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#05 What if?

What if I died today? Would you be satisfied with the last conversation we had? Or would you cry because there are set of words that you wanted to tell. 24 more words


Doomsday prepping...

Entera: Risk Management

Found this article, via Twitter, about Supply Chain Risk in the 21st Century. It’s a good read on all the different things to consider, and also realizes that “resiliency” is as important as anything. 32 more words


Please, no more rubbish about times tables!

The human adult spine has 33 vertebrae, the bones that support the rest of the body.  The lumbar vertebrae, in the lower back, bear the weight of the upper body and are very flexible.   922 more words


Lucky number 7

I’ve never considered myself lucky. Fortunate, maybe but never lucky.

Things just happen to fall too perfectly for me to think that it’s anything less than a divine power working in the background. 425 more words

Canvas of Storm

The power was out, and everything was cold. The sky was crying so loudly that it hurt everyones ears, but not mine.

I love it. I love the sound of cracking light, the bluish-dark scenery filled with trees waiting to be thrown off. 61 more words

The Bill Of Rights, Explained

Hello dear reader(s)!

Many Americans do not know, or misinterpret the first ten amendments to the Constitution, heretofore known as the Bill Of Rights.  As we face ever-increasing division and tension in this country, it is more imperative than ever that we all know and understand the Bill Of Rights, so that when they are violated, we can go cry about it in our safe spaces. 1,273 more words


Drinking Water Is a Thing Now?

I had this water bottle once. It was nice. It wasn’t actually mine, by the way. It was my wife’s, but it slowly became mine over time. 1,115 more words

Life - The Universe - And Everything