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People. They're all people.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I’m horrified. I’m horrified not just by the absolute crisis that is driving people to flee their homes in the most dire and dangerous of circumstances, but I’m horrified by you and your government’s response to it. 302 more words


On Grammar Pedantry and How Not to be a Knob

There are two types of grammar pedant in this world. The first kind takes a genuine interest in the rules of grammar. Perhaps they even indulge in conversations on internet forums about correct forms or treasure their battered copy of Strunk and White (which you probably shouldn’t, since it gets passive voice… 813 more words


Alex Rants - Apple Music

Okay. Let’s start off with this: I really like Apple. Their security is comparable to fucking banks, their operating system is full of features, but also minimalistic so people who are…well… 212 more words


Alex Rants - Pop Music

So, on my way to work one day, I decided to try something new, for once. Instead of listening to god knows what from my phone, I turned the radio onto a local pop station. 206 more words


Alex Rants - Potholes

Oh yes. Potholes.

I live in Michigan – one of the shittiest states in the US – and other than cars, Michigan is probably most notably known for its potholes. 230 more words


Weight Watchers

So, I’m doing a thing with the school that I can’t talk about right now, suffice it to say that there are a lot of pictures involved. 889 more words


Invest in teachers, invest in students.

I watched Linda Cliatt-Wayman’s TED Talk again yesterday. I first saw it a few months ago and I’ve watched it a handful of times since. The simple logic in it strikes a chord every single time. 821 more words