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Scale Modelings Greatest Disappointment: Hobby Boss' 1/32 B-24

What a time to be alive as a scale modeler; at least that’s the perception. This is especially true if you like to build in the manscale and have an affinity for heavy bombers it seems. 1,458 more words


Why the Packers should consider sitting Aaron Rodgers

Heading in to their bye week the Packers sit at 3-2-1, a relatively disappointing record considering the teams’ expectations at the start of the season and the fact that their schedule was highly favorable over the first 6 weeks of the year.  1,062 more words


I Miss "Phineas and Ferb"

Ever since Disney pulled “Phineas and Ferb” from Netflix in favor of starting their own streaming service (which should’ve been created years ago, what took them so long?), I have been missing it immensely. 181 more words


The Secret

Do you have a secret that you can’t really tell anybody? Well, I do. Sometimes I completely forget about it and go on with my day as normal but sometimes it is on the tips of my lips and I really just want to spit it out but I can’t. 421 more words

Red Dead's 100-hour weeks

Anything you say on the internet can and will be taken the wrong way. As far as Rockstar games are concerned, this week has been no different. 702 more words


Attack Of The Two Hour And 20 Minute Movies!

I acknowledge that this complaint is going to sound both basic and obvious, not to mention asinine, but still it needs to be said: movies are too long. 933 more words

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