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What kind of a reader are you?

Those who knows me would know that I love to read.

Reading, to me, is an essential part of my life. It molded me into becoming 70% of the person I am today. 1,324 more words

Are gamers whiny, self-entitled customers?

Do I hear people say that I am a whiny, self-entitled gamer? Sure, I am, and I won’t deny that fact. I do, however, find it increasingly sad to see how some gamers and the video game press turn on people like myself who have a reasonable expectation of quality, fairness and good business practices when it comes to video game releases. 795 more words


Being different, yet the same.

The reason I started blogging, except for that I missed to write is that at I currently live in a place where the goth subculture doesn’t exist at all and thought that I could get some inspiration online, through blogs and videos, hopefully participate and find some new friends. 566 more words


SNK 10 +++ new member Mimi!

Hi everyone!

So we’re back with another release! This was done amazingly quick because of our new member Mimi. She’s just joined the AMS family, so let’s all welcome her! 88 more words



Sorry. I have been feeling such way to everyone the whole 22 years of my existence. Sparing people’s feelings is one of my favorite pastimes. Taking other people’s feelings into account when saying something has become a habit of mine. 97 more words


WoC calls out a cyber bully


It was previously stated that Kevin Richards was deceased. However, a contact and friend of his has informed us that Tristan, the man accused of harassing countless people, fabricated this information. 1,004 more words

Why Customer Focus...

Because it’s the right thing to do. If that’s not enough, since when? I’ve mentioned before, we’re in business because a customer had a need. How selfish to get away from that need for our own gain. 56 more words