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Food Deserts

Food literacy. Perhaps one of the goals of this blog and what I want to get a PhD in (is this possible? I need to know). 869 more words


Blinded Ache...

I now understand the meaning,
Of “The Heart is blind”,
It only desires what it believes,
To be true…

It longs and cries out,
But it can not speak,

30 more words

Handbag Strap Rivet Repair

One of the leather strap anchors on Mary’s giant haul-everything-to-a-concert(*) handbag pulled its rivet through the canvas fabric:

We knotted the strap around the zippered opening and completed the mission. 88 more words

Machine Shop

Commit to beginning

Commit to end

Commit to friend

Commit to try

Commit to taste

Commit to future

Commit to others

Commit to see

Commit to change… 8 more words

Daily Post


The insistent ring of my cell phone dragged me out of my sleep. As my hands groped about in the dark for my phone, my body still refusing to budge from its stance of sleep, I unconsciously glanced at the time. 412 more words

Short Story

Newegg and Microcenter Suck

or how the PC part supply industry has hijacked my time and blog

Hi strangers, I’m Hal. I’m a programmer working in Dallas. I’ve been wanting to get working on an indie game and had this thought that making a blog about my experience would be fun and hey, if the title gets completed maybe it would help get some sales. 2,141 more words



Before I even start I’d like to tell you that this post got inspired by another blogger’s post shyness vs rudeness so please do check out Ashleigh Taylor’s blog and find her on… 476 more words

Annie's Perception