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cable hokey pokey

Instead of “Breaking News” (as we now call World News Tonight with David Muir, because it is always news that is always breaking), the dreaded error message appeared a few nights ago on our television… 461 more words


The Art of Maybe

Do you know how many drafts I have saved for blog ideas? Or actual blogs I just never posted?

Go ahead. Take a guess. 640 more words


to thank or not to thank

Apparently it is rampant. Not thanking people.

The advice columns in our local newspapers regularly cover this topic. My grandchildren never let me know they got my Christmas presents.. 463 more words


Rant of the Day: Primping Ain't Easy

T-minus 45 minutes until it starts and I still haven’t even put on my outfit. What shoes am I going to wear? Should I get there early? 1,185 more words

Rant of the Day: I'm NEVER Wrong

Jen and I are down to the last remaining key for our new(ish) car we got a few months ago. Just to be clear, we’re not talking about that KC Chiefs-themed key you grab from Home Depot, walk up front, and make the 17 year-old girl in customer service hew out like she’s some frumpy, teenage version of The Keymaker from the… 797 more words

My son is not very nice person when I am around him.

I have been receiving really good feedbacks from school – preschool, that he is such a smart little person and getting along with other kids. Well, few incidents but he managed not to repeat them again. 631 more words


Curiosity's a Curse

I’ve enjoyed having a highly developed sense of curiosity all my life (some might call it nosiness.) But, right now I wonder why!

To explain, I have to start with the fact I’ve been writing for some twenty-five years, mostly memoir and nostalgia pieces. 527 more words