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Hi to anyone who’s reading this so probalyt¬†talking to none ha sad life. Yeah not the point i’m on here so i’m not all emo and not all “normal” either¬† not trying to defined anyone here. 182 more words


The Curse of the Black Panther - Episode 177

The guys are at it once again and they don’t disappoint. In this powerful episode, there’s epic talk about the Black Panther movie, the Winter Olympics, dental robots and the fate of the world. 11 more words


When Thoughts And Prayers Aren't Enough... 2.0

You can read the first version of this post here, it’s in reference to mental health.

I generally try to be more polite in my blog posts than I am in person. 755 more words


My Court date

Well what I thought would be a simple arraignment turned out to be a fucking nightmare. Not such a good day. Our judicial system is so full of bs!!!

True Beauty

True beauty is the Glory of God.
That is beauty that blinds – literally.
The Glory that leaves a mark on everything He creates;
A beauty that transforms whomever gazes upon it. 185 more words


No End to Language

There must not be an end-point created for language, a point where from no more thought can form, for that is the purpose of language itself. 376 more words

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