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Captain 'MURICA and other Marvel movies


If you liked the last Captain America I’m pretty sure you will like this one to. It has the same tone and style as the last film, winter soldier, but it isn’t the same film (unlike a certain Age of Ultron). 645 more words


The Hamiltones Put Their Own Spin on Birdman's "Respeck" Rant

Birdman has made the press for his rant on, and against, a radio show last week.  Almost a week, people are still talking about him, the rant, and the new, popular way of saying “Respect.”  Only it’s…”Respeck!” 94 more words

Entertainment News

A Rant-Why Even Try?

I’ve probably mentioned that I like to write. I’d like to make a living at it. Hopefully by telling crazy stories about vampires and zombies and space aliens. 518 more words


I stumble upon my mistakes
As a thief in the night

Without a clue

Episodes that repeat 
As often as the rain

I am lost  61 more words

Are Millennials Entitled? If You Agree, This Woman Will Be Your New Hero!

Have you seen this video floating around the internet recently? This young woman went on a rant about millennials. Granted she is one herself, but she is talking about what she has observed. 21 more words


The Power of Control & The Power of Letting Go

Last night, I was so ready for today. I don’t think I could have been more ready to take on today. Today marks the completion of the two classes I’ve been taking this semester. 317 more words

Thoughts While Recovering From the Flu

I’ve had the flu for a week and it’s been more miserable than usual.  Maybe we get hit harder when we’re older?  I’m getting to an age where I have to start agreeing.  947 more words