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Of Dreams and Dangerous Living.

A friend of mine recently asked me about dangerous living. A few months back I wouldn’t have had an answer. But yes, that was last year. 568 more words


Never Underestimate the Role of the Sysadmin

The past few weeks have been a rather interesting adventure in my technology career. Not only has it been a eye-opening experience but it’s been a humbling one as well. 594 more words


I'm Officially Back + Exciting News

Welcome back to Vintage Ghosts or VG,

Long time no see right? Glad to see you’re still reading What can I say, theres been a lot going on in the course of few months. 399 more words

Stress, Distress, and Unspoken Waves

My life is a constricted wave; no matter how much it wants to push to the shore, it is being limited by stronger bodies of water. 312 more words


It's complicated.

Today, I went to a come out workshop, I mean a workshop for LGBT people to learn about the process of coming out with sharing session. 390 more words


Let's Talk About Cheating.

First Friday of regular posts, yay! Now on to the post.

The other day, I was walking back from a class with a friend. We had just written a quiz, and she was going on about how difficult it was. 958 more words


Potassium: A Cautionary Tale

Confession: I have high blood pressure.

This shouldn’t be a huge jaw dropper to anybody. Not only do I have a significant family history of high blood pressure (not just my dad and grandfathers, which you would expect, but also my mother and all of my grandmothers as well), but I’m also not exactly . 564 more words

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