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A Life Is A Life .. No Matter What Race !

• i cannot ! i just can’t. a life is a life . no matter what the career path that person chose. it’s always fuck cops when it’s convenient but y’all need us when y’all want justice for y’all family members and friends who’ve been murdered or need help being in the system some kind of way. 127 more words

Little birdie! 

The fluttering wings woke me up this morning. She had returned, perched on the window grill, wanting to jump across and enter the living room, she showed signs of hesitation. 303 more words


helpful ain't helping

i love helping my juniors but more importantly i love receiving that gratitude which makes my heart grow fonder of them and then messes up the whole experience where they don’t really want to reciprocate that much. 604 more words


Thoughts Running Through My Mind

Do you ever just sit there and think about things you’ve said and done so long ago, that it almost unsettles you? Like you sit there and question whether or not they were mistakes, whether you regret doing those things—or not doing them. 712 more words


The World Doesn't Owe You Shit

The world doesn’t owe you shit. It never did.

When you were born, there was no written contract that you would receive everything  that you wanted from life. 912 more words

Architecture Student


I wish we lived in a society without money. That everyone just had the basics. I wanted to wait another two years to have kids until after I’d received my Master’s Degree, so that I’d hopefully have a better chance at finding a job. 601 more words

Singularity came and went. Did you notice?

You may with to familiarize yourself with Quinns research. He outed the Singularity and who is who in your new rulers of the planet. He got slapped with a gag order so there is something their. 116 more words