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Demotivation: How Can I Get Rid Of It? 

I never thought it happened again, but I think I have been somehow demotivated for the last few months. I remember this similar feeling occured three years ago, when I was really overwhelmed with my job and my boss, and was thinking to resign from the company. 221 more words


Saturday Morning Rant: Tekken 7 Swimsuits

*sigh* Are we really doing this shit again, SJWs and feminists?

Tekken 7 will not be shipped to the West with the inclusion of extra outfits that are swimsuits. 1,768 more words


Metal Gear Survive looks pretty cool

Konami has released a trailer for another Metal Gear Solid spinoff – Metal Gear Survive. Cool.

Metal Gear Survive described as a zombie survival co-op game which looked Resident Evil 5 to me. 250 more words


Dear face: Zits or Wrinkles- you can't have both.

It’s been a long week.  Long,  as in the opposite of my hair.  Sigh.  So, in an effort to look at the bright side of things, is a list of positives to the new lack of my beloved hair. 2,195 more words

The Constant Struggle 

Why is life a constant struggle starting from even before we are born? From the race to be that one sperm to win the race to fertilize the egg, to the struggle to break free from the mother’s womb, causing pain to the mother too. 310 more words

Constant Struggle