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Rape Is Murder

Virginal rape is murder of innocence.

Rape is murder of the body,

Rape is murder of the sexuality,

Rape is murder of the soul,

Rape is murder of the heart. 32 more words




Consent is a word that I will teach my sons. Consent is a word I want you to teach your sons and share the word together with all the men and women of this world… 449 more words


Suicidal Thoughts And Rape

I think by making this post I can lay things to rest. When I finally accepted I had been raped I immediately came out of a hypo/manic episode and went into an extreme low to the point that I was suicidal. 106 more words

In Sheep’s Clothing: Using Religion to Camouflage Pain

Occasionally, a newspaper report comes out that is so horrifying, so disruptive of inner peace, that it demands re-posting. The front-page New York Times report today on the sexual enslavement of women and girls by the group calling themselves ISIS is one such journalistic event. 724 more words

What we mean by the term "rape culture"

I’ve recently been watching a Netflix series called Hemlock Grove, and while there are several moments in it that make me cringe and wonder if I really want to subject myself to it, one in particular stands out. 795 more words


E Pluribus Unum and The Unrecognized Black Goddess of Rome by Stuart Dean

E pluribus unum (‘EPU’), which first began to be used by the U.S. in the 18th century, comes from a poem entitled Moretum that until well into the 19th century was generally attributed to Vergil.   1,105 more words


The Amnesty challenge

Here is a challenge. You are Amnesty International. You want to take a position on sex work. It must not, however, have an impact anyone else’s human rights, in particular the “human right” of men to purchase sex. 1,558 more words