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Condiment Wars

(scene opens at cluttered breakfast table)

Alpha: I want to try meerliwhup.
Me: (blinks, strives for focus) What?
Alpha: Meerliwhup. I want to try it. 100 more words

Lost and Not Yet Found, or What to Do If Your Pet Is Missing

For the past several months, I have watched from afar as a friend on Facebook searches for her lost cat. She is living through one of my worst nightmares: a beloved animal in my care that has gone missing. 284 more words



If I write about creepy, old, wrinkled up, crooked nosed women who surface at the witching hour to collect the glassiest eyeballs for their collection, would it be relatable? 207 more words


So I was supposed to go jogging with a few of my friends but they showed up at 6.48am and the whole world was awake. 172 more words


Crushed Hope

In a world where everyone seems to have that purpose

to be right, be better than everyone else

In a world of greed and power… 88 more words


Dumbing down of America

As a mind-shaper, I am appalled by what I witness in my work on a daily basis. I swear, things are getting more absurd than ever. 158 more words


The Panama Canal


When the canal opened, it was a technological marvel. It was an important strategic and economic asset to the U.S., and revolutionized world shipping patterns, as its opening removed the need for ships to travel the long and dangerous route via the Drake Passage and Cape Horn (at the southernmost tip of South America). 288 more words