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Ched Evans retrial: A failure for the victim and all rape victims

I have felt anger many times in my life but this weekend as I read the headline that Ched Evans had been cleared of rape, I felt an overwhelming sense of rage. 1,761 more words


A NO means NO

Rarely has something made me chomp at the bit, and try and spill out on screen the anger, the sheer disgust that I feel at the rampant sexism that is being condoned and perpetuated. 702 more words


New Statesman: Action against sexual harassment in schools is more about protecting the male orgasm than girls

How much pain and suffering is the male orgasm worth? Is there ever a time when a man’s right to access hardcore pornography is outweighed by the rights of young women to feel safe? 189 more words


When a politico's a$$ is on fire he will scream against #fakeRape .. else all women are Sati Sabitri !!

IF your wife filed a fake case on you and your mother, and IF your house elders were unceremoniously dragged to a police station for the first time in life, the shocked and daed family will be told “….how will a woman file a false case….” … You will be given a lecture on how Indian women are all Sati sabitris. 749 more words


An abundance of plays at the Edinburgh Festival revealing the shadow side of the alpha male psyche

Two shows at this year’s Edinburgh Festival left me feeling… well, strange. One was about a male ex-prisoner, the other about a female victim of rape. 771 more words