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Yeah, that award was clearly rightfully earned!

Something that I didn’t know still existed called the MTV Movie Awards happened this past week. Apparently, they now honor stuff on TV, as they are now called the “MTV Movie & TV Awards.” 246 more words

One Nation Under God - 2

They sell the innocent for silver,
and the needy for a pair of sandals.

They trample on the heads of the poor
as on the dust of the ground… 265 more words


Code Red.

People who read my blog would know I had a family tragedy recently, on top of the last one that I have yet to recover from. 158 more words


Squint and Look Sideways

Despite approaching each day’s news with a squinty side eye, I feel more like my conch, eyeballs overextended and exposed. Wishing I was more like him, and could go ahead and bury myself under the sand for weeks at a time. 810 more words


Bluths, bullying and backlash: what the Jessica Walter interview shows us about how our culture deals with abusive behaviour.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent backlash that’s hit regarding an interview of the Arrested Development cast.  In the interview, Jessica Walter (who plays Lucille Bluth in the cult comedy) talks about how cast-mate Jeffrey Tambor verbally abused her on set. 682 more words

A note.

The same endless loop.

I needed a good reason

which is now so clear.


Blahs This Morning

I finally got my car back from the bodyshop so yesterday I drove to work. I was the first car in the intersection and was on the third lane just waiting for the light to turn green and when it did, I started moving. 283 more words

True Story