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I'm Back!+ Updates

Hey guys! It’s been ages since I posted, and I know that the very small number of you that have probably found this site on complete accident (or because you were tremendously bored) are probably mad that I haven’t posted for a while. 1,176 more words


Medium Rarity

One night in the not-so-distant past, I received a text that said:
“Are you doing anything tonight? We have a medium coming to Casselton to do readings if we have 8 or more people it is $40 under 8 is $50 are u interested?” 1,304 more words

Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas Trade Winners And Losers

Well, that’ll teach me to complain about how bored I am. So late this afternoon after weeks of back and forth the Cleveland Cavaliers found a trade partner to unload their beleaguered point guard Kyrie Irving. 1,012 more words

Day 'MarketWatch' Says Amazon Is Set To Drop Below 10% It Goes Up 1.43%

by Anura Guruge

It was pretty AMAZING but I had a hunch that this would be case. Yes, AMZN at $953 was cheap after the recent sell-off. 102 more words

Anura Guruge

Larian Sukan Sea 2017

Date : 19th August 2017
Venue : Putrajaya Presint 3
Time : 7.00am
Distance : 15k

This run was held in conjunction with Sukan Sea Marathon which was held at the same location. 514 more words



but hey, happy birthday.

Glad that I could have been there for it at least,
even if I was invisible.