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How's that cheeseburger?

I'm married to a sick man. I'm the first to say that 99% of his problems are not his fault…but this morning I almost lost my mind. 315 more words


My Angry Rant [20/04/2018]

Read this to the end.

No one will ever listen to me, but I will say it anyway. I’ve had enough of staying silent, and I imagine so have many people. 299 more words

"Im depressed" No youre not. Youre a 2000 baby

So fucking sick of all these posts and snap stories of people acting depressed and pretending their life is hard. You see fucking suberbian kids and Cambridge kids acting like life is fucking hard for them. 93 more words


Rant about musical tastes and poor judgement in company

I run into my brother and his best friend a lot. We share a passion for music and talk about it a lot. They love Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. 164 more words


thirty... and other annoyances.

Thirty. A couple of days ago, I got thirty likes on thirty posts in less than thirty seconds. Is this new follower a fucking speed reader? 231 more words


Fuck Amazon

I got a gift card for amazon and wanted to use it to buy a walmart gift card. First of all, when you type in walmart gift card they try to sell you a whole foods gift card. 33 more words


Apparently, people decide to project their voices throughout the campus lounge when I want to relax alone. And they always accumulate around me

The title might not be too descriptive, but I really need to vent. For a brief description, the “lounge” is a long hallway that’s alongside the classrooms and it’s split into sections. 225 more words