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A Brother No More

There is no retro post here today. I am using this site for privacy because no one from my real life even knows that this blog exists. 197 more words


The trouble with leaving my room

I’m an introvert. I write worlds better than I speak, and I have the time of my life when I’m completely alone for a few hours and don’t have any outside stimulus. 256 more words

Immature Roommates

Hopelessly Romantic

Cool Sunday afternoon. Fuel scarcity and what not. At least we have light 😃

Normally, I’d hang out with my Best friend ‘Sholz’ on days like this but he has to leave for work. 469 more words

This NYSC Is Some Bullshit

I was walking around the camp, looking to collect my NYSC ID card, and ended up in the camp stadium. After a fruitless search, I was on my way out, when I was stopped by a man in a tracksuit. 335 more words


The Issues of Being Smart

This is a topic that’s been relevant to me a lot, recently, so I thought I’d bring it up here.

Now, I’m considered to be a ‘smart’ pupil in school, and I can tell you that that one word has made my life… 287 more words


Picture Perfect

I had logged onto my Facebook page and I went to my news feed. Lo and behold, the first thing that came up was a selfie of one of my friends.  1,232 more words


homeland security

This week is the one year anniversary of living in our 2-bedroom rental cottage. It took us three years of searching and begging, good friends, good luck plus half a high-tech salary to secure it. 1,311 more words