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En créant ma page facebook “Sénégalités” , je me suis demandée ce que j’allais faire en cas de writer’s block à part gnimeuntou mes posts et puiser dans mes centaines de drafts. 574 more words

Rant Of The Day

« Tu as Grossiiiii !!! » #doufchronicles

Rien que le titre vous a énervés non ? « Tu as grossiiiii! », en tirant sur le i tel un AK47. J’en profite pour rajouter dans la catégorie ‘ 684 more words

Rant Of The Day

3 things I am just so over *sigh

Blague à part….

1. People peeing on walls, in the Streets, in public places

Fatténa fimeu done dem sakh mais j’étais dans un taxi vers les allées de Béthio lorsque le chauffeur a serré brusquement à droite (droiter if you will, d’ailleurs que dit-on quand c’est à gauche?…). 617 more words

Rant Of The Day

God Bless My Parents

There’s a couple of things that I absolutely hate. One of them is people who walk around like they are a saint. Sure, my mother is a wonderful person but she has such an affinity to criticize everything I do and basically, she basically has what I call “saint status”. 421 more words

Hot Mess Express

And now for something completely different

Have you ever tried really hard to be someone’s friend? Like, tried so hard to be part of their inner circle? Someone you’ve looked up too, admired, and was maybe a little jealous of? 159 more words


I can't give up 

I don’t want to give up. I dream on a daily. Thoughts and ideas move around in my head and I don’t want to give them up. 121 more words


Rant Of The Day 7/11/15

This is my Rant Of The Day. Frankly I’m pissed. Here are the things that piss me off today:

Rant Of The Day