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The Flag Debate

G’day there. Regular listeners to the programme will be aware of my love of the new flag. I’ve long been a supporter of changing it to something modern and racy, something sexy and dangerous, something clean and non Maori. 223 more words


Got Privilege? Sit Down, Please.

It seems that lately, for every effort made to bring light to injustice, there always seems to be a subsequent rally cry in defense of some other unrelated group (usually one that needs no defending). 488 more words


July (Otherwise Known as the Most Miserable Month of the Year)

Time for a nice, healthy dose of curmudgeonly complaining.

July. I don’t know what it is about this month, but I find it to be the most insufferable month in existence. 364 more words


Anti-Aging Cosmetics Rant: Do We Need It At Such a Young Age?

Hello Shiquers and welcome back to Nerdy Shique Universe! Since I am still waiting on word if we are doing press for AFO, they should really get on that since August starts tomorrow and on the edge of my seat for it, in the meantime it’s time for something that I have been a bit miffed about and it’s due to how I have been getting a lot of anti-aging products in my Ipsy bag and BoxyCharm when I don’t use them! 995 more words


In Theory or Why I Would Make a Crummy Engineer

?? to.

v Y

We know the shape of the cap and we know the area of the base, and the volume so we can find the unique height, , unique because the volume will be some multiple of the height times the area of the base.  457 more words

Math Explorations


It’s like another land inside the telly!
So far, in every ad I’ve seen for booze,
there’s never been a man with a beer belly… 131 more words