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Right size, wrong size....why don't they make my size?

Contrary to popular belief, clothes shopping isn’t the fun-filled experience that you see portrayed in the movies and on television.  There are no hordes of smiling woman happily flitting from store-to-store, hair flowing, heels clacking on the sidewalk, all the while swinging multiple shopping bags that are overflowing with their purchases.   743 more words


All About My Bass

Rant of the day: body shaming. Because I read a very uneducated Facebook post; “I swear if ur over 300 lbs u shouldn’t wear a swimsuit I swear fat ppl are so nasty and gross” 344 more words


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Tari 7 more words


Boxes, boxes everywhere....why can't I find my iron?

Earlier today I had the privilege of paying money to the provider of the place that is home to my boxes.  And no, I’m not talking about a bank that holds a mortgage on a townhouse.   681 more words


Reality TV....wait, isn't that an oxymoron?

Tonight was the season premier of the granddaddy (grandmama?) of the housewives franchise, “The Real Housewives of Orange County”.  We, the viewing audience, get to sit back on our couches and peek into the lives of various women.   619 more words



When I told my sister that I recently started a blog she then said , ” Well that’s an animal out of control!”

although she meant it as an insult I took it as a great compliment!!


'Cause Your Cell Phone Is NOT That Important, Dammit.

File this under the “Like, Duh” file: cell phones are omnipresent these days. It’s even in commercials where they’re not hawking cell phones, like something for Yellow Pages or Cialis (ahaha). 1,196 more words

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