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Manspreading: it's not okay.

This is something that is really starting to annoy me. Men: please pay attention—don’t be rude. Don’t manspread on public transport.

What is manspreading, you may ask? 337 more words


ThatIsBeyond... 1st week back! Dadvice!

Having completed my first week back to work after paternity leave, I have taken a few moments to reflect on this huge transition. Both the workplace and the home are undergoing change and sometimes it can feel a little like being inbetween two moving walls, inching ever more closely together! 862 more words


Music and Me? Now What?

As I mentally distance myself more and more from the toxic marriage and consciously project the reality of ending it, I explore the topic of my relationship to music sans Chi.   960 more words

Panache Stuff

An Open Letter About the Jacket

You left a two hundred and fifty dollar, navy blue, women’s size 10, Talbot’s brand blazer on a chair. Stoop. Stoop-chair, if we’re going to be particular about it, I guess, but honestly this is the only detail that doesn’t matter. 631 more words




No time to sew, there’s much too much to do
with snowstorms of papers and files to go through.
Where did I put that so and so form? 152 more words

Life Writing

You Don't Get It

There is a common refrain coming from supporters of the recent anti-LGBT laws like HB 2, that those protesting are ignorant, and simply reacting to spin and misinformation. 724 more words


Greatest Need in a Relationship

I’ve posted before about my wish list in a partner. Today ruminating about overall, what is my greatest need in a relationship.

I believe I have distilled it down to this: 159 more words