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Hal paling ngebetein kalo jadi “Mak Konter” alias senior di brand yang dipegang, kalo dapet anak baru masyaallah deh ngajarinnya sampe bisa bikin kepala sama kaki pindah posisi. 795 more words

Daily Tales

Telling The Truth

If there is one thing in life that I have learned, it is that people will always attack those who tell the truth. This is something that has baffled me for a long time. 282 more words

1984 - George Orwell

Excepting that the meme says instructions not instruction, the point is still well made. My first thought was that this was meant for those who still support Donald Trump, despite the fact that the guy is mentally unsound. 637 more words


The Poverty Industry - Foster Care

There seems to be no end to the systems in America that are tainted by the stain of corruption. Have you seen the movie “Poverty Inc”? 239 more words

Time To Re-Boot My Life??

Man…. Hollywood man…. Is it the worst thing going on right now? No. The world has worse problems than this. I am a little sickened by the lack of originality in the movie theatres these days though. 867 more words


Selfish Bastards Inc.

There’s something that always struck me as problematic about Monsters Inc.

So the monsters have the technology to convert both the laughter and screams of humans into energy. 292 more words


Martin Luther King Jr had a dream...

(from Jesse Zimmerman’s Facebook page)

I say this again and again and again…. whenever the majority identity group (ie, whites, sometimes white men) feel the need to silence a minority identity group they find one member of that group who has expressed ideas that the majority group feel best represents their own views. 846 more words