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back home in seattle and feeling beyond surreal with my mom no longer here in the physical realm. i had to put on her jewelry to nines today. 140 more words

Wallets (or I'm so non-trendy it hurts)

It’s been said before in this blog but I really, really need a new wallet. At this point I’m using the phone case, which isn’t very secure since everything falls out of it. 166 more words

Personal Rant

Ruminations on Netflix's "Designated Survivor'

So, I will admit right up front that I only watched this because of Kiefer Sutherland, and Netflix probably picked him for this project for just this reason–Kiefer has a fan base. 517 more words

Rants, Raves, Reviews, And Ruminations

I'm Baaaaacccckkkk....Again

So I took a break for my mid-life crisis. That wasn’t as fun as I thought it was gonna be so I have decided to return. 384 more words


Money is stupid and I wish I had more of it.

You know what comes out in 11 days? Kingdom Hearts 3. Over a decade after Kingdom Hearts 2, finally an end for the Xehanort saga. Immediate side note, yeah supposedly all these games are simple a part one to Sora and his adventures and the journey is supposed to continue to the next big bad in another 9 game series. 689 more words


From Here to Infinity: A Beginner's Guide to Astronomy by John Gribbin & Mary Gribbin book review

2019 seems to be the year where I say, “This book wasn’t bad, but…”

If you’re someone who enjoys reading textbook like non-fiction, if you like having fact after confusing fact being thrown at you, if you like trying to comprehend material you don’t understand because you’re not an astronomer, then this book is for you. 124 more words


Ramblings on fantasy genre: why I have no patience for people asking why I don't read 'real' books

So, a ramble. Because why not. It’s late-ish, I’m tired, and I have a bee in my bonnet. Consider this blog a response to people who made me feel daft for loving fantasy back when I was young and impressionable. 1,598 more words

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