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Why Do People Defend Sonic Heroes?

Raging Crow talks about the first original Sonic game for the 2003 console generations. Sonic Heroes has been mired and also staunchly defended by the fanbase and I want to know why. 8 more words


Shake, shake, shake, Shako your booty

Fall, I’m really waiting on ya.  You know that technically it’s fall because of the date, and of course, because Trader Joe’s has rolled out the pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin muffin mix, pumpkin chocolate granola bark stuff, pumpkin Trader O’s…you get the picture.   653 more words

Out And About Los Angeles

Who Killed the Mystery Movie?

I was at the library last week when I spotted one of my favorite movies on the DVD shelf, Sidney Lumet’s Murder on the Orient Express… 624 more words


Good Hustle

I’m in a creative slump.  The only reason I am writing today is because it is my go-to method for feeling productive.

I have not written much in the past few months.   952 more words


Wild Thoughts

Wild wild wild.

I am one bottle of wine down and boy o’ boy are those wild thoughts presenting themselves. Wouldn’t it be wild if I got drunk on a Sunday night? 189 more words


Smak reflection

I went to the ‘Smak’ food festival in Tromsø with some friends yesterday. I was quite excited because it’s food and food is my one true ultimate love. 445 more words


i am a fake, this is a sham.

i don’t feel like i am an artist at all.  i feel like, sometimes, it’s a sham and that everyone will wake up and find out that i am a hack.  69 more words