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Dying Light: In Depth Review

This might actually be my most relevant post I’ve made thus far; the DLC came out two days ago. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind getting that DLC, because I’ve had a blast with Dying Light. 2,296 more words


Make America Randy Again

Rand Paul is out of the presidential race.  There goes the opportunity to use slogans like “Why feel the bern when you can feel Randy?” and “All the other candidates want to make America impotent, stop the shrinkage of liberties and let U.S. 81 more words

Meet Randy - My Tsukasa Taiko: Member Testimonials Series 004

Meet Randy from Kazan.

  1. Why did you choose Tsukasa Taiko?

Years ago, I saw Tsukasa leader Hide Yoshihashi perform; I was mesmerized. I thought, “I want to do that!” Also, as I researched further, I was impressed that Tsukasa was integrated closely with the Japanese American community in Chicago. 186 more words

Tsukasa Taiko

When it Happens...

So, seen any ghosts lately? Do apparitions seek you out like a Jehovah’s Witness on a road trip? Or are you honestly more like the rest of us, because the dead do not usually line up single file waiting to make an appearance. 709 more words


Long Wait - Part 2

When Randy had filled both truck gas tanks and the three had eaten a quick meal of fast food, Randy shuffled everyone back into the truck and headed out again. 1,362 more words


Long Wait - Part 1

Will Edmonds sipped from a cup of steaming coffee as he looked over the pine and oak forested valley stretching out before him.  “How’s your family settling in, Randy?” 1,393 more words


Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

I love pieces of entertainment that make me think. Whether it be thinking about the world that the writer presents, or the world around me. That’s why I love things like Spec Ops. 777 more words