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brown little monkies shirt

In my quest for a nice fitting lady dress shirt with lots of arm movement I have come a long way. I now have an armhole that gives a good range of movement. 116 more words


Exercise: Upper Body Strengthening

Sarcopenia—natural occuring muscle deterioration—begins in our mid-30s. If we do not stay active, muscle loss accelerates as we age. Check out this linked article for details how to minimize muscle deteriorization. 19 more words


Bunka block: damselfly blouse

Bunka is a way of pattern drafting in Japan. They use a different body shape and it fits my body way better than the traditional Western way of pattern drafting. 242 more words


JBJS 100: Knee Hemarthrosis and Achilles Ruptures

Under one name or another, The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery has published quality orthopaedic content spanning three centuries. In 1919, our publication was called the… 356 more words


Manual Muscle Testing

Assessment to examine the range of motion of joints. I have good resource in the physical determinants of health textbook which illustrates the different versions of the test. 80 more words

Physical Drawer

Yoga Body Locks

Time To Reach Inside Of Yourself

There are three interior body locks, or bandhas (also spelled bhanda), that are used in yoga. These locks function much like windows in that they can be opened or closed. 749 more words

Yoga For Balance And Posture

Ashtanga Yoga

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

A system of Hatha Yoga that is used by many Yogis and studios around the world, this style was created from the interpretations of Sri K. 407 more words

Yoga For Balance And Posture