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The Search

I’ve been trying to read “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn via the WORDsearch app, but something has been making it hard for me to do so. There might be some glitch or something, which I already reported to the developer. 195 more words

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Quotable Randy Alcorn

I know wonderful people who say they’ve been drawn closer to God through reading The Shack. When people feel closer to God, I wholeheartedly rejoice.

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Service Is a Reward

Service is a reward, not a punishment. This idea is foreign to people who dislike their work and only put up with it until retirement. We think that faithful work should be rewarded by a vacation for the rest of our lives. 57 more words


Review of 60 Days of Happiness

In 60 Days of Happiness: Discover God’s Promise of Relentless Joy author Randy Alcorn draws on his previous book Happiness to make a devotional that will help readers understand the biblical truth behind happiness. 194 more words

Why I Would Recommend You Don’t Go See the Movie “The Shack”

Knowing that I enjoy going to the movies, I’ve already had many friends ask me if I was planning to see the upcoming film adaptation of William P. 497 more words

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Eternal Perspectives

Some people have never thought about Heaven’s weather because they don’t think of Heaven as a real place, certainly not an earthly one. Or they assume the New Earth will have bright sunshine, no clouds, no rain .

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Eternal Perspectives

If we want to know what the ultimate Heaven, our eternal home, will be like, the best place to start is by looking around us. We shouldn’t close our eyes and try to imagine the unimaginable.

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