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Speed Bag: The 5 different ways to retire in MMA – from 'The Burkman' to 'The Faber'

When it comes to MMA and the wishy-washy world of fighter retirements, we’ve basically seen five ways to do it. And they’re not all created equal. 198 more words


Friday 5ive: Five of the Best Old School Super Gyms

By: Albert Miller – To be a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a much easier life than it was to be a fan in 2007. 1,451 more words

Friday Five

Stings Like a Bee: How the Ali Act Could Radically Change the UFC.

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2016 was a ground-breaking year for the UFC. Kicking off with one of the fights of the year at UFC 195, Robbie Lawler… 857 more words

Ali Act

A brief history of MMA's notorious un-retirements

In a sport in which the word “retirement” just doesn’t seem to carry as much meaning as it does in other professions, we take a look at some of the successful, unsuccessful and yet-to-be-seen returns of fighters who may have tried, but just couldn’t resist the call of the cage. 1,790 more words


Friday 5ive: Five of the Greatest Super Fights That Never Happened

By: Albert Miller – Just the idea of the “Super Fight” is exciting. Two fighters that are going to come together and scrap despite the odds, despite the obstacles; everyone has talked about it happening and now it’s going to happen! 1,801 more words

Friday Five

A rare street-fight story from UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture

Although he enjoyed a decorated career in MMA, former UFC champion and UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture wasn’t much of a fighter growing up. 446 more words


United States Congress urged to provide more oversight to UFC and mixed martial arts

WASHINGTON — One of UFC’s earliest and biggest stars took to Capitol Hill Thursday to criticize what he called a flawed business model used by his former employer, urging Congress to amend federal law to provide more oversight to the mixed-martial arts world. 798 more words