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Plans Far Greater Than Our Own.

Life as a college student can be tricky and stressful. I often find myself feeling trapped and questioning my future. Am I making the right choices? 553 more words



I came across this video on FB wanted to share it. Entitled “I am NOT black, you are NOT white,” I think this poem-turned-video illustrates a valuable perspective on labels. 73 more words


Oscars "So White"

Recently, I heard about The Oscars being boycotted by several famous black celebrities. I mean, COME ON. This race thing is getting out of hand! Boycotting the Oscars because there are no black nominees, saying things like “Oscars So White,” IS RACIST! 307 more words

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Blog Break Reflection

Well, hello to February!

So glad you’re here because January really kicked me hard in the backside and I need to hit the reset button. Between client bookkeeping deadlines for year end tax work and coming down with a chest cold that really sapped whatever energy I had left, I’m ready to say goodbye to the first month of the year as I look forward to good things I have planned for my home and myself. 1,372 more words

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Zika virusĀ 

This Zika virus has been around since 1940-something, it’s not fatal nor does it lie dormant, and nearly 80% infected show no signs or symptoms. So, remind me again why everyone’s in such an uproar? 278 more words

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The Cliche

I often like to think that when I’m having my inner most thoughts come from a place of love and honesty, that it’s the Jurnee Divine… 417 more words



Working in an ad agency can be incredibly rewarding, I still get giddy when I see something I worked on covered in the press or just existing out there in the real world, but it can also be incredibly taxing and it often means lunch is super quick and maybe not so healthy. 352 more words

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