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What A Good Woman Does - Joy Williams

I have a huge connection to music. I have always found it fascinating to ask people what they listen for first in a song – the lyrics, the melodies or the track. 413 more words

Violet Grey

E3 2015 and Beyond: Stop Gamer Entitlement, Play Nice

(Author’s note: Alright, I’ve decided that enough is enough. There is entirely too much poison that gets spewed around by the vocal minority in the gaming community after  256 more words

Mind Of A Clown

Crying is Self-respect

Mom beat me, well, more like pulled the side of my arms where my veins are located and was all, “If you do this, your veins might tear and then you will start crying like, “Wahh! 466 more words


All dressed up

I actually have come to the conclusion I shouldn’t make plans, because its clear no one actually wants to go out with me, in any context. 195 more words


Cookies & Coffee & a Chai Latte

Let me preface this post with one of my core beliefs. More than anything, I believe in timing. Something that goes hand in hand with timing is the coming and going of certain people in your life. 583 more words


Of Emotional Blackmail

A wise man once told me, “Never change a winning formula”. I am glad to say, he is right. But not when it comes to Football Manager, your winning formula sometimes gets you trashed at home by a small club. 742 more words


This is going to be depressing


I’m eighteen, soon to be nineteen, I’m barely a child and my life’s worries have always been “will I be alive tomorrow? Where will we live if we get kicked out? 508 more words