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"Snow, Heavy at Times": Joseph Kertes's The Afterlife of Stars

Three years after its first Canadian publication, Joseph Kertes’s The Afterlife of Stars has appeared in the US. Was it worth the wait? I’m honestly not sure. 2,315 more words

Saskatoon students remember Raoul Wallenberg and his life-saving legacy

Saskatoon high school students are drawing inspiration from Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat whose actions saved thousands of Hungarian Jews.

In 1944, Wallenberg handed out thousands of forged Swedish citizenship documents, called the “Schutz-Pass,” which worked like a passport and prevented anyone with one from being deported under the Nazi regime. 204 more words


Jan-17 (Pt 1): Ike, Military Adventures and Murder

We cover January 17th in two parts.  In Part 1: Ike, Military Adventures and Murder we address President Eisenhower’s farewell speech warning of the Military Industrial Complex, the murder of Raoul Wallenberg and Patrice Lumumba and military adventures and misadventures in Hawaii, Spain and Iraq. 611 more words


The Journey: Microfiction

Ailise hugged and kissed her children goodnight, knowing she might never perform this bedtime ritual again. She sat watching them through the night and thinking of their dire situation. 418 more words


Feast of Raoul Wallenberg (December 19)

Above:  Raoul Wallenberg

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Righteous Gentile

Raoul Wallenberg was a merely decent human being. 647 more words

Saints Of The 1920s

From a Dacha Wall, a Clue to Raoul Wallenberg’s Cold War Fate

The original K.G.B. chief’s diaries, long hidden, state outright for the first time that Mr. Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat and war hero, was executed in a Moscow prison. 14 more words


rescuing the innocent...stories from the Holocaust for ages 6-14

Easily the most common focus in children’s literature about WWII, The Holocaust is an urgent, yet difficult historical event to present to young children.

Today’s titles suit a variety of ages and emphasize the bravery of those who stood with the Jewish people at the risk of their own lives. 1,196 more words