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Rant of the Day: Keep Pouring!

To the person who is setting the limit on alcohol pours,

Hello it’s me, the guy who is still thirsty after that wine pour. I apologize if you misunderstood me when I said I would like a glass of wine. 898 more words


This election.

This year.

And the next four fucking years!!

Good god, what have we gotten into??

My entry title, by the way, is just a dot, to symbolize “no words.” Although I do have some words, evidently. 44 more words


Rant of the Day: Politics on Social Media

To the person posting political comments on social media
Remember the good ‘ol days when people would have the quiet dignity to keep their opinions to themselves? 862 more words

Stop staring | Women & tights


How you doing? Great, I hope! For the third consecutive day of the blogging challenge, how about a little complaint? Those who follow me on twitter might have seen my tweet about that, as I had a lovely morning complaint. 476 more words

Aye It's My Life

Rant of the Day: Absurdity of Clothing

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this……. Wait….. Don’t close your eyes because then you lose the ability to read. Hhmmm…. How about this; read this next statement then close your eyes afterwards….. 1,358 more words

Pain is my Savior

I guess you can say I’m the girl with the love – hate relationship with the big P.  It’s always been my guardian angel . . 906 more words

Journal Entry

AutoCentrics - Oiltrell, 106-30 Stafford Rd, Nepean ON K2H 8W1

I just returned from a trip to Europe expecting to sign a contract with the owner of Oiltrell in Bells Corners for a 1991 Mazda Miata, as per our verbal arrangement on the 27th of October. 96 more words

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