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Operation Thin the Herd: Olympus XA

I knew I was going to keep this camera the moment I picked it up. The Olympus XA is just that wonderful.

This tiny rangefinder camera returns stunning images every time I load film into it. 497 more words


CC's Photography - Amelia Island

We are looking to purchase classic film cameras – whether it’s a single camera or an entire collection – we are buyers!

Do you have something of interest sitting in your closet, dresser drawer or old camera bag? 160 more words


Vintage: Second Attempt at Leica IIIA

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season and that we can look forward to a better 2018. I wasn’t thrilled with 2017, but there’s plenty to be grateful for. 226 more words


Leica IIIa

Some good news bad news on the Leica front. My folks sent me my grandfather’s Leica IIIa the other day. I jumped online and watched some Youtube videos on loading the film and shooting. 278 more words


Nine Best Golf Gifts of 2017: What To Buy For the Golfer in Your Life

Great golf gifts are hard to find. There seems to be an endless list of products and equipment to choose from when it comes to shopping for gifts this holiday season. 1,323 more words


Leicas Revisited

About a year ago I posted some photos of my grandfather’s old film cameras. I think I’ve correctly identified most of them: Leica II (black), Leica IIIA (silver), a Rollei Baby, and a Beauty Super II. 169 more words


Cameras: Contax III with Kiev 2.0

I picked this up a while ago and only recently got around to trying it. Originally I got this as a body only and subsequently bought a Kiev lens just to be able to use it; if I liked it I would think about something more original.  734 more words