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Rant of the Day: Pokémon Go

Dear Pokémon Go user,
Hi there little guy! Aren’t you cute with your propeller beanie, lollipop, and iPad, running around the town looking for imaginary creatures! 814 more words

Rant of the Day: Slow Walkers

Dear people walking slowly in front of me,
​In the spirit of remaining inclusive and PC, I am going to assume you and your friend are afflicted with some sort of disability that causes you to walk slower than an average person. 642 more words

Rant of the Day: Customer Service

Dear lady who obviously hates her customer-facing job,

As usual, I will begin by saying I am sorry that you are so observably miserable with your job. 1,089 more words

Movies: Take 1 - Dialogue

Everyone just loves a good movie. Whether it be going up to the big Cineplex (obviously the ones that serve alcohol), buying a show on your iTunes account, or renting one from the local video store (If you’re a complete weirdo. 846 more words

Rant of the Day: Dear Bumper Sticker Driver

To the person with the decal or bumper sticker on your car:

I will begin by saying I am impressed by your bold, eccentric, and confident choice to tell the world about yourself in this way. 1,163 more words

Rant of the Day: Dear Driver

To the driver who is clearly more important than my wife and I,

I am writing you today as an attempt to understand and comprehend your thought process and actions of our recent encounter. 1,015 more words

Violence Changes Nothing

With all of the hatred, finger-pointing, and violence going on in the world today, I feel I need to say something about it.

Violence solves nothing. 260 more words

Black Lives Matter