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Coldest February on Record

I haven’t really gotten out much, the idea of standing out in the cold with a camera just hasn’t been very appealing.

” Environment Canada says the temperatures in February over eastern Ontario and western Quebec “was never observed before since 1900.  273 more words

Rant Of The Day

Ignore Me and I'll Go Away (You Hope)

Alright, so I’m noticing a trend in customer service.  It’s the Just Ignore Them or Irritate Them philosophy.  Maybe it’s not new and I just have had a confluence of experiences to bring it to light.  589 more words


The Courage of Patricia Arquette

I have to applaud Patricia Arquette for her courageous speech during last night’s Oscars ceremony. I know, you’re surprised that I would say something so controversial, but here you go: It took a lot of balls for Patricia to get in front of the microphone and complain about income equality. 343 more words

Rant Of The Day

Is that such a horrible thing?

Ever since I have made the decision to not disclose certain information about me to the public about all that I’m feeling, finding something worth publishing is nonexistent.   477 more words

Journal Entry

In Praise Of The Camera

No, not that thing that’s built into your cell phone. I’m talking about the real fucking deal that is a point-and-shoot camera.

Those who have declared that the “camera-phone” has trumped and made “obsolete” of the actual camera are as foolish as those who excessively use their camera-phones to take pictures/shoot video without realizing how crummy and average their captures look. 955 more words

My Editorials

Ending the War: Jobs for ISIS

Throughout the history of the human race we have always resolved our national interests in one, inevitable way: by killing each other. Sure it’s harsh, but that’s just the way our species is wired. 518 more words


Studying or Writing : Big Decision.

Tonight is the first Friday night in the past two years that I have off work, which I take to heart. Every night for all this time I work at my minimum wage job to be able to save up for my big move to England in three years (when I’m done uni, obviously). 131 more words