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Badness **TW**

When I say I’m angry it’s because I’m not me. I don’t want to open my mouth because not so nice stuff comes out.

I allow it out with my hubby who sternly tells her she doesn’t have to act all tough and to knock off the swearing. 415 more words

Sexual Abuse

Is Religion a CULPRIT ?

When I started pursuing Economics, I had prior knowledge about just one thing that’s BARTER economy, later my Economics course introduced me to money based economy and now the recent happenings round the world are forcing me to ponder on new emerging form of economy called Sex Economy. 540 more words


Your Issue is too SMALL

After a rough day at College, as I mused in self-pity, newspaper caught my eyes. Newspaper filled with all those foul news from around the globe, makes me feel good of my existence. 380 more words


Snoop Lion Opens Up About His Pimp Past | Rolling Stone

Yesterday I lolled about the lobby of a local medical marijuana dispensary for four or five hours, waiting my turn to see the Marijuana Doctors so I could apply for my card. 272 more words


Dear black man on the street, (9/2/15)

I am not afraid of you
because of the color of your skin
I am terrified of you
because of the contents
of your pants. 96 more words


Single AF (2/2/16)

Why do I even bother dating?
I’m not any happier
with someone
than single
At least when I’m single,
I don’t cry
over dumb shit. 8 more words


Go For It

I stepped out into the cold January air, the first real 5 degree-wind blowing-makes your face hurt winter day of the year. It was Martin Luther king day. 1,057 more words