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Not fair

I don’t think it’s fair that others can run off and have fun while I’m still suffering from depression and expect me to be fine while holding the fort down. 9 more words

Blog Posts


Are a cheap way of feeling things.

My girlfriend started doing weed. After an in-depth analysis, I’ve come to the conclusion that all it does is simulate an extracorporeal experience, but . 394 more words


Last Resort

The long silence is a temper cooling device. It is a bundle of joy rolling down my back. I feel the experiment come to an end and sigh. 14 more words


March of the Bystander

A football game

Needlessly rough

A concussion just the same

No need to huff and puff

A marching band

Tries so hard

No matter how proud they stand… 82 more words


The Good Doctor - Episode 4

*Before Viewing*

I’d say I had high hopes for this episode because of last week… but that would be untrue. You might ask why I’m still watching it… boredom and curiosity mainly. 446 more words


Happy Birthday To Me!

JK, it’s not my birthday! It’s my blog’s birthday! I don’t hear you singing Happy Birthday!

Hey everyone! How has life been? My week has been pretty good & chill which I am thankful for! 247 more words


The Zoella Advent Calendar Drama: stop the hate.

I’m really getting fed up of all the hate towards Zoe Sugg lately.

Yes, the advent calendar she bought out is extremely over priced for what is inside it, and in my opinion it woulda been nice to have a few more Zoella products inside it; however, that doesn’t mean I’m about to rip into her and drag her name through the mud, I just simply won’t be buying it! 651 more words