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One of those days...

So today was the big interview. Many things were prepared in order for things to work out with that. Some things didn’t work in our favor today, but in general things went very well and the kids had a great day too. 219 more words

Fuck Comic Book Movies

I’m sure there is a board of filthy rich cocksuckers sitting around in Hollywood thinking of better ways to milk even more money from the public. 1,418 more words

Comic Book

I Want More.

I clearly haven’t written in some time… But I feel like tonight is the right time to.

I really need to take some time to focus on, and manifest my goals. 306 more words


Time clock

This past week, I have been feeling alright. Not on top of the world but not sitting down at rock bottom. Time just feels like a clock, there are times where I just feel like doing nothing at all and time goes slow, then the next day I have a billion things to do but times goes so fast. 149 more words


Why I Write: 1 Year Later

As Sincerely Kaytee approaches its first birthday (they grow up so fast) I went back to one of the first posts I wrote about why I write. 431 more words


Lost in translation, or, maybe, lost in transition... 

I very recently saved a draft of a post I wanted to put out there. It started off as a memory of what childhood was like, and how we never had to worry about health and nutrition, among other now common and negative issues. 301 more words


     Sometimes, I just wish that people would listen to me. My parents’ expectations of me are so high; they don’t realize that I’m still a child.They plan MY future for me instead of letting ME plan MY future. 18 more words