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Being Corina

That is Karen with a C, but the lock down version. She has found her way into every social media group, wine deprived social gathering and community forum. 684 more words


A court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Mass

“To the stars that listen and the dreams that are answered”
~ A Court of Wings and Ruin

I just finished reading the book 3 in Acotar series. 349 more words


A Caregiver's Perspective on 'Relic'

‘Relic’ is a 2020 “family” horror drama film that was released on July 3, 2020 on VOD in North America. The film was the directorial debut of Natalie Erika James and was based a screenplay by James and Christian White, and produced in part by Jake Gyllenhaal. 5,522 more words

Robin Goodfellow

Children: worth 7 cents

Coming from the buck-a-beer premier, the covid-related funding he divvies to education shows that he believes each child is worth only 7 cents per day 154 more words


Quebec forced to save bars or schools

How did we get to this point? How did we get to the point of making the decision to either open bars or open schools… 267 more words


Why the Back To School Debate is Completely Missing The Freakin' Point

I’ve been seeing this conversation pop up frequently on Twitter, on Reddit, all over the place.

Granted, I often see it in the context of American schools, whose approach to distance learning was apparently very different from my school board, but it’s no less charged a topic up here. 2,147 more words


The glass simply is

I’ve always tried to be an optimist.

My natural tendency is to see the good in things, to find the silver linings even in the darkest clouds. 1,075 more words