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Pangs of sadness.

It has been a tough few days. I either study or long day training at sam or school project intern or EEG. It has been okay. 236 more words


A Letter To You(Or Is It To Myself?)

I met you through sheer coincidence.
I’d never meant to, though I think I wanted to.
I guess what they say about universe working in mysterious ways is true. 708 more words


I Am A Twenty-Something

And I am jazzed about it.

Twenty-something. Twenty-something.

The word itself is coy. Flirty. Mysterious. Maybe even a little bit sexy. Operating as a bastard child, born from the cold tangibility of an unapologetic even number and the frustrating ambiguousness of an unidentifiable some… 278 more words


Familiar, All Too Familiar.

Oh man, where do I even begin? There’s been yet ANOTHER murder of yet ANOTHER person over yet ANOTHER “unknown cause” (although, let’s admit it, the favourite theory that has been floated and accepted is that it was because of the Baloch debate she allowed to be held at her club’s premises). 696 more words



Everything in my life is completely amazing and totally beyond any of my wild dreams, wants and expectations of my existence. I have survived past 21 (for many years) which is a major accomplishment in and of itself. 350 more words


A bit of a rant...

Ok, so this post is going to be a bit different from the stuff I’ve posted so far.

Like the title hints at, this is going to be a bit of a rant. 216 more words


10 Quick and Effective Ways to Drive Me Crazy

30 day writing challenge, Day 6: List 10 Pet Peeves

I am pretty sure that I have already written a post sort of like this, but in an effort to stick with the writing challenge and because I think I only listed five last time, I am going to do it again. 626 more words