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[NEWS] Lamb of God - "Overlord"

We all know by now that Lamb of God will be releasing their new album VII: Sturm Und Drang on July 24th via Nuclear Blast. 339 more words


Fist Bump

Whenever I watch Ghost Hunters, which hasn’t been for awhile now, I typically cringe when they do the fist bump at the end. For some stupid reason it just annoys me. 626 more words


Not An Option

When Randy was leaving for his hike, we spoke about things that weren’t options. For instance, he would not have the option of giving up. He would not have the option of coming home from the trail and not working. 660 more words

Appalachian Trail

The Rules of Surviving a Horror Film

Before we dive into the new chapter of Scream, we should take a moment to remember the rules of a horror film.

In the first film, in order to survive you must never┬áhave sex, never┬ádrink or do drugs and never, ever, say you’ll be right back. 425 more words


Randy Rogers Speaks About Losing His Daughter

Randy Rogers and his family were on the receiving end of some major prayers from our side of the world, I know that for sure. Losing a child, now, that’s something I can’t comprehend nor do I want to consider comprehending. 597 more words


In Honor of MTV's 'Scream' Reboot, the Top 5 Death Scenes

In one week MTV will relaunch the Scream franchise. I don’t know about you, but I’m very excited. In honor of the MTV show, I re-watched all of the… 992 more words