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Canon Canonet QL17 G-III

Down the Road is on hiatus, returning Monday, 26 September. I’m rerunning old posts in the meantime. One more camera review for you, of a very well known rangefinder. 1,082 more words


Exaggerating Angles

The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal expansion of the Royal Ontario Museum was always controversial: a lot of people absolutely hated the look of this addition to a more traditional structure. 70 more words

Black & White

Voigtländer Vitomatic IIa

Brand: Voigtländer
Model: Vitomatic IIa
Produced: 1960
Type: Rangefinder
Format: 35mm
Lens: fixed, Voigtländer Color-Skopar 50mm f / 2.8
Exposure: Manual, built in light meter… 463 more words


A change of pace

All pictures: Yashica Minister D with Fujifilm C200

Being used my main camera, a Panasonic GX7, with fast autofocus, nice ISO capabilities, built in stabilizer, and electronic viewfinder showing grid lines, horizon level, histogram, etc., it sometimes feels great to use something completely different. 344 more words


The imperfect photo

Is it absolutely necessary that a photo is technically perfect, in order to be a good photo? With a technical “perfect” photo I consider that it is exposed and composed correctly. 627 more words


A chat with an old photog

I had a short chat the other day with an old photog. The start of conversation is about the rangefinder camera that I’m using. He is curious and asked me why am I still shooting with manual focusing camera and film, while most of the “younger generation” he knew probably haven’t even touched one before. 249 more words