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Have bike, will gravel

Sometimes the best way to learn a new skill is to just throw yourself in at the deep end and figure it out along the way and that’s exactly what I did last Saturday at the Dirty Reiver. 2,885 more words

Has Spring Arrived?

The sound this week was drip, drip, drip as all the snow from the blizzard started melting. That is the one good thing about a blizzard in April, you know the snow is not going to be lasting all that long. 598 more words


Mother of All 300Ks and the Passage of Time

Fourteen years ago I rode my first 300K brevet with the D.C. Randonneurs, and this weekend Felkerino and I were back on that very same course, now fondly titled the Mother of All 300Ks given the gnarly… 1,301 more words


Seven hundred

Orange-pink cracks of light in the murky grey sky to the east contradict the weather forecast I saw the day before. This is good. If it lasts. 2,628 more words

The Mother of All 300Ks

The first 300K brevet Mary and I rode together was the new Mother of All 300Ks, in 2005. It was the new ride for the D.C. 1,018 more words


2018 Flèche NorCal: Willow Creek Whisperers

waiting for the train

rolling dinner!

Although last year had been my best experience of the three times I’d done a Flèche, I still wasn’t completely sold on the idea. 3,272 more words


Different Flavors of Biking

Recently, expertise (or at least understanding) was claimed by a person in one realm by suggesting equivalence of experience from another realm. Something along the lines of “since I’m a randonneur and a road cyclist, I also understand mountain biking”. 338 more words