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Three of the day #8

It literally feels like forever since I`ve posted a “three of the day”, and I`m not sure why, since I really love writing them. I guess maybe at some point I felt that it was ridiculous for me to give others advice when my life is 100 % not together. 669 more words



It’s moved up. It’s tomorrow. Or approximately 10 hours from when this post is published.

It sounds like a great idea, and believe me it is. 314 more words


On Fidel Castro’s Death; Or, When My Fellow Liberals Insist On Losing Credibility

I was waiting to calm down and process the election before I wrote anything — and then Fidel Castro died. 3,240 more words


Assaulted by Megaphone

You will go to hell for wearing trouser and attachment as a woman” a hoarse voice whined from the megaphone that woke her up this morning. 852 more words


The VTG Files 2: The Chase

Casino gambling, midnight cartwheels at the beach, dinner at Friday’s 3 times a week, X-Box and pool tournaments, and 24 hour bowling. Those were just some of the adventures I had in 2003 with my friends and co-workers from Video to Go. 500 more words



OMG….!!!  Technology is officially making my life a nightmare!  I mean, I get that I can send emails, google something, navigate through Chicago and talk to my mom all at the same time because of technology…but the problem is when fails, it brutally fails us…or do we fail it?   1,054 more words


At 3AM....

So I didn’t mean to be up this late, but, ya know… That inconvenient nap where you woke up at midnight? That happened.

Not sweating it, though. 217 more words

Late Night