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Return of the Blog

Our ComCast service is out this right now, so with no phone or internet available I’ve decided to revisit our blog. It hasn’t been touched in years, but lately I’ve been thinking about using it again. 622 more words

Rants & Raves

A Guide to Not Having Your Tweets Stolen

by Kelly Schureman

By now, you have probably heard that Twitter is deleting stolen tweets. Yes, that’s right, accounts with tons of followers have gained their fame by stealing the best tweets out there and posting them as their own. 382 more words


5 Fun, Flirty Facts to Remind Him Who Gloria Steinem Is

by Andrew Bryan Smith

You told your boyfriend you’d like to get tickets to the Gloria Steinem lecture at the U next month. He looked up from SportsCenter and said, “Who?” Here are some playful hints to let him know, yes, of course he knows who Gloria Steinem is. 765 more words


Daily Memes - Refine Yourself

Your daily inspiration… Get in the drivers seat, stop being a passenger.

9 more words

Rants & Raves

10 Things Worse Than Music Festivals, Better Than Firestorm of Bees

by Joe Garbe

Traffic had slowed to a lull while I was driving home from an incredible weekend music festival.  It was stop-and-go for a ten-mile stretch on a Sunday afternoon.  229 more words


5 Things Everyone's A Fucking Expert On

by Kelly Schureman

1) Brown Rice

Everybody knows that brown rice is way healthier than white rice. Seriously! The next time you go to P.F. Chang’s, invite your skinniest friend and just watch – she’ll order brown rice instead of white rice. 371 more words


Trash Books: Eat, Pray, Love

by Cassie Seltzer

Welcome to this week’s installment of the column Trash Books. I hope you enjoy this intellectually enlightening and refreshingly hateful book club experience.  1,143 more words

Rants & Raves