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Doing Good Does Not Negate The Bad You've Done

Yesterday I called John Lewis out as a liar. 

I have since received tweets from people trying to guilt me into taking it down.

I will not. 277 more words

Potty Training Adventures

The terrible two’s have landed people. They are here with flippin bells on. 

Trying to potty train in the midst of all this toddler angst is going to give me a drinking problem…jk!? 225 more words

Tilting at Windmills: Flint, Michigan Republicans, Sodomy, and Animal Cruelty

So I’ve been seeing quite a few posts about how people are outraged that Michigan Republicans can’t help the people of Flint but they’re willing to push through a ban on anal sex. 323 more words


Parents Get Off Your Damn Phone.

First off, the irony is not lost on me that I am typing this message to parents on a computer instead of playing with my kids. 441 more words


In 1997, Princess Diana died. I was twelve at the time and even then I was mystified, creeped out and suspicious of the mass public grief that followed. 614 more words


SMA are robbing bastards

Nipped into Tesco today needing a new tub of formula, only to be greeted by the rebranded SMA tin. Apparently SMA is now SMA PRO, with a new advanced formula. 333 more words


Rosy Riddle Went to Piddle

Rosy Riddle went to piddle

And found that her face was flushed. 

As she flushed the toilet, she concocted a riddle:

Why is it that I blush?  354 more words