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World weary whispers float in dawn’s pre-amble

And thoughts lay splattered and scattered

Like suicide shot on a pixel painted screen.



Many of you have already heard about the misbehavior of Mr. Robin Padilla towards a Korean contestant during the Pilipinas Got Talent last Saturday.

Dahil gusto ni  680 more words


Tinder Revisited

Hi everyone! I recently came back from the dead. I’ll probably go back pretty soon, and maybe resurface in like 8 months or whenever I’m up late and really need to pee, which just so happens to be the exact moment my roommate decides it’s time to take a shower. 994 more words

Winning Against Luck

Ladybugs are lucky. Or so the story goes. People love them, at any rate. They think they’re cute. We count their spots. Even if you are disgusted by insects, there’s a good chance you think ladybugs are cute and harmless. 263 more words


Unnecessary Destruction

The anger and pain I feel right now is overwhelming. I can’t breathe and I’m shaking from emotion.

I want to break things, scream and shout. 344 more words


Conscientious to a fault

I caught wind of a former colleague’s shenanigans from a person I’ve been connecting with on Tinder.

The colleague in question is, as far as I know, successful and pretty much celebrated throughout his career. 436 more words


6-year-old boy infected with rabies has died

Rabies is no joke people, it’s fatal. This incident was highly preventable. Now you have people feeling sorry for the kid and family, then you have me, who is shaking my head in disbelief because that kid’s death could have been avoided. 192 more words