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How Complaining Hurts Our Brain and What We Can Do About It (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 320)

“Acceptance means no complaining, and happiness means no complaining about the things over which you can do nothing.”
— Wayne Dyer

When things don’t go as we plan, we all have the natural tendency to gripe and complain. 780 more words


Lessons From The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture of Dr Randy Pausch is perhaps one of the most influential pieces of media I have ever been ‘given’ by anyone. I won’t implore you straight away to go watch it – I did in the first version of this piece, but by the magic of editing I don’t in this one :) – I’d rather talk to you about it and sell it to you first. 714 more words


The Last Lecture 

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch this video has a lot of advice and guidance for anyone trying to figure out how to get things accomplished. Happy Birthday


The Last Lecture: Book Club

I’m not sure how to define The Last Lecture, except to say that it’s a cross between a nonfiction novel, a memoir, and a self-help book. 340 more words

Read The World

"The Last Lecture" -- Help People

As part of our unit on The Value of Life, my elective class called Contemporary Studies watched Randy Pausch’s lecture called “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” Knowing he was dying of liver cancer, Pausch delivered a funny, moving, and inspirational talk on how to live a good life in which he described some highlights of his journey as a family man, a student and a professor. 162 more words


Self-Esteem is Not Given

“Belakangan ini banyak sekali pembahasan mengenai bagaimana kita dapat memberikan rasa keberhargaan diri bagi anak. Namun, hal tersebut bukanlah sesuatu yang diberikan kepada anak; mereka harus membangunnya”

(Randy Pausch)