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Fish oil and marshmallow foldovers will be served at our Gala banquet

I had fish oil the other day for the first time in a decade. I’d bought an especially high quality one called OmegaCure for my two littlest ones who can’t swallow pills and was excited when it arrived. 1,088 more words


Kate Copstick in Kenya: more child rape, corruption and struggling charity

Comedy critic Kate Copstick is currently in Kenya working for her Mama Biashara charity which gives small grants to help poor people start their own self-sustaining businesses. 1,502 more words

Kate Copstick

Kate Copstick and child rape in Kenya

Yesterday’s extracts from Kate Copstick’s diary saw her arrive in Kenya but with nowhere to stay except with an acquaintance’s aunt. Now read on…

TUESDAY… 1,423 more words

Kate Copstick

"I'm sorry but I can't look you in the eye because you remind me of my rapist. Nothing personal. I'm just fairly terrified right now."

I went into a patient room at my urgent care day job today to see a patient with chief complaint “sinus symptoms.” A routine visit, I was in and out in 3 minutes flat. 652 more words


Best Vegan Chili Ever!

So as you have probably gathered by now, I like super simple recipes with few ingredients. I don’t have a lot of room in my tiny house to store a ton of ingredients. 329 more words


Aluminum and gold

The CBS national news is featuring a story today that I appeared in as a PANDAS expert. PANDAS is a medical condition affecting kids where their immune system attacks their brain when they get sick and gives them things like tics, OCD, anorexia, rage and cognitive impairment. 1,452 more words