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My Long Term Childhood Sexual Abuse

My Name is Cheryl Downum and I am a survivor of child sexual, and other abuse who had undertaken successful healing work, or so I thought. 3,254 more words

The Lord's Healing Power, My Testimony Part 1

The Lords Healing Power Part One

Dissociation is both my best friend and enemy. This is by far my most troubling symptom. Dissociation is a phenomenon that all people use to varying degrees at one time or another to cope with stress. 1,828 more words

I Was Stalked At 15

At 15 years old, in the early 70’s I had already survived being a victim of childhood sexual and physical abuse. Yet this day in October, I was facing a new crisis – as a victim of stalking.  1,342 more words

Me Too

A status on Facebook and Twitter today involves(and one I can get behind a helluva lot more than women willfully silencing themselves)involves women — and quite a number of men posting the words “Me Too” and then sharing stories of sexual harassment and far too often, rape and molestation. 266 more words

Take The Pledge To Stop Domestic Violence

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I’m taking the vow to end this painful form of abuse. Most importantly, to let victims know I believe them and that they can get help without judgement. 54 more words

Michigan woman with special needs held in shed and sold for sex by couple, police say | Fox News

Guess this charming heterosexual couple needed some extra cash:

A Michigan couple kept a woman with special needs in a vacant shed and sold her online for sex, police said.Michael Welch, 38, and Misty George, 30, of Macomb Township, were charged Tuesday with “human trafficking and prostitution earnings,” FOX2 Detroit reported.

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Heterosexual Couples

"Nothing in Playboy is Accidental"...Not even the Child Abuse fantasies?

The face of an empire dies:
With Hugh Hefner’s recent departure, we watch as an out pour of love and devotion (and some disgust) flows from the world. 1,891 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse