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Wrangled in: Our Last Supper

It’s generally advisable to avoid eating at restaurants where you find someone standing outside to wrangle in tourists for a meal.

The best restaurants don’t need a wrangler. 242 more words

The Journey Continues

I’m still here.

I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a little bit, but I had to step back from writing and focus on my mental health and sanity. 729 more words


Day 56: Energy - Stormzy style.

It’s week 33. This is a very lucky number in Chinese culture. So, it’s my week, ladies and gents.

I saw someone with a Murakami Takeshi flower hanging off her backpack. 311 more words

Why I write...

Hiya Reader!

These past few weeks I have been writing again, most of it involve my babble about the books I love, and some of the posts involve more personal musings. 472 more words


Amazon affiliate update...Part 2

Well, it’s happened. I’ve been expelled from the Amazon Affiliate program. Naughty me!

I’m ok with it.

Full text of the expulsion email after the sunset… 113 more words


Kept You Waiting Huh...

So, it’s been awhile (SORRY).

I’m totally kicking off the blog again so hi hi :)

I initially started a blog off to basically talk things out and rationalise things to myself. 428 more words


Dingin & Pragmatis

Kala elit politik terang-terangan memperlihatkan bahwa mereka adalah para pemain yang pragmatis, pendukung fanatik terus saja memuja remah-remah idealisme yang tersisa di para junjungan. Bahkan para pendengung politik yang seharusnya lebih profesional, masih terjebak dalam dikotomi kami vs kalian di media massa dan media sosial. 307 more words