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Faux outrage over woman only Wonder Woman screening

Like literally this is the first I’m actually hearing about this “Women only screening.”  And my first reaction was I don’t really give a flying fuck.  229 more words



Not quite sure how but I ended up sleeping after 3am last night. This week feels extra long all because I haven’t seen the boy at all since Sunday. 782 more words

It is strange how things work in the world. Good and bad at times all seem to blend together and making decisions at time seems tougher than it needs to be. 286 more words

A Piece Of Me

FIERCE FANGIRL FRIDAY:Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow is my Spirit Animal. You should probably be knowing, by now, that this post is going to be about PotC.*

*I’ve always had a special place for the franchise, even as a kid, but recently, it just escalated to a whole new level. 977 more words

Best Decision

I am a terrible decision maker. Mr. Spreadsheets will tell you, I am the worst. I make the decision like 40 times. I always second guess my decision, I ask everyone, I research it, and I stress about it to no end. 212 more words


How High Should the Bar Be?

My oldest child goes to a charter school that gives out grades to kindergartners (which is idiotic). He comes home from school with graded spelling tests! 600 more words


The Case of The Dog

Original piece written by Zo d’Axa. Translated by Anarchy in Italy.

The Clichy Police Station — the one that has served as the stage setting for some legendary cases of the third degree — nearly met its end in an apotheosis of dynamite. 221 more words