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A woman you never understood, still not behaving as you demand

And so… it continues.

It’s January 20, 2017. Time for Americans (and some Canadians) to do what they do best: put all their anger where it clearly belongs…on Hillary Rodham Clinton. 950 more words


Saturday's Rant

The bubble has burst. Looks like we’ve turned the corner on media’s demonization of Trump. Like the stages of death, first denial, then acceptance. I’m seeing more dialogue from Media, and personal discussions, about the whole person, versus lop-sided shit to boost media ratings. 173 more words



Like the first ray of sunshine ushering in the day,

You brightened my life.

For a moment,

Life was a breeze.

Our kisses, flowers of love in full bloom, 85 more words


Jesus Take the Wheel

Please take a seat at the table of my life and listen, because not everyone gets invited.

These past four months have been, well, a shit storm and I’m just reeeeally hoping that on Jan 1, 2017 at midnight I can take a breath of fresh air and mentally mellow the fuck out. 260 more words


Today in unpopular things to care about

What a person actually said or implied

and what they meant/intended to say

are both important.

It’s not always worth your time to try to figure out what they meant, but like. 10 more words


Suiting up for the fight

It’s been a long couple of weeks here, there…pretty much everywhere. Everywhere I look I see people who look exhausted or shellshocked or wary. They’re beaten by the US election results and unable to look ahead. 523 more words


Bratty-arsed children....

Sunday we always have a metric ton of children at renfaire, but this last Sunday was probably the worst one on the books for badly behaved children. 605 more words