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When Tragedy Strikes, I want the Fucking Hypocrites to Burn

A flood of people just moved past the open office door. One woman popped in and informed my coworker and I that everyone was invited into the conference room to pray. 432 more words


I read/watched a thing about The Man in the High Castle

and I didn’t want to be thinking about euthanasia but I am anyway.

This is short but angry and about death so under a cut it goes. 111 more words


30 Day Writing Challenge: What You've Learned

I love lists. Making them, crossing things off, sorting things through – I just really love lists. So for today’s prompt, I’m going to make a list of 10 things I’ve learned so far in my life. 148 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge

Windham county wasteland 

It’s doesn’t happen to people I know. But it’s out here. It’s in the background and out of sight out of mind. Right? It’s “whatever”, because I have an invalidated and undereducated, inexperienced opinion about it and therefore it’s so cut and dry I can dismiss it. 395 more words


Note to self.

Sometimes the people closest to you are the ones pulling you down. They’re the ones restricting you, the ones hindering your growth. What you do and don’t do depends on what they do or don’t do. 158 more words


Armcharity, Or, Let Not Your Facebook Know What Your Twitter Is Doing.

Full disclosure: If I had to declare a side in the Great Refugee Debate it would be pro-refugee.  I believe that the demands of charity in this case outweigh the actual potential threat.  721 more words

Apple is going Downhill

That is it. I hate Apple, Inc.

Ever since Tim Cook became the CEO of Apple, I am starting to boycott Apple products. Oh, wait. I started to have a negative view towards the company itself for their products. 237 more words