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Attack of The Whinge Monster

Before I begin, I should stress how lucky we are. Many parents of children with ASD have to deal with meltdowns on a weekly or daily basis, and if you’re not familiar with what a meltdown is, it’s a bit like a tantrum but on a nuclear scale. 451 more words


[R] That said: allow me to contradict myself.

A) Fuck irresponsible people.

B) Fuck irresponsible, immature people.

C) Fuck people who dig holes and expect others to dig them out.

D) Fuck people who dig holes and have to tell everyone around them that “it doesn’t bother me”–in a sad, pathetic effort to convince themselves that they’re okay with the hole they’ve put themselves in–but then go on hour-long rants about all the minutia that totally eats at them. 348 more words


"America's Greatest TV Dad" vs The King of Pop

Recently, I’ve seen people comparing the late Michael Jackson to the likes of Bill Cosby. You’re probably asking “what do these two have in common?” Well, they were both beloved by America until allegations of abuse surfaced. 564 more words

Michael Jackson

Why I'm Glad When Anti-Breastfeeding Stories Hit the Headlines

Disclaimer: This post is in no way intended as a criticism of people who formula-feed. I formula-fed my daughter because of reasons, so I have a foot in both camps. 970 more words


Horn honksĀ 

Why do some guys think it is okay to comment on a girls appearance in public? I don’t know about you guys, but whether it’s actually words or beeping the horn of their car, it leaves me feeling insecure and embarrassed. 146 more words


Creepers and losing friends

Now guys, I’ve done a lot of creeping in my life. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but i’m not obvious about it. I don’t creep and leave evidence. 349 more words


Feminism - Am I a Feminist?

Hello Worldly Creatures,

I feel like this topic is such a prominent one in today’s society. It is one I wish to address here because this is a place for me to open up, give my opinion and have it heard – Kind of like a diary but one that I’ll allow people to read with me. 521 more words