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No send letters help me deal with emotions

In case you, my readers haven’t noticed I blog more when I am going through a difficult time with my trauma or my bipolar.

I have just written a no send letter to my rapist for the first time in ages. 99 more words


I feel overwhelmed at the moment 

So today I had therapy and it was okay but I then went to my bipolar support group and at the end of the group I burst into tears a few times. 160 more words

Mental Health

Lara Logan explains the ''Taharrush rape game''

Journalist Lara Logan was attacked in Egypt in 2011 while reporting on the Arabic Spring – which put the Muslim Brotherhood into government… Suddenly the camera batteries went dead… 20 more words


Tomorrow I am finally going to have to talk about my sexual traumas including my rape and it is very daunting 

I just shared all of my poems written about my rape or my rapist and my feelings towards him and it was very cathartic. I feel like I have just purged a lot of emotion. 97 more words

Mental Health

Six months on 

Six months on and I still feel the sharp, stabbing pain Like it was yesterday.
Six months on and I still feel the hurt in my heart… 110 more words


Nothing changes with time

Every time I think I’ve moved on

Something hits me like that song.
I’m reminded that you never really move on from rape,

It doesn’t work like that. 69 more words



A former district attorney claimed in an email to his successor that his office agreed more than a decade ago to not use a civil deposition given by Bill Cosby in any criminal matter… 104 more words