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One Man's Limited-Edition Bourbon is Another Woman's Vintage Perfume; Or, Why I Need Sleep Right Now

A few weeks ago, my husband got a cryptic text message from a friend asking him to come over ASAP.  It was a surprise, apparently.   1,181 more words

General Perfume Musings

The Wrong Kind of Right: Katrina Crane in the Sleepy Hollow finale

…I’m angry.

Anyone who knows me, or at least knows what sort of fangirl I am, knows that I tend to be the calm one. The one who stays out of fandom drama or just observes it like a mildly interested person on a safari. 641 more words


I can only stay quiet for so long

Okay, I’m going to write a little bit about the Idle No More Protests because it personally makes me ill hearing the racist garbage I’ve been hearing MORE about than the issues at hand. 941 more words


Untitled #3

Do the world a favor and stop acting like you don’t want every ounce of attention you clearly ask for.

You make me so sick sometimes. 10 more words

Dear You

I Hate Ticketmaster

I think Ticketmaster thinks we’re all idiots. And it pisses me off because the majority of my entertainment comes from concerts.

Garth Brooks apparently sold out over 15 000 tickets in under a minute. 421 more words



My mind is buzzing and I feel trapped. I don’t know what to do.

God, please give me the strength, Amin.

I need one understanding soul.

Ranty Rant Rant

While I have your attention....

Oh hi, New People.  It’s been super fun to interact with you and meet so many of you during Wendy’s Wild and Ironic Ride on the Meme Train.   896 more words

A Little Bit Of C