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I watched him wither – from a strong, well-considered, vibrant man to a fragile, mentally tortured soul. I watched as dementia quietly slithered inside – molesting his dignity and suffocating his self-respect. 659 more words


A Christmas Story in our Front Yard

Poor little guy! #ChristmasStory #Randy #ICantPutMyArmsDown #DaddysGonnaKillRalphy

Christmas Story is still the most overexposed yet underrated movie of all time. Just a straight up holiday tradition in our family. 335 more words


I don’t watch South Park (May surprise you. People expect me to watch this because of my humour preferences) but this clip is absolutely hilarious. Oh man. 33 more words


Abita, Old Red Eye, Reading Draft, and Sparky's

Hello friends! It’s a lovely day on the tundra. Blue skies, yellow sun, and a balmy 10 degrees. Perfect for staying inside and quaffing a few. 361 more words

"Out - Of - Pocket Trend" Changes Patient Mentality

It’s easy these days to just blame Obamacare for all the changes taking place in healthcare, good and bad! Perhaps one of the largest changes has been the rapidly increasing out-of-pocket obligation being incurred by your patients. 484 more words

150210 - Randy

Hey Fitness Friends,

we did “Randy” yesterday. We did it for the first time last September and it was awesome to see we improved. My chest started hurting again, so I sat out on the skill. 94 more words



Hello all. Well we have four more root beers consumed so that we may urge or warn you about what is worthy of your time and taste buds. 243 more words