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Angry rant

I am so incredibly pissed off right now. Why am I so stupid and weak? 13 years talking to an ex that was almost always disrespectful to me. 221 more words



Maggie wanted me to live my life taking the middle road. You can’t take risks, you can’t show bright if you never go that far. Taking the less confrontational path always will end to some peaceful existence you resent yourself for. 34 more words


Flexing is for the young


I encountered this word today and I had no idea what it meant.

The word popped up in a series I’ve been following, and have, in the majority of the video, take a dip at people who’re flexing. 84 more words


On identity

Evening all.

For this evening rant, I have decided to discuss ones “identity”. This is closely related to self-labeling or self-descriptive.

I have quite conflicted opinions about labels. 423 more words

Rants Or Opinions

5:06 PM / March 20, 2018

Classes were suspended again today, I do not want to get all political in this post again, so I would not elaborate as to why. I can get a little too blunt sometimes and I don’t want my name in the government’s watch list. 193 more words


I Cannot Do It All

warning: exhaustion fueled vent ahead.

Dear Husband,

Let me start by saying I love you. You are an amazing man, with unshakable faith in Jesus and in me, a good provider, and an all-around good egg. 397 more words


OMG yeah, this looks like a great place to stand right now!

This is a bit of a rant.

I don’t know if it’s a Tokyo thing, a Japan thing, or an everybody everywhere thing. But WTF is up with people, whether looking down at their phones or not, just randomly walking on a crowded street or in a train station and then stopping in the MIDDLE OF FUCKING EVERYTHING? 272 more words