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Feminists, stop telling us what other people are

Just a quick rant on something that caught my eye. I’ve come across some posts on facebook showing tweets of feminists claiming that people who believe in equal rights are feminists. 367 more words


How Are These Canucks Different From Before?

Everyone’s doing a quarter season article so I figure what the hay? The Canucks have already shown us quite the roulette wheel of games; big wins, big losses, one goal games and a shootout for profiling purposes only. 688 more words


Everyone Esle, or The Luckiest People

I don’t understand people. I think I would be more qualified to be a basketball player than an anthropologist, and be more likely to give birth than be a psychologist. 392 more words

Daily Post


After doing a spotlight on Dr. Bennet Omalu on the 26th of November 2015 I decided to do some more digging as to understand why all the rave about him NOW. 983 more words

Bennet Omalu

That moment

When you husband calls you to wish you a happy thanksgiving and by the way, my father said I shouldn’t go to the casino so much. 7 more words


That moment

When you running for your life, trying to catch the bus, but it just passes you by without a thought in the world.

You think to yourself, are you in a hurry ? 16 more words

That Moment

Let's Talk A Little Gamers...

by Kywe Wa Dana Tun

The term “Gamer” has been thrown around a lot more. It used to be a unique a term that belonged to the stereotypical race of humans called, … 316 more words