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My life is pretty ordinary, but I always thought that if I had to write a book I would call it L.U.S.T.

However, after my last breakup I should call it P.U.T.A… Seriously, I’m losing money here! 134 more words

Ever Since...

Ever since my stroke (yes, it was a real, bonafide stroke), I’ve developed a slight, but highly annoying inability to write. The resulting brain damage occurred exclusively in the speech area of the brain, so finding the right word is sometimes a challenge, but I cover it well, and no one notices. 744 more words



1:30 AM, Randy just left…. I’m exhausted! I was actually not in any sexy mood, but me, my big mouth and impetuous libido told him to come few days ago… and he cum. 97 more words

Getting Fixed At Last!

I should mark this day in my calendar… It’s been 10 days since I had sex. A total ESCANDALO! 

The last time it was with Randy, whom by the way messaged me yesterday asking me to see him on Saturday. 152 more words

Pizza Entitlement

If you have to make fun of a class of people, please make sure you’re right about every single one of them.

As an example, let’s take a look at a recent incident in which, on a popular social media platform, an individual derided those who had never ordered a pizza… He commented something along the lines of that he couldn’t believe an actual adult human had never picked up a phone and ordered delivery… because obviously not having ever ordered pizza is the lament of the social pariah. 478 more words

New To Town 

Dear Uncle Randy,

I’ve just arrived in town and I’m struggling to work out why everyone here whinges so much. Help me out here…

Are you blind? 393 more words