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The Driver. 

Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well? Trusting no one? And always being careful.
Before I begin fully, I’ll tell you two very important things. 675 more words

They are the Seasons..

Life, such a bizarre..
With happiness and pain walking side by side..
So many moments, so many memories..
So many people.. And good byes..
Some come and go like a beautiful butterfly touching you for a sec… 104 more words


Things that go bump in the night

Ok, picture this. It’s the middle of the night and the call of nature wakes you up. More like screams its ugly head off, but you still resist. 364 more words


The Marriage Debate

Let’s talk about marriage for a second. It’s such an amazing concept, to have one life companion that you go through everything with. It’s the purists idea of love and I honestly love the idea of it but like most things, the execution is where it gets foggy. 221 more words


How People Ruin My Most Liked Songs

Most often than not, I wear my earphones to be able to inhale the soul, the rhythm and the meaning of each song I listen to. 427 more words

Stupid and Proud

When you ask me my pet peeves, it’s likely I won’t list a lot. I’d like to think it’s because I’m a tolerant person. It’s actually more or less because I’m too oblivious to notice when anything annoying is happening. 991 more words


10 Things you hate about LA

Yeah I know, I know, we all love LA right? If we didn’t we wouldn’t be here.  I know I really find it to be a true place I can call my home where there’s always something to do.   618 more words

Thinking Out Loud