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Late Night Thoughts 3.0

I confess to being a fan of dramas (kdramas to be specific). I love RomCom movies. I read books about love. I am hopeless romantic. I drown myself to the fantasies brought by these things to cover up the bitterness and passiveness of my life. 126 more words


Selfish Bastards Inc.

There’s something that always struck me as problematic about Monsters Inc.

So the monsters have the technology to convert both the laughter and screams of humans into energy. 292 more words


Martin Luther King Jr had a dream...

(from Jesse Zimmerman’s Facebook page)

I say this again and again and again…. whenever the majority identity group (ie, whites, sometimes white men) feel the need to silence a minority identity group they find one member of that group who has expressed ideas that the majority group feel best represents their own views. 846 more words


I kind of hate all ~personality types~ tbh

Today I saw yet another person trying to make a statement about “atypical”/”female” autism traits, and I’m a little frustrated. I mean, it’s good that people aren’t taking either the assumed femaleness or the assumed rareness of these traits at face value, but… can we not go around claiming to know definitively what… 462 more words


Guns: Bullet Points

Guns, guns, guns. So much going on. I thought I’d put down, in concise terms, how I feel about guns since a lot of people seem to jump to some rather inaccurate conclusions. 384 more words



I cannot take the white humans at Toronto Pride who are upset that their party was interrupted by BLM protesters. They were invited. They were invited specifically because they ARE protesters and activists. 424 more words


Normal People From A Mentally Ill Perspective

Been reading a lot of Facebook posts from mentally normal people for several years now.  Read one this evening that really took the cake when it comes to normal thinking.   818 more words