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Of Lawn Mowing and Panera

Mowing the lawn sucks. There, now you know my feelings on the green stuff that grows in front of our house. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at a freshly mowed lawn, and the smell is what I spend half the winter looking forward to. 827 more words

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Rant of the Day: College Textbooks

Being a college student can be tough. Living on a low income while accumulating mountains of debt is a rough deal to start. But the proverbial kick in the balls comes in the form of the college textbook. 420 more words

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Fat shaming, guests. Full fledged rant.

This is just going to be a rant. Not at all helpful in anyway. I’m just going to go ahead and post this because this is the only place I can just be me I guess? 655 more words

Rant of the Day: Restaurant Snobs

For anyone who has ever worked in the food industry, you’ll understand this completely. People who come into restaurants and ask for highly specialized items because they had it one time at one specific place are the worst human beings alive. 330 more words

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Rant of the Day: Marketing to Millennials

As a marketing student, I have been faced with the question a million times: How can brands effectively reach millennials? There are hundreds of books and videos and all kinds of materials on the matter. 465 more words

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Rant of the Day: IPhone 7

What does Apple hang its hat on as a brand? From Ashton Kutcher to Michael Fassbender, all the movies have Steve Jobs quoted as saying the same thing: Apple products are supposed to be user friendly. 532 more words

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Rant of the Day: Cover Charges

Why do we pay just to get into a bar? It makes no good sense at all. The cover charge is one of the biggest frauds in American culture and needs to be stopped. 284 more words

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