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Fretting About Problems That I Can't Fix

Fair warning: this post goes from Zero to Political in the very first paragraph, and the views of the writer are vehement and possibly inflammatory.  For those of you who are desperately trying to ignore the political… 1,202 more words


Obligatory First Post

What is the purpose of this blog?

I’ve created this blog in order to have a space to put what’s on my mind into words.  This will provide me a way to talk about things that I may not get a chance to talk about with someone before the idea leaves my mind.   417 more words

sadness as a cushion

The past 2 days have been better. They’ve been busier, more positive, and I’ve made small steps to return to a daily stability. But I’ve noticed something odd happening as I’ve begun to feel happier. 126 more words


An open letter to a friend

An open letter to a friend

you don’t know what i’m saying — you never know,
because you don’t ask. instead, you focus
on the way my head tilts forward and my foot… 178 more words



Today, Native Americans were arrested for trespassing on their own treaty land.

This is a complex issue with many facets, but the above sentence is irrefutable in any context that invokes non-alternative facts as logical starting points. 38 more words


Tarot from an non-tarot country - A rant

Since I’ve learnt that this giant second-hand book shop near my apartment sells tarot decks, I’ve been obsessed. Not just because they have an online catalog that lets you reserve said tarot/books, but because they have… 672 more words


Well, let's take about dreams

Routine is killing me slowly. I am sick of doing this thing every single day. But thanks to my life commitments, I am trying to survive, pushing myself to love this freaking routine. 325 more words