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The Cover Letter I Want to Write

Today’s date.
Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

What do you want me say? What are you looking for in this “cover” letter? Is this just an extra hoop you want me to jump through? 306 more words


Mr. Canada Doubts. Long-Distance Sucks.

June 28 is my birthday. I’m planning to go to Vancouver and spend it with Mr. Canada, if I can afford it and if I don’t have a job, two counterproductive states. 672 more words


Ode to The Baby

I’m sorry. I really apologize for this. I have turned into one them. One of those grandmothers who won’t shut up about their grand kid. 802 more words


The Baby Cometh

Since I call my daughter’s 9-year old The Kid I guess I’ll call the new one, The Baby.

The Baby arrived two weeks ago yesterday. They woke me up around 5am saying, “It’s time.” I was in charge of The Kid and we took our time getting up, eating and packing snacks before heading to the hospital. 526 more words


Can't Write

First I was too busy to write. My daughter had her baby. Beautiful baby boy. I was so caught up with helping her and entranced in the beauty and wonder of his little face, that I couldn’t find a few minutes to write all about it. 177 more words


Dispatch from East Van

I’m sitting on Mr. Canada’s bed. He’s making dinner. Shrimp on skewers and a mango salad. There’s fruit margaritas chilling in the fridge. His cat Pixie is splayed out on a chair. 295 more words


In Defense of 'Martha'

It’s been over a year since Warner Brothers dropped Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on a bewildered public, and to this day I still see and hear weak jabs at the infamous ‘Martha’ scene. 613 more words