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Down - rant about dads/husbands, mostly.

Tonight/Today has been one in a series of about three down days.  I’m not sure what triggered (if anything did) this swing.  It could be a combination of things or it could be nothing.  748 more words

I WILL Bitch

Here is a list of things to bitch at:

  • Having to wake up to go to an internship that you’re not enjoying. Oh, and also, it’s an UNPAID internship.
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Snagged in snarling brambles,

Razor wiring flesh from bone.

Shrieking, wrenching spasm–

Grasping the air of next.

Sinewy-thread wounds,

Flesh disembarked in decay,

Bear roots in the firmament. 25 more words

Status Updates

Life Goals

I promised myself I would accomplish this today and although they need a little refinement, it’s a good start.


  1. Short-term
    1. Raise happy, healthy kids…
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The Trailer for Tim Burton's Dumbo is Heresy

I feel like the internet at large has turned into a howling/stomping ground of enraged fans (or maybe it’s just what you run into once you start getting into following film news)- and I hate to be the one to add to that mess.   342 more words

Hotel La Flora, Miami Beach, Florida (South Beach)

Hotel La Flora is located in South Beach Miami on the famous Collins Avenue. The hotel is near the Lincoln Mall Road which is a popular street in South Beach for shopping and good food. 462 more words

Skirting the issue

I have never crowdsurfed. It’s not a big deal, I suppose, but it’s something I regret. I love going to gigs and festivals and every time, there is someone flailing joyfully as they are propelled over everyone’s heads and then dragged roughly to one side by bouncers when they reach the front of the stage. 552 more words