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How To Send Me Into an Identity Crisis

Adults can be so ignorant and offensive with their questions. For the most part, I brush it off as cute. Still, what response are my elders expecting with, “How’s school going?” I am confined to one of two answers: a generic “well” and those noises produced during a stress-induced panic attack. 258 more words


Dance the Dance

This evening, I attended Westminster’s opening night of Dance Theater, which is an organization on campus where students come together and dance. The students are the choreographers and the students are in charge of putting on an amazing show in the spring each year. 398 more words


You're Not Being Punked, This is a Real Clothing Item

While walking to work today I spotted a woman whose outfit gave me pause.  When I was growing up we’d say, “Am I on Candid Camera?”  Now we say “punked” (punk’d?) so if you’re keeping track, Ashton Kutcher > Allen Funt. 716 more words


Having to hide religious symbols 

Often, I find myself having to hide religious symbols that I wear because of people’s ignorance on the meaning of the symbols.

For example, I have a necklace that has the Hindu “om” symbol on it and I wore it in public. 176 more words


How do you solve a problem on your computer?

Computers are both the nectar of my existence and the bane of it. Having one for as long as I’ve had it, I can’t see myself ever living without it. 347 more words


Baby Donkey With Two Pink Casts

Three-week-old Primose was conserved by veterinarians that placed her under-developed legs in casts till they are solid sufficient to sustain her.
Sight this picture’.
Caters Information Solution. 18 more words


Spring Break 2015 Musings...

Here goes nothing special:  Today and the past couple weeks have hit me from not only events which have occurred, but also from items and miscellaneous social media posts that popped up via my Timehop app.   883 more words