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Take a "break" Facebook Tool

Facebook has introduced a new tool for the brokenhearted to limit exposure to their ex significant others.   I was under the impression that this was already in place.  30 more words


13112015 0830

Some people are really testing my patience today.

3:30pm you better hurry the fuck up.


Oh Coffee Cup, Oh Coffee Cup...

How dare you not have snowflakes…

I have decided to start writing Christmas carols… Oh Coffee Cup is my first. It will be to the tune of Oh Christmas Tree… Pretty sure I can be arrested under some copyright infringement for that… But hey! 618 more words

Rant Of The Day

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Sorry for the long absence. Life swept me away in its ups and downs but now I am back for now. I have a problem with consistency when it comes to blogging. 131 more words


Modern Technology!

I’ve decided quite brusquely, as I watch my laptop fall in slow motion out of my office window and smash into multiple teeny-tiny pieces on the stone floor below, that I am going to revert to pen and paper. 570 more words

RANT! ... Of The Day!

Anger. Frustration. Irritability.

All emotions I struggled to keep under wraps today.

These feelings are not to be controlled.  They are to be acknowledged.  You can’t help feelings occur within your body. 876 more words

Journal Entry

Anger Briefly

Maybe it’s because I had to wake up early for an on-call appointment that ended up canceling on me right after it was booked is the reason why I’m quite bitter today. 249 more words

Me Me Me Me