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Judgemental Parent Rant

It has recently been brought to my attention that there are parents out there who do not agree with the fact that I have dedicated an Instagram page to my children and their style. 380 more words


The victim industry fares well, the victims don't

Again the migratory overflow from a poor overpopulated place, as happened so often in the past, whilst once it came from the east now it comes from the south. 325 more words


There’s still time

doesn’t work now. Was counting down to my exam date and I’m only left with less than 2 weeks to study! ><

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A Life Full of Laughter

Don’t ever go a day without laughing.  A laugh will not only brighten up your day but also the day of the people around you.  Each day is too short to always be upset or disconnected.   47 more words


We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming ...

There are no Robin memes this week because I’ve opted to  zag instead of zigging as if expectations are a hungry crocodile with a pocket watch in its tummy chasing me. 822 more words

Roritas Gonna Rori - Rant

I was on EGL and I am not a regular on the site, but apparently they have a picture going around saying: “roritas gonna rori”. I was upset because as someone who has attempted to learn two new languages I know your pronunciation isn’t always going to be the best. 218 more words



I woke up at 8am, not feeling like a dead person. I’m somehow surprised and unsure why but.. When one isn’t having something bad, one shouldn’t ask questions. 123 more words