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I'm a Big Loser

Disclosure: Let me just start by saying that I realize that I’m being a spoiled, privileged, dramatic bitch. I know there are people way worse off than me and I have a long, long way to go before hitting rock bottom. 1,389 more words


The Weird Weekend

Mr. C came over again. We had planned to trek over to Newberg to visit the family, so he could meet The Baby. But earlier in the week Lori told me that Mr. 1,037 more words


I Don't Want to Get Married.

Don’t make me get married.

Mr. Canada wants to marry me. He hints, cajoles and asks all the time. He claims to understand that I don’t want to but he thinks he’s going to wear me down. 828 more words


A Room With a View: Portland Version

Just as I did when I left my marriage some 6 years ago and settled for a room with an old college friend to escape my childhood home and my crazy Dad, I have found a room to rent so I can finally move out of my daughter’s house. 839 more words


He Makes Me So Mad!

Mr. Canada has this way of pissing me off. I often feel my heart beating faster and my blood pressure rising. I get exasperated and end up shouting and feeling anxious. 1,002 more words


I Got a Job

So, I got a job.

It’s not a design job. I’m an office assistant at a small trailer dealership in a small town south of Portland. 950 more words


The Cover Letter I Want to Write

Today’s date.
Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

What do you want me say? What are you looking for in this “cover” letter? Is this just an extra hoop you want me to jump through? 306 more words