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M.A.S.H #4: Day 67 & 68 without Alcohol

67: Every day that I validate my worth and my purpose I can feel myself becoming invincible and Universe radiating its power through me to help others as much as possible. 477 more words

Dear #hashtag users...

Dear Hashtagers
I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I have decided I have a problem with hashtags. Let’s have a conversation.
It’s not the hashtag mechanic itself – social media has changed our social fabric forever now. 1,503 more words

Late have I loved Thee...

I believe that was St Augustine, referring to his conversion later in life.  Today I want to rant about this, Reader-land. 704 more words

I gave up social media for a month. This happened next.

Nothing. Nothing, and it was glorious. If you haven’t tried giving up social media, I highly recommend giving it a try. But, now I’m back and — as you can see from the awesome clickbait title — I haven’t lost it. 603 more words


Things that piss me off.

The widespread notion that the Millennial generation is lazy and entitled. Honestly, I think this is a made up notion to cover the fact that people don’t understand Millennials chasing different lifestyles and following different values than the generations before us. 627 more words


It's been a month

everyday I  contemplate  the  reasons  what  happened  to  us.

I  keep  it  cool  but  seriously  you’ve  been  running  through  my  brain  all  fvking’  day  it’s  making  me  go  insane… 137 more words

Social Media Purge

Here is a header image I made a while ago for Facebook.

It is no longer much use because last night I deleted my account. 290 more words