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Trailer Park Boys: What in the F@$K?

“Trailer Park Boys” is one of the dumbest comedy shows you will ever see, but it has a tremendous amount of heart and creativity when it places Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles in the most greasy situations possible. 854 more words


Interview with Randy Lein Founder of Legion Wargames

Legion Wargames publishes many games that specialize in and highlight conflicts that have lesser coverage within the hobby. You wont find a host of D-Day or Barbarossa games on their website (not that those aren’t great) but you’ll find lovingly crafted and unique games that will flesh out any historical war gaming collection. 1,336 more words


If We Were Having a Coke and a Smile But You Stole My Name...

…I would try very kindly not to make a big deal because you’re one of the only six people on Planet Earth named “Randi”. Despite your rarity, whenever someone writes my name down on a form, application, sign-in sheet, Starbucks cup, or speeding ticket, your kind is the reason I’m too frequently asked, “Is that with a ‘y’ or an ‘i’?” I try to keep an open mind here in the 21st century, but I’ve been fielding that largely nonexistent dichotomy since the 20th. 855 more words


Drunk randy woman tries to have sex with her boyfriend in public, but fails woefully

A horny drunk woman tried desperately to have sex with her partner in public – and failed spectacularly.

In the outrageous footage posted on Live Leak,, the boozed-up woman was attempting to seduce her boyfriend in a number of various ways which includes standing over his head with her knickers pulled down. 112 more words

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Guitar Chat Randy Rhoads By John Stix

The Randy Rhoads story has been told many times before. But never like this. Never has a book on him included historic audio of Randy speaking. 364 more words


I always feel randy at this time of year

I always feel randy at this time of year, fuck Christmas and its holiness; it is the pagan roots, the heathen roots of our end of year rituals and celebrations and feasts and orgies that enliven my blood, quicken my blood. 20 more words