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Friday 5ive: Five of the Best Old School Super Gyms

By: Albert Miller – To be a fan of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a much easier life than it was to be a fan in 2007. 1,451 more words

Friday Five

Stings Like a Bee: How the Ali Act Could Radically Change the UFC.

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2016 was a ground-breaking year for the UFC. Kicking off with one of the fights of the year at UFC 195, Robbie Lawler… 857 more words

Ali Act

A brief history of MMA's notorious un-retirements

In a sport in which the word “retirement” just doesn’t seem to carry as much meaning as it does in other professions, we take a look at some of the successful, unsuccessful and yet-to-be-seen returns of fighters who may have tried, but just couldn’t resist the call of the cage. 1,790 more words


Friday 5ive: Five of the Greatest Super Fights That Never Happened

By: Albert Miller – Just the idea of the “Super Fight” is exciting. Two fighters that are going to come together and scrap despite the odds, despite the obstacles; everyone has talked about it happening and now it’s going to happen! 1,801 more words

Friday Five

A rare street-fight story from UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture

Although he enjoyed a decorated career in MMA, former UFC champion and UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture wasn’t much of a fighter growing up. 446 more words


United States Congress urged to provide more oversight to UFC and mixed martial arts

WASHINGTON — One of UFC’s earliest and biggest stars took to Capitol Hill Thursday to criticize what he called a flawed business model used by his former employer, urging Congress to amend federal law to provide more oversight to the mixed-martial arts world. 798 more words


Ali Act Expansion gets an informational hearing, but will President-Elect Trump be a veto threat?

(Story updated at 5:10 pm ET with a statement from the UFC.)

Late Thursday morning the U.S. House of Representatives’ energy and commerce committee met for a hearing entitled “Mixed Martial Arts: Issues and Perspectives,” during which it heard testimony from both a former UFC champion as well as a current UFC vice president, all in the name of gathering information on the sport and the proposed expansion to the Muhammad Ali Act that would further regulate it. 1,000 more words