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Hang rapist, castrate rapist, do NOT leave the moolah!! Kid born of rape to get right to rapist property

Rape is ONE of the MOST heinous crimes. Like other serious crimes, it exposes the meanest of human behavior. Rapists, men or women, are to be punished very severely. 227 more words


Hang the Rapists !! How a failed marriage proposal becomes rape and gets dismissed at court !!

* Rape is a heinous crime. Rape is one of the MOST detestable things a human being could do to another human being. A rapist, be it man or woman, has to be punished severely. 3,334 more words


Date Rape Journey, Part 4: I Am More than Skin Deep

I want more than skin deep.

This jagged edge of my story cuts to the core.

At age 22 or so, I helped my sister move into a new office in Kirkland, Washington. 930 more words

Date Rape


Call me

Invite me

Meet me

Greet me

Drink me

Drunk me

Concern me

Trick me

Cry you

Kind me

Sly you

Can’t me

Try me… 24 more words


The Window Pain

I started leaving the window open almost every night during this past summer. It was hot in my room and I hated tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. 1,217 more words


Letter From Europe To USA: Do Not Take Refugees!

By: Nicolai Sennels, Denmark

….Inviting thousands of refugees and migrants from Islamic countries to Europe has proven a catastrophe. It is destroying our economies and we are seeing how still larger parts of our beautiful cities are being dominated and ruined by a religious, violent counter-culture. 356 more words