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Ear Worm

A poet of such piercing eloquence
But covered in misguided arrogance
He throws out the tweets
Then shits where he eats
Tainting once more, his relevance


Just because I like it:


On Failure

I know I’ve lived for quite awhile now

I’ve roamed the Earth for seventeen years

But out of everything I have seen

Failure is my most deep-rooted fear… 143 more words


Never Give Up

(Please read the full story, I promise it gets better at the end)

I am not strong. I guess sometimes I just push this disease out of my mind and go on with my life. 725 more words


Ugh -_- not a big deal but im tired of this.

Something that really gets on my nerves and is really bringing me down today is when people dont respond to your text messages. Im trying to schedule an appointment with someone and they just ignore me. 73 more words


Rants: Can We Stop With The Black Peel Masks Now???

You know when you’re brain just keeps going “jfskfdjfdsk” at something and makes it difficult to actually express what you want to say? That’s how I feel about a lot of things, but today, it’s about peel off masks. 710 more words


Happy 2 year blog anniversary!

Hello my awesome followers!

I was notified by WordPress that today marks my anniversary… my blog is 2 years old today.. sniff they grow so fast! 244 more words

Personal Journey

Real Talk: Slasher Girls and Monster Boys

Alright y’all, I just gotta be honest. While I really enjoyed this book for the most part (because who doesn’t love a spooky anthology by a bunch of amazing authors?), some things have to be said. 351 more words