneur, I like to repost pieces I do so that those who may not subscribe to the newsletter or who prefer to read it in a blog format may do so. 909 more words


Los Milagros del Fleche

This year’s NorCal Fleche Velocio was a terrific experience. Lots of the typical ups and downs of any rando ride, a few surprises here and there (mostly pleasant), and beer and delicious breakfast at the finish! 1,756 more words


Randonneur- and Real-Life Spouse

As one of a small group of women who likes to ride long distances, I’m often exposed to conversations about “the wife.” I almost hate to write “the wife,” since I feel so strongly about it, but I’m writing what I hear and there you are. 614 more words