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Cell Phone Sticker Shock

My wife’s iPhone 6+ finally had enough and it was time to get her a new phone so we stopped by the Verizon store yesterday.  My wife wanted the 6s+ and of course they didn’t have one in stock, so we… 166 more words


Dawn-to-Dark Musings: 2017-04-23

My mind has been ignited with ideas. It seems to be flowing through me and creating some pretty interesting pieces of writing. I can’t seem to stop it, nor do I want to. 213 more words


I has a sad

It wasn’t a very special moment, I was just watching anime and reading fanfic, yet suddenly it all started to process. I started crying, slow, silent, hesitant. 311 more words



i am being watched
through the annals of time
befitting, it seems
that i’m stuck in the present

for past has already
tarnished itself through me… 29 more words


Opinion: Buses

Stepping onto the bus I immediately notice the driver’s expression; a look so saturated with “have a nice day” customer service training that my own face begins to curdle. 536 more words


There are worse things in Disney than gay characters...

We all spend endless hours scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, twitter, and any other social media; and some days it’s really good, inspiring and positive. Other days, it’s ridiculously negative, judgemental and overbearing. 245 more words

unconditionally and irrevocably in love...

with COFFEE.

tl;dr: I rant about my week in coffee and then tell you all the cool things I’m about to do.

This post will have no bearing on your day, on your wellbeing or really even on anything at all. 752 more words