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kick in the...

…you know what.

Just as I decide (!) to give that writing a try, I’m all like “yay! I can do it! I will do it!” – well, for about a week. 108 more words


How I’m Going To Quadruple My Money In 5 Years By 3D Printing Gold.

Three years ago, in 2012 I wrote how I was going to sextuple my Netflix investment by 2016. To my surprise, it became an eight bagger in less than two years. 989 more words

Buy Buy Buy!!!

Rant Day! Things That Had Me Going Round the Bend before May 23

Sooo there I was, nothing to complain about  for, what, almost two weeks? And then suddenly, “BAMM, motherfucker! xoxo, the World”.

Item 1: So I dyed my hair again before deciding to go on a dye break. 520 more words


What we need are brand new cliches.

You are special.

Well, you’re not. We all aren’t until we are. Being special takes a little bit of effort and your mere existence does not merit specialty.

205 more words

Exchange Student from Hell

So I haven’t been on here in forever. It seems like forever. A lot of crap has been happening which I may get to in this post, but it may take a few more to get everything out there, but we’ll see. 868 more words


Ambode Promises

Here is a link to promises by Ambode -> http://tracka.ng/project/ambode


Work horse

Bottom feeders sucking from the tit of those just as unfortunate,
Exploiting hard working hands,
Unwashed souls, rotting away
Indolence from infancy,
Hiding behind excuses, 64 more words