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Autistics Can't Redux

A while ago I wrote Autistics Can’t a project to test the curses spoken over us to see if there were any truth to them. A lot has changed since then. 652 more words


New WordPress Editor

  1. Is anyone else using the new WordPress Editor?
  2. Does anyone have any particular issue with it?
  3. Is anyone starting to hate it as much as I am?
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♡ Cumfurt 59: A Great Day ♡

May 18, I couldn’t sleep. I napped from 2:41-5 something. I felt depressed the past two days.

I was embarrassed that he probably didn’t believe me when I said it. 2,347 more words


Logic is Weak

Logic is safe. It is constant, reliable, and painless. Hell, it does not even feel like anything. It is not supposed to.

But at times, it can fail you. 681 more words

Personal Experience

♡ Cumfurt 58: I Feel Loved ♡

That night, I went to the theater department’s awards ceremony at 7-whatever PM. As I entered the green room, Dude and I exchanged quick smiles before I sat down on the physically disabled red couch next to my director. 1,237 more words


♡ Cumfurt 57: Stranger ♡

So I got ready, lethargically. I wore shorts despite having hairy ass legs, because I gave up. I also didn’t want to eat because I felt too sick. 1,009 more words


Don't love your job

God bless Facebook for giving me content, I had really hit a brick wall yesterday. Oh! so much content. I’ve been a skeptic of Facebook and their “a connected world is a better world” BS ever since people from my high school days started incessantly commenting on all my photos that I’d gotten fat – no one understood the implications of living just a few blocks away from a cheeseburger joint. 379 more words