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RANT: How Abrupt Climate Change is Redrawing the Map // Feb 18, 2019

Climate Disruption is Ubiquitous.  Discuss PCAM, or Polar Cold Air Mass:

  • Tropics have expanded by 0.5 degrees in latitude per decade since 1970s:
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Rapid Climate Change

Here's the thing about realationships...

Hello to anyone out there that may or may not be reading this post. Here’s the thing, I suck at keeping up with stuff, including realationships. 407 more words


Build That Barrier!!!

February 18, 2019

Before devotees of President Trump get too giddy with excitement over Friday’s Rose Garden announcement that he will declare a “national emergency” along our southern border, and confiscate precious funding from other departments to build that wall. 401 more words


A Day in the Life

Non-Profit Organization: *sends print invitation for a program*

Donor: *doesn’t RSVP*

NPO: *sends email reminder #1 for the program… 47 more words


MCM 2019: Grabasstic

President’s Day 2019 was an unorganized, grabasstic day off for me.

I went to bed about 0130 Monday morning, then promptly slept through my 0430 alarm. 502 more words


It's been a year.

It has been a while since I posted anything here. For the most part, it is because it has been tough for me to express myself and more so in a conversational manner. 352 more words


ADHD and Me: University and Living with Neurodivergence

I’ve mentioned my ADHD a few times on this blog, but unless you really know me, it’s not very obvious: I’m better at remembering obligations than most of my friends; I’m fairly low-energy, although that has more to do with my constant state of exhaustion; and I’ve been on the Honor Roll and Dean’s List for most of my life. 1,145 more words