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No One Really Loves Traveling

If you’ve ever online dated or read the interests section on a resume, it might seem like we are a nation of wanderers. You know:  157 more words


Books I Want to Read Before the End of 2017

I have gone through waves of reading this year. Now that I am starting to get settled into my new job and home, I really want to focus on tackling my TBR. 128 more words


Thoughts on Normal People and Bad News

Just been in the mood to avoid people as much as possible the last several days.  I leave my apartment only a couple times a day and check Facebook only once or twice a day.   920 more words


We've Reached Peak Dumbassery!!

NO, I am not talking about this awwww-worthy GIF of two adorable creatures cuddling with one another. Because I don’t like to post pics on things I absolutely hate here, behind the GIF will lead you to an article with a pic that not only this world did not deserve, but shows that society has definitely reached peak dumbassery. 861 more words

My Editorials

In defence of Prince Charles

Right, to lay out my position on the Royals. I’m pretty much neutral. I won’t be bending the knee anytime soon, but I’m not calling for us to wheel out the guillotine. 830 more words


Shake the Stuck

Lately I’ve found myself in conversations with friends, clients, peers, coworkers and perfect strangers where one of us is sharing frustration around feeling stuck. Stuck in a job, stuck in a rut, stuck in something that’s preventing us from thriving. 174 more words


"Let us eat cake," she said

So a white woman did a comedy bit about how people should stay inside their homes huddled over a cake (purchased from a minority baker) while white men and women armed with weapons and torches march in the streets shouting slogans against Jews, Muslims, queer and trans people, black people and people of colour. 653 more words