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Rant of the Day: Primping Ain't Easy

T-minus 45 minutes until it starts and I still haven’t even put on my outfit. What shoes am I going to wear? Should I get there early? 1,185 more words

Rant of the Day: I'm NEVER Wrong

Jen and I are down to the last remaining key for our new(ish) car we got a few months ago. Just to be clear, we’re not talking about that KC Chiefs-themed key you grab from Home Depot, walk up front, and make the 17 year-old girl in customer service hew out like she’s some frumpy, teenage version of The Keymaker from the… 797 more words

My son is not very nice person when I am around him.

I have been receiving really good feedbacks from school – preschool, that he is such a smart little person and getting along with other kids. Well, few incidents but he managed not to repeat them again. 631 more words


Curiosity's a Curse

I’ve enjoyed having a highly developed sense of curiosity all my life (some might call it nosiness.) But, right now I wonder why!

To explain, I have to start with the fact I’ve been writing for some twenty-five years, mostly memoir and nostalgia pieces. 527 more words

All I Need is Just Nice Weather on the Weekends in this Summer, Please and Thank You.

It was long weekend in Canada to celebrate Canada 150th. As always, I was not into going anywhere where the crowds are. You know, my anti-social antic is not into that. 519 more words


Rant of the Day - Missing Good Produce

The list of fruits/vegetables I no longer buy gets longer every year. They are raised to benefit the grower/shipper and the consumer suffers as a result. 195 more words