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I haven't written in a while, and here is why...

I got busy with thesis. My boyfriend and I broke up in October. I got hired in a call center in November. I got more busy with thesis, 30 units of the second semester, and 9-hr shifts in the office. 879 more words


Go To Hell, Misogyny

Hey Ya’ll!

So I don’t know much about the situation she’s referencing in specific, however, I thought this post by Kristin Cashore could speak to any woman, whether or not you know of the specifics–because it did for me. 804 more words


How is he ok with this?!

I'm at a loss of what to do and how to feel and right now I just am so frustrated and pissed off. My husband's stepmother's family fucking sucks. 1,163 more words


If only...

If only I was straight. That's it really. Am just sick of it. Not a long rant. More of a sentence tbh .. or three. Am just…just so tired of despising myself. 25 more words


Second Thought

Or why the hell are teachers like this

I am about to go on a bit of a rant connected to my annoying recent experience with people that should have chosen a different job. 253 more words


Good Luck Finding Meaning In This

He came into the room with a thundersnap, slimming the carrots from entropy. Losing amethyst, he guffawed high freedom into the skyshrine. Falling was a thing. 165 more words


No Home for Old Men

Or dead men.

I bought my flat when I was 36. The flat then was already 30 years old. As it is a HDB flat, it was on a 99-year lease. 1,314 more words