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TRIGGER WARNING - An excerpt from a message to a friend: Part of my story and contemplating confrontation

The guy who raped me was someone who lead me to believe that he was my friend for five years. He pressured me to get drunk with him, which I did willingly (as I had done on numerous occasions), to do shots with him, which I did less willingly. 375 more words


bryan - written January, 2015

the places you will go

the same spaces
where women are beaten

by strangers

nowhere is safe
not grocery stores… 102 more words



You: Sheltered Joe White Suburbanite, Your Avatar: Squeaky-clean pressed starch and tie “Republican” haircut neatly combed informing us all that “you would never walk through a crime ridden neighborhood flaunting your wallet; that’s just common sense”. 550 more words

Dear Duggar Family

You’ll never read this. My opinion won’t matter to you because most of my friends are gay and I know you think that makes me a bad person. 311 more words


PRAYER ALERT: Rape Cases On The Rise in Singapore; One Rape Every 2-3 Days

The number of reported rape cases in Singapore has risen over the past year.

Citing the Deputy Public Prosecutor, The New Paper reported that there were 163 rape cases last year, which works out to be one new case every 2-3 days. 52 more words

Singapore Society

Would I Ever Be That Carefree Girl Again?: The Rape Part 1

I’m hot, sweaty and drunk, I am ready to go home. But I am entirely too drunk to make it home. I wanted to sleep but my friends house is too noisy and if the cops show up, I don’t want to be here. 830 more words