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The power of hindsight: it's always 20/20.

Everyone knows that THEY would be the Perfect Parent whose child would never ever ever have a problem ever: any child who ever has an accident is the child of a Bad Parent. 625 more words


Cicada Love

I am here today to defend the poor cicada. I believe I am the only one on the planet who appreciates their dogged determination to live 17 years underground, emerge to have sex, and then lay eggs for the next generation. 443 more words


Toronto Marijuana Dispensaries: legalization vs legalities

Many are protesting the raids on marijuana dispensaries in Toronto yesterday. The argument is that marijuana will be legalized in Canada next year.  And yet, many are the same people I’ve seen posting articles explaining how no one has to worry: that the future dispensaries will be controlled and regulated and licensed, much like the ones in Denver. 319 more words


Hey Hey Mama!

Of the million annoyances I encounter daily through life in the city, I’m old enough and defeated enough to realize 999, 997 have nothing to do with me personally, don’t effect me in any way, and are none of my business.   969 more words


Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Gone girl is a quiet thriller, with little blood, some mystery, and a whole lot of character development.  At first glance, it would be hard to say that there was any character development at all.  638 more words


Story of Why I Celebrate 2 Bithdays a Year.

When I turned 23, I had pretty much the best birthdays of all time. Enough firsts to make it memorable. I still remember paintballing in Karen and getting an ankle injury that still hurts to date and gives me a slight limp every so often. 889 more words