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Minute Man

By the way, I started working a new job where I demo food, and hand out samples – Just in case you’re missing the context from this short story.  1,082 more words


Fallen angel 

So.. I did some thing that I never in a million years thought I would do, that I thought I was to good to do, I cheated.. 613 more words


"i wrote this because my heart hurts"

The beginning is a blur to me now. Kissing in secret, behind closed doors, when no one was watching. I told you what makes me tick and you told me about the girl who broke your heart. 157 more words


Once More

Score: +2

Well, the energy was nowhere to be found today. I agonized through my shift, and the calls were constant. Even though I had no energy, I did admirably. 115 more words


Snow White and the Power Ketamine. I'd Watch That. 

It’s impossible to find any sense of pleasure or joy in watching a second of any old Disney animation films at this age. Is this normal? 333 more words


Books and Movies

So, I always try to read the book before I see the movie. Most people aim for that, right? Well, on the occasion that this doesn’t happen I get really irritated at myself and add the book to “need to read” list. 417 more words


To Love a Man.

I don’t post on here a lot, only when I have strong feelings about things. And today I felt the nagging need to get things off my chest and onto paper— or this blog. 388 more words