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Rostislav Kamenetsky giving home and personal care, an inspiring new meaning

We love our dear ones and especially when they are old, we assume it our responsibility to guarantee their comfort. Your old age dearest and nearest ones need some extra care due to their age/mental or physical weaknessess and in some case disabilities. 450 more words


I was once a vegetarian.

Having just uploaded my Grandad’s latest Randy Rabbits On… story, in which he recounts a particularly gruesome tale, it reminded me of being a vegetarian. 417 more words



I’ve just finished uploading the lastest of Randy’s stories: Whatever Happened to the Hillman Minx?

During this story, Randy talks about our old home at Brackla, in Bridgend, South Wales. 525 more words


How Much Is A Few Donuts?

In the wee hours, with a group of friends huddled closely around you snickering and pointing, you sent a message. A computer screen illuminating your faces, your friends goading, egging you on, you nonetheless typed the words into the chat bar. 167 more words


Randy Blaser: Does food industry need more government intervention? - Evanston Review

Pioneer Press columnist Randy Blaser says the government should get the food industry to focus less on growing more food than on growing healthier food. 133 more words