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Just. NO.

Okay, I think this is going to be like a mini rant. I’m not so sure about posting this, it’s kind of a sensitive topic, but I really want to share this with you. 336 more words


Guys I’m tired, not just the “oh I didn’t get enough sleep last night.” I’m so tired of how everything has to be a fight! You get online and see internet fights over politics, someones opinion, just pretty much anything and everything. 488 more words

A Rant to the Fat Jewish

Wow really? Cause I’m confused fat Jewish, what did she do wrong? I’m tired of the whole controversy over the performance. I bet none of you knew what it was until the media told you, and those that are proud of what she did are proud because she choose to say something. 131 more words


Why I Hate Politics (Not Really)

So today, Falcon, Ariel, and I were talking and somehow our conversation somehow morphed into politics. Like I’ve probably mentioned, my friends (Falcon) have pretty strong opinions. 318 more words

This is nonsense i swear. This is a nonsense f*cking rant, so sorry.

Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako. Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.  Naiinis ako.   177 more words



For months, I have been keeping a keen eye on my finances… Reading (and re-reading!) dozens of blogs and posts about money management, frugal lifestyle, improving financial situation. 981 more words