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Obama administration challenges the money bail system: Can people be kept in jail just because they are poor?

President Obama’s civil rights lawyers are seeking a potentially far-reaching ruling to hold that the Constitution forbids the common practice of keeping people in jail prior to a trial, even for minor offenses, just because they are too poor to pay for bail. 294 more words

Child Abuse

Projekt Equestria ft. Bejeden - Manewry w Equestrii | Rap / Hip-Hop

It’s not often we get get sent ponifications of other songs…and I don’t think we’ve ever had anything in Polish before, so consider this an extremely rare occasion! 19 more words

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It’s time for a new collaborative album from the community, everypony!! And this one certainly delights and holds many surprises! Living up to its lovely title, the album from collaborative effort… 377 more words


3 Loudmouth Rap Artists Who Stay Winning

It’s easy to say lions always triumph and lambs are always slaughtered in the animal kingdom. Does the same apply to hip-hop artists?

When the chips are down, … 612 more words

Dj Khaled

Ponytronic - Tiempo De Sombra | Trip-Hop

We don’t see much trip-hop these days, but Ponytronic’s got you covered for your fix of mildly glitchy breakbeats. A nice electric guitar fills the main body of the melody, adorned by synths and plenty of  percussion

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The "Old Hip Hop Head"

“Why should I listen to rap anymore? I grew up on 50 Cent, Eminem, Nelly, Fort Minor…This flavour of the month shit is getting annoying….Production is all the same, All these rappers have coloured dreads…writing is on the level of a fourth grader….Tbh country is looking more appealing”. 188 more words

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Sprocket - Praise the Sun | Hip-Hop

Part of the ongoing “Princess Variations” project, a series of songs about Celestia and Luna, based around the same basic chords and melodies but performed in different styles and genres. 60 more words

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