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My parents have expectations

My parents have expectations,

Higher than one can see,

They soar around the atmosphere,

And just won’t let me be.

Heyyyyyy guys,

Kat here, our parents have such high expectations for the two of us and it makes school extremely intense and boring. 6 more words


Anger sparks change

Why is there so much pressure to be happy 100% of the time? Most of the smiles we see every day are fake, forced. How come people can’t express their sadness or anger freely, without coming off as worrisome? 737 more words

Life In General

Will 2019 Be My Year?

“Will 2019 be MY year?” Let it be known that I am being the definition of ironic when I ask this question. I’m so sick of hearing it, seeing it plastered all over social media, with everyone talking about how shitty their 2018 was and how things are looking up. 1,165 more words


Brexit breakdown continues

So Theresa May survives a vote of no confidence after her historic defeat last night in the Commons over her deal for leaving the EU. In short, the worst, most incompetent Westminster government in my lifetime remains because the worst, most incompetent official opposition has only started taking the fight to the Tories, and the DUP keep May afloat by scooping up large sums of budget while ensuring the Northern Irish government remains disassembled. 168 more words


Jianna's Fight *update*

Ten days or so ago I shared the story of a wonderful young woman with an interest in publishing, writers and in particular the indie writing scene, how she managed through the generosity of her nature to give a little much-needed confidence to a writer (me) who had just published his first book back in late October 2015. 853 more words


Being A Muslim Girl Child.

Yes, two most controversial things.

Being a muslim, and being a girl child.

Based on true events.
I recently met this person, i wouldn’t go by their religion because i personally feel religions don’t make good or bad people, their company, and their perspectives about things, and people do. 1,230 more words

Personal Thoughts