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HOw dumb are you, really?

DO you actually believe what you say? I don’t know which answer is better. 206 more words


On change, faith, friendship, and credit.

No WIEIADs for two weeks now…maybe you’ve noticed that something’s up? But I’m grinning ear to ear as I type this, so clearly my leap of faith turned out a couple million times better than I thought it would. 747 more words


In the end, it does matter

The monster is real. It always has been. We only chose to feed it and then go on to say it’s a myth.

We continue to. 812 more words


Working on it

Admin Note: I will post study notes on Wednesdays, 6 AM Central Time US.

I have been plugging away at my notes, and I have been trying to survive the heat wave that has hit. 324 more words

Alcoholics Anonymous

5 Reasons Why I'm Not Californian

Hey there, bloggers!

As you know, I’m an American who was born and bred in California all my life. Up until the age of twenty-two, I lived, studied, and worked in Los Angeles, and despite having moved back and forth across the world these past couple of years for work, I still consider this Southern California city my true home. 935 more words


So Much More

Remember this rant? About how I’m floored at how average humans afford to live, even when they are working full-time jobs that make above minimum wage (with the reality that most of them  908 more words

Random Musings

Gain Attention, According to Social Media 

Let’s face it; we all get a little giddy thrill when those notifications light up on our social media accounts. It’s almost akin to some sort of weirdly addictive drug. 625 more words

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