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Viewpoint: Five council incumbents face no challenger ... hmm

On May 18, former mayor Henry Dayday called a news conference where many expected him to announce he was running for mayor.

Instead, he went on a rant about city council’s communications allowance and how such an unfair advantage for incumbents might convince him to pass on a mayoral campaign. 794 more words

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City finds savings on sound attenuation walls

The jury’s out on who will benefit from nearly $9 million the City of Saskatoon has saved on the construction of nine sound attenuation walls. 497 more words

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Defeated Tory candidate topped federal election campaign spending in Saskatchewan

Spending by party

14 Conservative candidates spent an average of $106,257 on their campaigns (range: $49,562 – $180,128). The party won 10 seats.
14 NDP candidates spent an average of $69,175 on their campaigns (range: $22,890 – $147,971). 790 more words

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Sask. Human Rights Commission dismisses public prayer complaint

SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission has dismissed a complaint about a public prayer at a Saskatoon city function. The complaint was made by Ashu Solo after a prayer was made at a 2012 banquet. 523 more words


Council dabbles in dead bodies, jackwagons and horse hitching

Veteran Saskatoon Coun. Pat Lorje can usually be relied upon for a good quote.

When called this week to comment on a proposed new 33rd Street bridge as part of the city’s new growth plan, Lorje, as usual, was not at a loss for words. 623 more words

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Committee hears cab drivers' concerns about Uber

Ride sharing services like Uber are inevitable and Saskatoon needs to be ready, the city’s transportation committee heard Tuesday.

“We’re going to deal with it rather than have it deal with us,” committee chair Coun. 343 more words

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Councillors running for higher office should take leaves of absence sooner: report

Saskatoon city councillors who decide to run for federal or provincial elected office should take an unpaid leave of absence as soon as they file their nomination papers, says an independent body charged with reviewing city council’s code of conduct. 339 more words

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