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I am learning to live in the present and not let my past invade my mind

Thankfully one of my very good friends told me that I shouldn’t count my rape anniversary. I wasn’t really counting it, I was just aware of when it was. 160 more words

Notes from a survivor

Five years ago I was riding my bike 45 miles to the bus station to visit my friend In New York. It was late; but I didn’t have a car, rural America is lacking in robust public transport systems, and it was peak tomato season so I could hardly ask for a day off. 497 more words


Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before: The Stranglehold of the ‘Gender Fraud’ Narrative

Alex Sharpe is Professor of Law at Keele University.

Over the last couple of years, I have written a series of articles addressing the issue of so-called ‘gender fraud,’ and opposing criminal prosecution on this basis. 1,103 more words

Human Rights

The behaviour of sexual assault victims is not what you think it should be

I wrote this article last week but at that time, chose not to post it. Some days I just don’t feeling like speaking publicly, about rehashing these issues again and again. 1,527 more words


This is Scary


It’s very sad to see that people who have found a safe haven from the violence of war in Syria, are biting the very hand that opened the doors of safety to let them in. 559 more words


Badness **TW**

When I say I’m angry it’s because I’m not me. I don’t want to open my mouth because not so nice stuff comes out.

I allow it out with my hubby who sternly tells her she doesn’t have to act all tough and to knock off the swearing. 415 more words

Sexual Abuse

Is Religion a CULPRIT ?

When I started pursuing Economics, I had prior knowledge about just one thing that’s BARTER economy, later my Economics course introduced me to money based economy and now the recent happenings round the world are forcing me to ponder on new emerging form of economy called Sex Economy. 540 more words