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MC Arch & Agatan - Not Like Them (TCB Remix) | Hip-Hop / Dubstep

Here’s a remix of MC-Arch’s “Not Like Them,” brought to you by TCB, who put a little bit of a dubstep/trap twist to it!  41 more words

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KaleKatz - Applebloom's Lullaby | Hip-Hop

Applejacks lullaby to Applebloom touched People and was a Adorable, Soothing, and Calming song. It is nice to see Kale paying tribute to that. :) I think it is always nice to that the lullaby is very fitting regarding the Melody and it still keeps the soothing part in it. 13 more words

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MC-Arch & Agatan - Not Like Them | Rap / Hip-Hop

Time for another ambient hip hop track from MC-Arch, who paired up with Agatan Music once again!  Inspired from Diamond Tiara’s change of heart in “Crusaders of the Last Mark,” the lyrics can be quite emotional, and they are well-executed.  37 more words

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Virus Ponies - Split (feat. N. Hollow) | Trap

Hollow and Virus have been pretty busy I see, I like it Man. :) Dope beat, dope flows, I love it. I think the delivery is very well done. 53 more words

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80's vs. 90's Music Video Bracket: Final Four

When: Saturday, October 7th. Show at 9:00 p.m.
Where: The Blue Note
Tickets: $5

We’re getting close to crowning a champion for the 80’s vs. 90’s Music Video Battle of the Decades. 142 more words

The Blue Note

Prey - Black Magic | Hip-Hop / Trap

Yes yes yes niiiiiice this is a good Trap beat man. dope drums With some a nice vibe to it. Nice techno pieces in there too, I honestly find it abit hard to say how this is MLP related though, but its always Lovely and cool to see people getting into the Brony Vibe. 36 more words

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Ponylution - Melancholy | Lo-fi Hip-Hop

A short yet inspired piece, Melancholy has that Chillout vibe that really fits well to the scene of the cover art. It also displays beautiful melodies on piano that would make the track a BGM of choice for a bar or a café!

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