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52 Rolls Week 49:52

Still Catching Up, So I’ll have two posts this week and next. So for today something a little different:  A Camera Test.  We’d heard that people had some success buying cameras online from Goodwill.   264 more words


52 Rolls Week 37:52

I’ve let an extra week go by as we are caught up in the throes of home renovations.  I post more about that later……

This week’s subject takes us to Como, for the  218 more words


52 Rolls Week 33:52

Color Film Comparison.  Something I used to do often as I searched for a replacement film for my favorite discontinued Kodak E100GX:

Now I’m venturing back into the realm of C-41 films, still searching…………We visit the Snowy Range, Wyoming.   96 more words


52 Rolls Week 25:52

A little change up this week as promised.  We spent a Week in Montana at a B&W Photography/Printing workshop led by Nathan McCreery, and hosted by the… 182 more words


Kodak Retina II, or small is beautiful!

I love Kodak Retina cameras. They are compact, well made and seat nicely in you palm giving you a feel of special bonding with the camera. 105 more words


Constantly adding items to ones collection can become of a problem especially when the available space to keep it is of no avail. Even though, I cannot say no when something sparkling looks my way with a nice price tag on it. 78 more words