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Day 12 - Bratislava to Tata - 134km

It felt like I’d barely made any progress over the last three days, I had two fairly short days plus an extra day in Vienna. Although I wanted to take things a bit slower on this trip anyway, I still got a bit restless. 732 more words


Undeadifying myself

No, I’m not dead. Yes, I did watch SGDQ 2018. I don’t need a reminder that I used to post about every other GDQ… 508 more words

General News

The Trickling Sads of Time

With every passing second, we grow further from our birth and closer to our demise. There’s an upbeat thought for you. From the age we are first able to create memories, we are building a tail – a tail of tales, if you will – that stretches out behind us, longer and longer with every event, presenting us with our past. 995 more words



So I recently discovered that I look good in Grey.

It’s weird how I always used to avoid some colours because, “oh it is a sad colour” or  “oh the colour’s too bright”. 218 more words


Pokémon episode won’t air because of “blackface” concerns

Does anyone else think the people who make such a big issue of things like this are the ones being racist if they see a monkey-like pokemon and instantly say that it looks like a person of color?  227 more words


What My Parents Taught Me.

There are things your parents say that you don’t pay attention to or don’t really understand, but later you realize what they actually meant and they were actually looking out for you/not just trying to annoy you. 936 more words


You will like our movies or there will be "consequences"

The entire headline can be summed up in a single sentence: “You will like our movies or there will be “consequences.” Well, what can they possibly do? 149 more words