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'Cause Your Cell Phone Is NOT That Important, Dammit.

File this under the “Like, Duh” file: cell phones are omnipresent these days. It’s even in commercials where they’re not hawking cell phones, like something for Yellow Pages or Cialis (ahaha). 1,032 more words

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Right now people are disgrace the flag of the USA by walking on it and burning it. It saddens me people have lost faith in their own county to want to get rid of the symbol it is represented by. 194 more words

Rant Of The Day


I am tired of people calling my generation the “millennials” the worst generation, the most entitled ect ect. The people who say such things are typically the generation who raised us and the people who listened to you and believe it. 640 more words

Rant Of The Day

Happy Easter 

Wishing that everyone have a great Easter. Have joy and spend this time with the people you love. Don’t let anyone steal your joy!




Rant of the day

So heres the deal. I had my 9 year old daughter very young, her father was my highschool boyfriend. He wasnt thrilled when we learned I was pregnant. 772 more words

Rant Of The Day

Coldest February on Record

I haven’t really gotten out much, the idea of standing out in the cold with a camera just hasn’t been very appealing.

” Environment Canada says the temperatures in February over eastern Ontario and western Quebec “was never observed before since 1900.  273 more words

Rant Of The Day

Ignore Me and I'll Go Away (You Hope)

Alright, so I’m noticing a trend in customer service.  It’s the Just Ignore Them or Irritate Them philosophy.  Maybe it’s not new and I just have had a confluence of experiences to bring it to light.  589 more words