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Not What I Thought

There are times when thoughts appear in my head

And I wonder if it’s something the voices said

They can be sneaky and try

To feed me lies… 133 more words

Back To Basics

That is my new mantra. I will get back to the core of who I am, and what I represent. Like fuzz, animal noises and talking to myself (among other less impractical things). 313 more words


Truth, Like Glass in the Street

I have not published in a long time. It has been hard to write truth in the face of lies. It has been hard to espouse consistent principles while watching the liars try to mold reality as though it were clay, mud, dough. 165 more words


On Mediocrity 1 (Belated Marathon)

Everyone knows that the New York City Marathon is, like, the major running event of the year. People pay thousands of dollars to stand, freezing, in Staten Island with hangover-esque jet lag in order to run their worst time in a race distance that is, with the proliferation of performance-enhancing drugs and ultramarathons, increasingly less impressive. 552 more words

Daily Grind

How to Succeed in Music Without Knowing About Music Technology (You Can't)

Technology in general just doesn’t agree with me. It never has and probably never will. This has, for the first time in my life, become an issue. 409 more words

10 Reasons Why Taking Ms. Gounis's Class Again Could Be The Worst Decision I've Ever Made

  1. Isn’t art class supposed to ruin your relationship with art-making or something along the lines of that? I have no idea what this is gonna do to me and I don’t know if I want to stay here long enough to find out.
  2. 402 more words