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Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar

Brock is bigger, stronger, faster, and a more skilled fighter than Orton and he knows that. But, Orton just needs one opening and he change the momentum of the match. 136 more words


My first beer of the “evening shift” completed. 9pm

My first beer of the “evening shift” completed. 9pm. When on holiday I want to be randy, and fuck like a rabbit; but it hasn’t happened this time. 79 more words


I feel the empty thoughts of August

Sweating, the hot mismanage of speed
There goes time once more !

—Like waters through lands of fire… 211 more words


Cowered to love

It hurt so bad—the thoughts of you

The Broken fragments of memories

And their swapped feel of adventure
Do not you see my feet want to walk up to the sun… 161 more words


A Fitting Ring  

I seem you there, like the unleash river

along side the tree , with such majestic force

Like a river swapping all the states of our ground… 123 more words


Far A Way, Four-Oh-Eight

Meeting up with Randy is always fun. He mentioned he had some tickets to a game and I was down. We planned to meet up in front of The Hard Rock at the stadium, and once I got out of work I headed straight over there. 362 more words


11 - 2

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If any of the apprentices had been expecting an exciting and revelatory defiance of stereotype, the “job” let them down. 4,829 more words