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I drive a derp bus, and I drive it well

Leading a clan in a mobile game is like herding cats, if half the herd had crippling physical and emotion disabilities. Oh, and about a third of the herd aren’t cats, their kittens. 506 more words


Daughters - (rant with a bit of Urdu - translated)

The kind of mentality contained by some of the South Asian families whether educated or not, is that a girl is only there to do Choola handi (kitchen chores).  550 more words


One of those days.

You know the kind I’m talking about. Where every word uttered by every human being makes you want to punch them in the face. Every traffic light is red. 404 more words

Pernod in the Interwar Years

On my way here today I got an ad for Wix, I wondered: who’s paid off Google to translate “Wordpress” to “Wix” first, or is it all just some damned mistake…that some ad agent somewhere, paid more than the freak curating our children’s futures, just happened to confuse one ‘w’ word with another, relevant, ‘w’ word. 1,450 more words



I’ve stumbled over about twelve blog posts just TODAY that got my attention big time (i.e. I found fodder for my own blog from reading them). 1,856 more words

Rambling Post

I Just Wanna Sleep.

Stuck in the library, trying to do science homework, and sort of failing.

You feel the tug of sleep. You have an hour left in class. 214 more words

The Future, Now or Later

Help… he’s ranting again

I imagine it’s all better in the future. Maybe in a hundred years, or two hundred years. Things are slowly getting better, right? 294 more words