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A rant; Trash

I have a lot of stuff. I have so much stuff that I do not need that I don’t always remember what I even have. I have clothes I don’t wear and I have a lot of stuff I could give away or sell. 514 more words


#25022017 - Of Cats, People and Food

Started the day with breakfast at the newly-renovated Divine Realm Vegetarian Restaurant with my eldest brother and sis-in-law.

We were actually running late but… I saw Ginger lazing at the playground! 1,010 more words


Restless (In Retrospect)

Even though high school ended a while ago, sometimes it feels as if the drama hasn’t. Something that occurred years ago will still feel fresh, lurid in all its anti-climacticness. 867 more words


BIG CHANGE: MBA (and a positive rant)

Last week I went on a bit of a rant about NYE resolutions, and how if you are happy with life just maybe keep things as you are. 694 more words


A Little Bit of Progress

Not a lot to update about, so I’ll keep this short:

I met with people from Welsh ICE, a company about helping small business starting, may become a member once I get my ideas and plans going and in a clear path. 170 more words



Ever since March 2016, when Flickr’s greatest features were only available if you paid. The incredible Auto-Uploadr is gone, and I still damn miss it. 189 more words


First Aid?! - Resident Evil 7 Madhouse run

I’m officially Resident Evil 7’d out! A couple days ago, I finished Madhouse difficulty, (which almost gave early male pattern baldness from all the hair I was pulling out) and a NO HEALING ITEM AND INVENTORY BOX run! 535 more words