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Song and Dance (The Final Act)

The song and dance.  The tune that plays.  We’ve heard the same tired one for decades.  It has never been so big and bright on big screen teevees every night.  598 more words


Foodie’s fitness

Struggle between fitness and health is too familiar for us all! The physical and psychological issues associated with an unfit body are well talked about. But, no one is raising another important issue of space crunch! 66 more words


Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

I have counted down the days, hours, minutes,
one by one, each tock of my grandfather clock
linked in pen and ink chains of endless words. 249 more words

Friday's Rant: More On Real Racism

So there he was again, the illustrious, can-do-no-wrong paragon of morality Al Sharpton, on TV this time to represent the family of Eric Garner. Sharpton, you might know,  visited Obama’s White House seventy-five times, twenty of those visits being one-on-ones with the president. 672 more words

What Money Can’t Buy

We take pride in all the terms we used to
describe ourselves today. Millennials, Generation Z, 90’s baby and what not.
Somewhere down the line we seemed to have lost sight of everything except the… 464 more words


Results Day Joy:)

Yesterday I went into school to get my GCSE results and I was sooooooo nervous! The night before I tried to go to sleep early, but ended up watching Glee for a couple of hours and probably didn’t drop off until 2am. 587 more words