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Pet Peeve #257

The name of this character….

….is The Creature.

(Actually, he was unnamed but referred to as “the creature” …)


The Social Currency of Weight Loss

“I bought some Pringles because they were on sale, and I told Chris he could take them in his lunch,” said Mom A as she pulled out a can to share with the kids attending the play date. 844 more words


A Rant

The guys over Credo Covenant are kind enough to allow me to write something for their blog now and then and this time I posted a rant that I wrote after being condemned by a gaggle of Grundys posing as baptists who told me that reading fantasy novels would get me condemned by Jesus.  18 more words


On the Reading of Fantasy


A Defense of Fairyland with Apologies to C.S. Lewis

Let’s round up the usual suspects: Dorothy Gale, Tik-Tok, Ozma, The Shaggy Man, the Cowardly Lion, The Hungry Tiger, the Pevensies, Tumnus, Aslan, Curdie, Princess Irene, Taran, Coll, Dalben, Gwydion, Princess Eilonwy, Fflewddur Flam, Gurgi, Commander Sam Vimes (He’s a Duke now but I knew him first as a Commander of the watch), Carrot Ironfoundersson, and last but certainly not least Nobby Nobbs. 716 more words

Thinking Christianly

A Smadam Update and A Message to Older Generations

Have you been wondering why Smadam Productions hasn’t made any new videos lately? Well, here’s a quick update, plus a special guest rants about the baby boomer generation and compares them to millenials.


A Rant: Tell me my grades!!!!

I wish there was a way to review a college class before the class is over. At the end of every semester we get to do a TRACE review of our classes to provide feedback on the professor and the curriculum. 358 more words