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Violence Changes Nothing

With all of the hatred, finger-pointing, and violence going on in the world today, I feel I need to say something about it.

Violence solves nothing. 260 more words

Black Lives Matter

Authors #Unfollow ing Fellow Authors ??

Say it isn’t so !!

But it is. Damn it !!

Thought I’d jump on the #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation bandwagon with an observation.

I watch my #unfollowers with Statusbrew and have noticed a number of authors among recent unfollowers, which begs the question … 218 more words

Rant Of The Day


Moving to a new town . . . *ahem* closer to the city . . . means I probably should leave more than just 30 minutes before the work start time . 847 more words

Journal Entry

Trolling or Truth ... You Decide !!

I’m compelled to share a DM I received yesterday in the name of my ongoing pursuit of #TwitterGraciousness. I have blogged about that before, and am passionate about calling out #trolls and all those who disturb the peace in my little #Twitterverse. 594 more words

Rant Of The Day

The Bathroom Thing.

Let me start by reminding those who have seemed to have forgotten this very crucial fact, this debacle all started because a couple of Congress men decided that they wanted to pass a law forcing people who are trans* to use the bathroom of the gender they were born, despite their current gender identity. 956 more words

Rant Of The Day

Pay It Forward Day

Today is also Pay It Forward Day.

Whilst Pay It Forward Day is a wonderful initiative, it truly saddens me to think that society has got to a point where a day has been set aside for something that should come naturally, with no forethought nor expectation of anything in return… kindness. 40 more words

Anniversaries, Celebrations & Commemorations

We NEVER ask for it!

Last fall a few friends of mine, my boyfriend and I went to the club here in town to dance. While we were standing together talking and dancing two random men came up and started grinding on my two friends without their permission. 862 more words

Rant Of The Day