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We all have them. The question is, how much mental strength does one need to fight them and win?

This year has been filled with nothing but negative, dark, morbid, unpleasant events. 346 more words


Because Beauty Clones Ain't Cute

Maybe it got mentioned here a while back, but yours slutty is really into makeup. Not to where I always have to paint my face and sleep with a painted face every time, but I enjoy playing and experimenting with the many, many products out there. 1,273 more words

My Editorials

Still Babysteppin'

I hate administrative paperwork. It’s the worst.

It’s not the form-filling that bugs me; it’s how every time I make progress, another layer of bureaucracy is added that further separates me from the end goal. 724 more words


Etiquette For Taking A Shit In A Public Toilet

I shouldn’t have to say any of this. I’m honestly not sure why humans….. oh never mind. Fucking humans! I’ll get straight to it. I can only tell you this from a man’s perspective. 922 more words


President's Day

We live in a world of modern Philistines. Nietzsche said that certain men (I won’t use his term that has become trite or loaded with comic significance) are marked out from Fate, set aside from the rest of the world and outside of its common values. 290 more words


Wicked by Jennifer L Armentrout | Fan Cast and Playlist

I have marathon binged the whole Wicked Trilogy by Jennifer L Armentrout. Sometimes when reading certain books I am inspired to do a little something extra with the books. 135 more words


Satan? Posh! Men don’t need a Devil to indulge in their predilection for destruction. They can manage just fine with an angel on each shoulder, gripping a Holy Bible in each palm, standing on the Soapbox of Sanctimony for all their neighbors and kin to see.