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Rant: When People Don't Text Back

Hello lovely readers! Hope your month has been going great so far! Life has been pretty good, but I have had trouble trying to stick to the goals for March that I made in… 591 more words


America Flushes

We all have that friend that asks us to take of our shoes when we come into their home. Or it may be you that asks that of your guests.  660 more words

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Venting on Online Anonymity

People complain that with social media we have no privacy anymore. Everything about our lives is photographed, videotaped, documented and posted for the world to see. 315 more words

Rants & Raves

Thirsty Thursday: Irish Death Beer Review

City of Origin: Ellensburg, WA

Packaging: Super cool and eye catching. I like that they put a customer review on the side of the can even though it seemed a bit hyped up in my opinion. 119 more words


O Comcast, Where Art Thou?

My home internet has been pretty crappy for the past couple of weeks now. It is so bad that I set up a SmokePing server to quantify my misery, as I have a Modem of Constant Sorrow that won’t stay online for more than a day or so without rebooting. 53 more words

Rants & Raves

Three Billboards & Oscar

It’s Monday, people. The Monday after the Oscars, which means a ton of articles and jokes and tweets about the show that ends all awards shows about movies that many haven’t seen (and probably still won’t see). 1,064 more words

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Review: The Habit Burger Grill

Recently these little burger spots have been popping up EVERYWHERE in the Seattle area. When Andrew got promoted to work in Silverdale a few months ago, one just happened to already be located right next to his job. 420 more words