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Suiting up for the fight

It’s been a long couple of weeks here, there…pretty much everywhere. Everywhere I look I see people who look exhausted or shellshocked or wary. They’re beaten by the US election results and unable to look ahead. 523 more words


Bratty-arsed children....

Sunday we always have a metric ton of children at renfaire, but this last Sunday was probably the worst one on the books for badly behaved children. 605 more words


If I had seen this at a time when I had more brain, I probably would have started an argument

I’m not going to get into this with this dude on Facebook but jeez.

“People said gross sexist things about Michelle Obama too” is not a justification for saying gross sexist things about Melania Trump. 142 more words


Remember that Time We Ran Out Of Fire Extinguishers?

Soooo . . . . The Americans decided to elect an arrogant, ignorant, uneducated, inexperienced racist, misogynistic lunatic to the highest office in the world, and they also brought along to accelerate the destruction of the world control of both congress and the senate.  1,120 more words



This election.

This year.

And the next four fucking years!!

Good god, what have we gotten into??

My entry title, by the way, is just a dot, to symbolize “no words.” Although I do have some words, evidently. 44 more words


It's Personal, and It's Us

I should be doing my yoga right now, but I’m too busy crying.  I figure that demonstrates more than a modicum of restraint, because what I’d like to be doing is vomiting while I stamp my feet.   623 more words



It goes without saying to most that a presidential election in the United States is a portentous ordeal, not just for its denizens but for the world at large. 928 more words