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Redoing impedance test for tiny loudspeaker

In Ultrasonic rangefinder tests with tiny loudspeaker, I tested the 10mm CDM-10008 loudspeaker and found it ringing around 9.4kHz, but I reported

I don’t see any resonance around 9.4kHz in the impedance plot, though I admit not looking for narrow resonance peaks in that range.

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Data Acquisition

Ultrasonic rangefinder tests with tiny loudspeaker

I’m still working on doing the ultrasonic rangefinder project  (In More testing for ultrasonic rangefinder, I gave a digital filter and showed it working with a non-resonant electret microphone and amplifier and pings from a Maxbotix rangefinder.   965 more words

Data Acquisition

First Roll: Canonet QL17 GIII

My original Canonet broke. Desperately looked for a replacement. Found this on eBay for $70. Cosmetically 9/10; operational condition unknown. First roll came back from the lab. 16 more words


Kodak Retina IIc (type 020)

The Kodak Retina line contains some of my favorite cameras, due in no small part to the second camera in my collection, my great-grandmother’s Type 126… 114 more words


Leitz Leica IIIa

I never intended to get a Leica. At the typically high prices they command, I was content knowing I could buy and enjoy many less expensive cameras for the same amount of money. 95 more words