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Okay so...

why is it that whenever women are attacked, raped, beaten or otherwise abused, THEY are asked what they were doing, where they were, what they were wearing, why they were  out, or what they did to make it happen?   1,086 more words


You've Got Mail

Somewhere in Canada
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Dear Whoever Is Reading This (seriously, who are you?),

Living 5000 miles away from your pals and having to keep in contact really couldn’t be easier. 312 more words

Rants & Raves

Fuck That Shit

As a result of watching the #HugoAwards stream on the night of the Sasquan ceremony, I found my way to an essay by nominee John C. 194 more words

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Okay, so...

Today is Women’s Equality Day.  But what does that mean?  There are pictures of badd-ass women who “changed the world,” but they are alive EVERYDAY and yet our kids have no idea who they are.   421 more words


i effing hate chipotle.

chipotle sucks. period. YA YOU HEARD ME.

let me explain…

I started off not liking chipotle when it became the new happenin place to be, because it was basic as shit. 321 more words


Nancy grace!

Nancy grace, what is there nice to say about this woman if anyone knows please tell me what there is please. Because all I see is a whiney bitch who thinks she knows it all. 220 more words

Rants & Raves


I have a set of skills! I will find you and I will Yelp you *Liam Neilson voice*! I will Google you, Amazon-star you, and Goodreads you too. 562 more words