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Should we be pleased with the fixture tampering by TV companies?

It’s bloody typical that the start of the season for me is choca-block with things I can’t get out of, like stag dos, weddings and other such family occasions. 634 more words


Operation Stack.


I get it. I understand why, I really do. But surely there’s somewhere else all these lorries can park, instead of a major Motorway in/out of the country. 8 more words


'Merica (A Type)

The holiday we celebrate today is not “the Fourth of July.” Celebrating a month and a day would be arbitrary. But we set aside “Independence Day” to honor our founders’ dissent from their monarch. 287 more words


what is freedom

is it equal rights

is it owning guns

is it getting abortions

freedom covers a wide range of categories, but there is a line. that line is drawn yet still people cross it. 76 more words


Ins and Outs

Doors. They open and close, swinging on rusting hinges. If you’re a gentleman, you’ll hold the door open for a lady, or for anyone that might be following you into the doorway. 311 more words

Goodbye Stars

The Stars have long since been visible to be. Years of pollutants have finally taken their toll on the earth and in return have clouded our visions of the wondrous sight that is stars. 231 more words


The Game

I want to go to sleep and not wake up. I’m tired. Of everything.

I’m going to kill myself. But there is one rule. I can only do it on my birthday. 340 more words