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   Have you ever had trouble finding beats online?  They either cost to much or just plain old suck.  Well your day just got better.  I have found some amazing and affordable products for you. 42 more words


Buying Hip Hop Beats Online

Buying Hip Hop Beats Online: Practical Tips for Aspiring Artists

We all work hard for our money and want to get the best best use out of it. 402 more words

Need Instrumental Rap Beats?

Download High Quality Instrumental Rap Beats

Need Instrumental Rap Beats?

We are a digital marketplace for instrumental beats and rap instrumentals. With a broad production catalog of different genres from different producers, you can easily license instrumental beats and quality instrumental rap music online on this website. 116 more words


Free Beats & Music

Came a cross of good music and beats for projects so i am sharing some of the best one’s with you!

Beats by
Rehab Beats…

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Producers are more valuable than they are given credit for.

A Producer is a very important role in the process of creating quality music. So before we even continue, first and foremost I must stress to you, never underestimate your value! 732 more words

Sell beats on Youtube

How to Sell Beats on Youtube?

To Sell Beats on Youtube these days is really helpful and almost all top producers are currently posting their beats on their channels. 583 more words

Background Music

Sell Beats on Soundcloud

How to Sell Beats on Soundcloud?

You have good beats and now you want to sell beats on Soundcloud? Soundcloud is one of the most popular music networks online who allows musicians (artists and producers) to upload their music and share it publicly. 383 more words

Dirty South Beats