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Virginity is a patriarchal construct

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It’s difficult to call but I often wonder about the worst places to be a woman on earth. It’s easy enough to point the finger at those oddballs who don’t look like us but there are some issues that pop up wherever one might be based. 656 more words


You don't know what its like to be us

I was recently talking to a fellow writer and friend of mine about his travels. I was telling him I was envious of his travels and how I’d love to be able to live my life that way but that its more dangerous for a woman to travel alone than for a man. 896 more words


Rape Culture

You’re (hopefully) hearing more and more about rape culture. Or, at the very least, hopefully you’re hearing that phrase.

Rape culture.

Statistically speaking, someone you know has been raped. 488 more words


Rolling Stone's Rape Crisis: And the Band Played On

And on and on and on.  Following the release of Columbia School of Journalism’s April 5 report, “A Failure That Could Have Been Avoided… 1,398 more words


The things that terrify me

I’ve had a phobia of trains since I was little. I grew up in a house near train tracks, and when the horn went off late at night, it scared me enough to wet the bed. 442 more words


Hits and Shits


Débora Adorno and Other Brazilian Women Combat Sexual Harassment With An Unlikely Weapon 

A Brazilian woman named Débora Adorno was experiencing street harassment while walking alone in the streets. 1,134 more words