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Struggle is a necessity of life. And everybody is either going through it, or bound to. Be it their thoughts, their aims, their goals and the worst of it, their own demons. 220 more words


So , what's next?

I must admit that the abolishment of the PSD overseas scholarship  slightly affected me in ways that I both anticipate and do not anticipate. The incident was in the limelight for quite some time in the beginning of the year, and the side effect is none other than questions I thought I can avoid, to the extent that I wish everybody would shut up. 824 more words


Perish the Thought

“Ah, I’m 23.”
I’m well aware that I am, but I realize that time is just so unforgiving when it comes to age. Pretty soon I would forget how old I am, and soon be part with the group of people who takes a second or two to remember how old they are. 490 more words

First step: journey to greatness

April 29, 2016.

Started the day a little downtrodden – admittedly, I spent too much time in bed than I should have. But you know what they say, … 379 more words


Welcome to Thunderdome

I fully intended for your first impression of me to be a bit more poetic than it is about to be..but after a long day at work and a dark and full bodied red blend, you are more likely in for a disgruntled and slightly intoxicated version of me. 1,767 more words


A ramble about whitewashing

Saturday 30th April 2016

In the last week or so, the first look at “Ghost In The Shell”- a Hollywood adaptation of a manga by the same name – has been released. 471 more words


The Conjuration of Comic Conventions

Forgot to make a post yesterday, as promised. Still, better late than never, right?

The reason that I forgot yesterday was that I was busy having a wonderful day at a local convention of fandom wonder and nerd culture. 601 more words