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Immigrants could sometimes be narrow-minded!

I hate to say this, but there are some Filipino immigrants who are simply narrow-minded like the rest of other immigrant diaspora in the world. 1,330 more words


Books Best Friend | Bookmarks Edition

I have decided to do a series on my blog dedicated to where to find those all amazing things that book lovers need in their life or things based on books that we love. 583 more words


Free Kindle Loaning Library

I saw some people talking about this on Twitter. How people can loan out certain books to others from their Kindles. I have so many books on my kindle that can be loaned out and I am not reading them right now so I figured I would put them up for others to read. 445 more words

Who Knew?

I’m seeing a lot of variations of the above title on social media. Who knew, I didn’t think it would be this bad, etc.

We knew. 609 more words


#MJFAM The Problem With Non Black POC MJ Fans co-opting our Perspectives

Hello everyone. I’d like to call something to your attention regarding an incident that happened yesterday between me and Samar (@theMJAP) on Twitter. Basically, he was very anti Black towards me after accusing me of ripping off his videos about Michael’s pro Black moves. 960 more words

Michael Jackson

Which Circle of Hell Are We in Now?

Well, here we are (the fourth circle, greed?). By now everyone knows the House of Representatives passed their version of healthcare, the AHCA–Trumpcare. It was easy enough for them to do, because several of them… 707 more words


But like, what's a macro?

So you want to start counting your macros?  I know when I started counting macros the thought of being able to make foods that I had labeled as “bad” brought a little joy to my heart.   615 more words