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Let's Talk Mental Illness Stigma: Why We Cannot Simply "Get Over It"

This is a subject that needs to be talked about so much more. It is beyond ridiculous how at this stage, given how common mental disorders are the stigma around them is still alive and well! 168 more words

Mental Health

Again... And again... And again...

I’ve noticed lately that a couple of my Twitter followers are re-posting every blog post basically every time they post a new one.

Is this a thing? 351 more words

Laina Ruff

Tuesday yet again

Had a great time last night trying not to scratch the heck out of my ant bites! The big one on my wrist that I seem allergic to is now rather multilobulated (for lack of better terminology) and just as itchy as ever. 765 more words


More Death in a Cup

Just last week we were discussing how there is no such thing as bad foods.

Of course, someone brought up the idea of eating endangered animals. 645 more words


a little diabetes rant

right now I’m supposed to be doing a food and blood sugars diary to send to my dieticians. They asked me at my last appointment and I didn’t do it, partly because I genuinely forgot and also my diabetes control is so poor i’m too proud to ask for help, I should be able to sort this out myself. 522 more words


Attack on Titan's Spoiler Fueled Community is a Problem.

This is a rant.
I love Attack on Titan but I really dislike the community that is its fandom.
This is because the Attack on Titan  518 more words

Attack On Titan

Had a talk with mom over the phone today about what she wanted from me. She wants me to finish my Masters, get stable with a job and find a fucking man to get married to. 213 more words