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Friendships, and how they work!

Hey there!

If you’re looking into how real friendships work, well, congratulations, you found this post and it should hopefully help you along in a successful friendship! 298 more words


The Pericardium & Artistic Healing

​The pericardium is a protective sac lining the heart from a physiological and scientific perspective. It protects the heart and provides nutrients to it with the fluid it produces. 495 more words

Rants & Raves

The New American Dream

The New American Dream is still the same American Dream that your parents and their parents and their grandparents strode after; it just looks a little different to you and me. 861 more words

Rants & Raves



Does life truly exist? Is there actual walking, talking, breathing actualities that contain souls? Or simply creative animations of a brilliant imagination? What was that proverb? 272 more words


Presidential Debate #2, My Thoughts

Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper started the night by saying, “the night really belongs to the people in this room” but was it really?

I wonder who else, similarly to myself, went to work today and discussed the atrocity  we all watched the night before? 898 more words

Bored To Debt

I Want to Exist

What is the procedure I am required to follow to cease to be invisible?

I am small in every sense of the word. Short. Thin. Quiet. 244 more words



With the latest developments, I sincerely hope those who still think Trump would make a good president have filled out their organ donor cards.

For surly, they are brain-dead.


Walt Trizna