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August's almost over

In a couple of days and wisdom tooth surgery is fast approaching. Whew~ Anyway, I haven’t been here for quite sometime. I also haven’t shared any improvements about my workouts and getting healthy “self-proclaimed” program. 410 more words


War Against Drugs

Well, hello there, again! I’m back, as you can see. In light of the recent news from the Philippines (where drug users and dealers are being killed without trial), I decided I would weigh in on the issue of drugs and harsh drug laws. 706 more words


I have gotten Way off Track

Before I realized it, I had gotten off track. I’m back up to 140.8 lbs.

I’m going to make myself some struck rules.

1. One to two liters of water per day… 116 more words

Pro Ana

3 am thoughts #2

It has been five years, but the monster within still remembers the outline of your lips. They tasted like the forbidden fruit and from time to time, my mouth fills up with that phantom taste. 181 more words


Monday 29/8

Today, I wore a nice outfit to work. I’m giving off the air of togetherness – a waft of that brand of maturity that only twenty-somethings can lay claim to, a sort of “adult from Monday to Friday” demeanour. 315 more words


Boiling over 

when turmoil within

can no longer be contained

between quiet lips


It Hasn't Gone Bad Yet

i actually enjoyed today
like i got my ring back off lily and then did poetry and stuff and talked to brodie and noah and becca most of the day pretty much and yeah i didn’t go to class in red but whatever… 309 more words