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SJA: Lost in Time

This is the first episode of a Doctor Who spin-off ever to be named after a DVD boxset, and it’s also the third format-breaker in a row, which leads me to conclude that… 366 more words

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SJA: The Empty Planet

Almost inevitably, this felt like a bit of a come-down from the very special previous episode, something which has often happened throughout the four series. 450 more words

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SJA: Death of the Doctor

Oh, that was just incredible. I was expecting a huge nostalgia fest due to the presence of Jo Grant, and I got that and so much more. 848 more words

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SJA: The Vault of Secrets

This series never fails to take me by surprise. The philosophy behind it seems to be to always go for the most fun option, and it’s presumably in this spirit that someone watched… 503 more words

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The Mark of The Rani

Updated with a second review – scroll down!

Yes, this is called ‘The Mark of The Rani’, with a second capital ‘T’. Not only is this at odds with the normal conventions of capitalisation, but it goes against the usual trend of Doctor Who titling, and is the only such occasion in the programme’s history.  1,589 more words

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SJA: The Nightmare Man

Aww. I’m slightly sad that I’m already on the last full series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, partly because of the awful reason behind it finishing, but also because I could happily watch more of it. 573 more words

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Gods of Terra | Anger Not the Rani!

This is a story featured in my first book collaboration with Miss Sharmishtha Basu: Gehenna Parables, now for sale on Amazon for Kindle for a steal at only $0.99. 437 more words