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The Article Somebody SHOULD Publish: "You did know, but you didn't give a fuck!"

So, I recently came across this NAUSEATING article by Wajahat Khan, a “defence analyst” par excellence (or so he would have you believe, if you look at him strutting around on your screen with a self satisfied smirk on his face, the man is nothing if not in love with himself), in which he COMPLETELY shifts blame on others, under the guise of contrition and shame (which he never shows throughout this long drawn bullshit of an article). 1,303 more words


Special Occasion: Yanno, Thursday

The other morning I stuck these in the oven for Art Child’s breakfast. When she woke up and came in the kitchen she asked, “Is today a special day?” 983 more words



Hi guys,

Now I would first off like to say, that I will always have a spot in my heart for my family, although they tick me off good and proper sometimes, I am also aware that I do the same to them. 418 more words


Hopelessly Romantic

Cool Sunday afternoon. Fuel scarcity and what not. At least we have light 😃

Normally, I’d hang out with my Best friend ‘Sholz’ on days like this but he has to leave for work. 469 more words

Racism in the Michael Jackson Fanbase: You "Stan" a BLACK Man!

It’s very confusing -and disheartening- to know that there are some fans who are racist and insensitive towards the plight of Black Americans. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, I see that a lot of fans have shown their true colors. 806 more words

Michael Jackson

'Cause Your Cell Phone Is NOT That Important, Dammit.

File this under the “Like, Duh” file: cell phones are omnipresent these days. It’s even in commercials where they’re not hawking cell phones, like something for Yellow Pages or Cialis (ahaha). 1,196 more words

My Editorials

Insecure, misled, mistakes.

Heya guys,

So recently on my twitter I posted saying “Ok, yes I’m paranoid, anxious, slightly neurotic and a little crazy. I’m a little too clingy, and I can’t decide how I feel.” And everyday I still feel the same. 437 more words