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Widespread fraud is taking money, credit away from artists

Not Your Jukebox is known for often taking a negative tone. Despite what some have suggested in the comments section, we are not driven by bitterness (well, not completely anyway) but rather a desire to protect and elevate a culture that we (along with many others) spent over half a lifetime fighting to build from the ground up. 1,178 more words


[KESAN] City Hunter Rebirth [RANT? RANT!]


kamu adalah penggemar berat suatu karya,

memuja pemeran utamanya,

dan kamu masih jomblo sampai tua.

Suatu hari,

kamu terdampar di dunia tempat tokoh pujaanmu berada,

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Anime & Manga

Six Impossible Things

Lewis Carroll was the one to come up with “I believed in six impossible things before breakfast.” I’ve been thinking of this quote a lot lately because if there ever was a time to use your imagination, now would be it. 392 more words


Covid-19 Deniers Try Too Hard

Someone shared a post on Facebook on my feed today. It started out with a half-truth meme, and was followed up with a healthy dose of questions for government officials and the medical community. 3,020 more words


What You Resist Persists

You’re all deluded. You know why this Corona virus (COVID19) isn’t getting any better? Because you tryna fight it, you try to suppress it, that’s why it persists. 108 more words


An Angry Mob of One

No, no, I’m not angry about anything right now! Everything’s just fine. If you’re looking for drama, I’m not serving that up today. I’m just thinking about anger. 977 more words

Daily Life

I Want To Be A Youtuber!

But I’m not good looking and I have insecurities about my physical appearance.

I want attention. But just enough attention. Not too much attention that some people will try to doxx or hack my account. 98 more words