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Islam and Muslims

I just wrapped up an extended Twitter “discussion” on Muslims and Islam. I didn’t even bring them up, someone jumped in with an attack on Muslims while I was getting scolded for being too intolerant of intolerance. 645 more words



The year was 2015 and everything was going on fine. A great job, a good enough relationship and a budding relationship with God. I admit, due to my nature, I still felt like I could be doing better and I sometimes put some unnecessary pressure on myself, but looking back at it now, it was an exhausting exercise. 583 more words


In My Solitude

For as long as I can remember, I have always found comfort in my solitude. Maybe because I am an only child or maybe because I am shy. 477 more words


Fictional Girlfriend |Tag

This was originally the Fictional Boyfriends Tag! I decided that we needed more diversity and that it was about time the book community started to recognizing those amazing fictional females.The tag was originated by RayKay Books and you can check it out on their youtube channel… 221 more words


Rant. #2

It happens fast. In an instant actually. Triggered by anything to be honest. Could be when a friend says a sentence in a certain tone or when I’m let down by people over the smallest thing. 283 more words


It's February of 2017; I'm okay.

Last year January, I expected everything would change on it own, and it did not.

I had to make that change happen, albeit I quit my job that I loved but it didn’t love me, I moved back to my hometown on my own decision, and everything I expected to happen didn’t happen. 547 more words