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Inferno - Chapter 12

After a long break, today we bring a new chapter of Inferno! Aqua is back on its feet and we’re already working in a lot of things at the same time! 59 more words



So I finally managed to visit Garden by the Bay for some Flora and Fauna before the Tulips disappear!

The tulips are just breathtaking with the vibrant colours! 329 more words


Say nothing

What do you say when you realise your dearest and oldest friend is the mother of That Kid. The kid everyone – kids and adults alike – hates. 360 more words


The Thing About Cultural Appropriation

Now listen I get that some many of you are tired of hearing about this, but let me be honest. It is still happening and being falsely justified so I will keep talking about it. 389 more words


Fuck MS

Seeing a friend in palliative care tightly grab hold of his nose and refuse to let go, as he attempts to stop his breath and put an end to his slow, painful death… takes a bit to sink in. 194 more words

Life & Death

Your Privilege is Showing

There’s a constant stream on social media of privileged assholes who are forever bitching about rights initiatives, and when I say ‘bitching’, I mean they are whining that current initiatives are cramping their style. 238 more words


50 Shades of Sad Clown

Here is a sad clown singing “It’s a Heartache”, because it’s been 50 shades of sad clown up in here lately:

Final depressing comments on own life: I came to the conclusion that despite how much I like kids, I don’t want children, and if you’ve read half the crap I’ve been posting lately, you can extrapolate the reasons yourself. 71 more words