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Is our Society Doomed?

You realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past. – Chuck Palahniuk

This post have been stuck in my draft box for a while now.

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Issues In Society

I'm doing it again...

One day I’ll learn…maybe…that my happiness is NOT based on how others feel about me. Specifically the feelings of the male population. I swear every freaking time I like a guy it’s like I throw all my feelings and all at him and just say “Here ya go. 170 more words

Average Girl

Intricate secrets.

Her smile,
a flawless crack
in the facade
of a body
sewn inside
with dark secrets.



Re: Zero Episode 17, quick thoughts.

So as I finished up Episode 17 my opinions remain unchanged for this arc, it is boring, drawn out, and elongated to the extent of almost being pointless. 384 more words


I swear I am so paranoid omg I need to chill out Bruh 

Ok so like you have your friends right and it’s like that’s cool and all yay! But then it’s like they don’t even hang out with you lol and also you can’t even be salty cause it’s like I live 45 minutes away haha we would have to plan stuff out real well so I can’t even blame some of them. 183 more words


Geeks Rule 

Back in school, like so many others, I was bullied. It made my life very difficult, I was miserable a lot. I was bullied because of my height, because I was shy and, for the purpose of this blog post, most importantly for what I enjoyed. 188 more words


Just a bit of a Rant

I’m not expecting for this to be popular, in fact it’s literally a rank. So I’ve been working with customer service for the entirety of my working life. 854 more words