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The Absurdity of Media Today

The media twists things, changes them. Sometimes what comes out of it is totally unrecognizable content. “Why?” I ask. Oh, I don’t dont know, but I suspect it’s part of human nature. 260 more words


It's a Secret--Pass It On!

Everyone loves a secret, no need for truth or facts.  The secret to weight loss, the secret to finding love, the secret to making money, the secret to success, the secret to being happy.   1,108 more words


Deep Breath In...now hold it until you find sensible workout clothes!

Early yesterday morning I was extolling the virtues of yoga for back care to a friend, and the conversation goosed me to do what I’ve been putting off for a year, buying new workout clothes.   978 more words


Tire Fires and Clouds of Smoke

Donald Trump is a tire fire, the slow endless version; incredibly dangerous, toxic, polluting the world around him, difficult to deal with, and slowly, perpetually burning. 570 more words


Unspoken Words For Him #2

My dream about you the other day is kind of weird but cute. It’s not that vivid to me anymore but all I remember is that you’re sitting beside me (at my right side to be exact). 142 more words

For Him

This is my reality.

U give me flak for something. I tried to explain. U don’t understand.

U also think it’s unfair for me to expect u to understand when u do not know. 103 more words


Things I never thought of...

I had no plans for 2015, yet I did a lot. The majority of which I cannot remember.

For 2016, I had some plans, some travel plans, some life plans, some I did follow through on. 144 more words