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2017 rando creed

My marriage finished going to hell in 2013. In 2016, I finally got back to the only sport I’ve ever loved, randonneuring, and came close to completing an SR series (a 200K, 300K, 400K, and 600K brevet in a calendar year), but when I realized there was no way to finish the 600K within the time limit, I ended it a hundred kilometers short. 269 more words


2017 SFR Mt. Hamilton 200kNOT

Later this month, on the 25th, SFR will unveil a new 200km route. The start and finish locations, plus the start time work in favor of riders who use BART to attend the rides. 1,459 more words


2016 Flèche NorCal

Bakery of Awesome! aka Fournée Bakery


savory + cheesey thing for later (not shown)

As random and arcane as randonneuring is, the flèche turns it up to 11. 1,674 more words


2017 SaRo HBUH 200k

RBA Ryan checks in riders at the start.

The HBUH (Healdsburg – Boonville – Ukiah – Healdsburg, pronounced Hubba) – formerly SRCC, now Santa Rosa Randonneurs… 1,536 more words


Winter Riding and Summer Planning

Ah, a three-day weekend. Better yet, on Sunday and Monday the weather was mild and dry. This is the time of year I find myself of multiple minds: trying to keep up the miles on the bike to get ready for the upcoming spring randonneuring brevets, and fretting over our summer tandem tour. 632 more words


Nandi 200

The good start to the year continues. Cycling-wise I meant.

Started the Nandi 200 km brevet yesterday with some good hours on the saddle thanks to the commutes and the previous weekend’s long ride. 401 more words