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GENTalks Episode 21: Bachelorette Parties and Easter

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Wrestling with some technical difficulties, Kaitlin and Katie are a little late sharing a couple of resent conversations.  The next episodes will be out of order; Easter has come and gone but the time spent together catching up was still priceless and definitely worth sharing. 305 more words


What Did Jesus Do On Saturday?

Safely Home by Ron Dicianni

Hey TD!

Most of you recognize this painting as the one that hangs in my dining room.  It’s done by renowned artist, Ron Dicianni, and is part of a trilogy that includes a powerful song by Steve Green and a life-impacting novel by Randy Alcorn (if you haven’t read it, ask a TD leader to borrow a copy.   757 more words

You Have to Be Different to Make a Difference

The world needs to see true followers of Jesus, not people whose only difference is church attendance.

Randy Alcorn (1954 –     )


Why Jesus Was Hated and Put to Death {Repost}

This is a wonderful article about Kevin DeYoung’s blog post, “Why Did They Hate Jesus?” by Randy Alcorn on his Eternal Perspective Ministries blog. 179 more words


We’ve Lost Our Vocabulary of Wonder About Heaven

By Randy Alcorn

In 50 Days of Heaven, I write:

If we are honest, we must admit that we are not daily and consciously looking forward to Heaven, much less to a New Earth. 123 more words


An Often Misdiagnosed Condition

Nothing is more often misdiagnosed than our homesickness for Heaven. We think that we what want is sex, drugs, alcohol, a new job, a raise, a doctorate, a spouse, a large-screen television, a new car, a cabin in the woods, a condo in Hawaii. 108 more words


The Search

I’ve been trying to read “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn via the WORDsearch app, but something has been making it hard for me to do so. There might be some glitch or something, which I already reported to the developer. 195 more words

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