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Thinking on it now

The reason I stopped writing heroes descendant beside finding a job was I felt it just had sudden plot and unnecessary information. At that time I had only just been reading 1 japanese light novel and other regular english novels(?) I had avoided story’s that most people know like harry potter and lord of the rings I read what at the time seemed more interesting but looking back I can remember only a few of the titles like city of bones for example. 371 more words


My son actually loves my voice..

Oh yes.. what a title!

Anyway, life as a mummy is like this….

Your baby is quietly sleeping in the cot.
You look at him and smile and continue to watch the movie you are watching. 1,376 more words


let time heal you

It’s crazy to think how much has changed in the last 12 months, since last September, even from the start of the year. I remember thinking to myself more than once that I won’t get better. 1,388 more words


My kid is about 17 months old now and he uses a lot of energy and when he hass depleted his own levels he will siphon some from me….like a fucking leech. 433 more words


Hold On To Your Misery

​Ever wonder why some couples are together? Especially ones that don’t ever seem happy? Do you know that girl/guy who comes over to get away from their significant other? 595 more words


Shine on

I debated a while putting this post together. I deleted and started and deleted and started and you know what? Screw it, I’m putting it out there. 610 more words

You do you, I’ll do me: a rant


You can’t eat X, but then WHY can you have Z?

I thought you said (insert random food here) makes you sick?

Isn’t (insert other random food here) the same? 647 more words


Manda Maree reblogged this on WTU and commented:

Really, while this was written with a specific diet regime for managing a health issue in mind, I think the same thinking can be applied to most personal choices - just live and let live people, if it isn't hurting anyone, just let people be.