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I am groggy this morning. I’ve almost finished a pot of tea, and it doesn’t seem to have helped.

It has, however, made me really… 505 more words

A Trip Down the Barbie Aisle

In this post I thought that I would show you what fashion dolls are on sale in Hobart at the moment.  I visited two stores. Myers, a department store, and Target a few weeks ago.   820 more words

Fashion Dolls

Feminism is the new *F* word - Rant 02

If you are one of those who are really annoyed by this new category of people urging for feminism and feel like banging their heads against the wall because you have had ‘too much’, I suggest you save yourself some energy right here and press close because I might be one of the many rightful flag bearers of that category (sassy much?) 838 more words


A small rant about bad retirement options

It all started when we asked SIL if she could open a 529 account for her second child so we could contribute to it as we’d been contributing to that of her first child. 366 more words

Music thoughts (2nd Rant)

I personally LOVE music. Its the way I can express myself and its pretty fun. I love writing music more then I like singing but hey thats my opinion. 353 more words

I naturally look tired. It pisses me off when, even when i'm up for two or more hours before work, everyone at work has to harass me about how tired I look.

I am always doing my work just fine, not moving slow at all or messing up. Yet I have multiple people come up to me EVERY DAY telling me how tired I look. 42 more words


Heavy Hearted with a Throbbing Headache aka the State of the World...A Rant

My head is throbbing and my heart is heavy. I can’t turn on the news, look at social media, read a newspaper or watch a sporting event without there being hate, disaster or politics. 716 more words