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Quarter-Century Crisis

Today, I officially turn 25 and my crisis is still on going. Hence the title of my site and this post. Being unemployed for this long has been a BLT with cheese! 285 more words


Why We Can't Have Nice Things

This has been a repressed urge. I have been stopping myself from writing about this it’s getting out of control!

About a year or two back (please correct me if I’m wrong), rental bikes arrived in Singapore. 585 more words


Crocodile Tears

Still ranting about the same book here (wine vs whine post) and spotted this FATAL flaw… Kill me now!

Flaw 1: The heroine is currently being proposed to by her “tall, dark and handsome” hero whom she loves with all her heart and the chapter begins with, “I can feel the crocodile tears rolling down my cheeks”. 375 more words


Ah Ma Rice (Grammar Nazi)

Hahahahahahaha!! I crack myself up!! Ah Ma rice?

Grammar or grandma = ah ma

Nazi or nasi (malay) = rice

Hence, Ah Ma Rice!! *APPLAUSE* 174 more words


Who Am I?

A while back, I made an “anonymous” Gmail-WordPress-Instagram package because I wanted the freedom to post anything I want with no one knowing it was me. 117 more words


Where's My Reset Button?

So here is why I am in a crisis. I dropped out (a story for another post). Been looking for a job but haven’t been lucky. 204 more words