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How watching porn affected me

1) What effect did porn use have on your ideas about sexuality and your sexual behaviour?

Porn gave me a certain attitude toward sex. It told me that sex is always good, everything is acceptable, everybody loves sex and if anyone doesn’t think they love it they just need to try it. 1,349 more words

Porn Culture

What sex bots tell us about male sexuality

Recently the Misogynist Raging Assholes are having a tantrum over the alleged feminist conspiracy to ban their sex robots. According to MRAs, feminists want to ban the sex bots because when women have to compete with robots for male attention, the robots will win, since feminists are so fat, ugly, and unwilling to put out, and since the availability of sex bots will drive the price of sex way down. 1,133 more words

Porn Culture

REPOSTED from Tufts Daily, TW: trigger warning

As I tried to write this op-ed, I doubted what validity I had in making a judgment on the administrative policy.

More than a year ago, when I was raped on this campus by a fellow student, I chose not to take any legal action. 950 more words

Sexual Assault

Debate with Jessica Valenti on “Rape Culture.”

I’ve had a great deal of violence in my life. When I was 16 I ran away from home and lived on the street. I was raped, and brutally so.

3,053 more words
Rape Culture

Drive Thru RPG: Tone Policing the Critics

You know when you meet those people who just can’t help but double down on their mistakes? Drive Thru RPG has become one of those people for me. 800 more words


Who do we value: Josh Duggar and Rape Culture

There are so many things that I find problematic with the Duggar family and the way they’ve been idealized and have been endorsed despite the racism, classism, homophobia and transphobia that they’ve promoted. 553 more words

Sexual Violence

A Tournament of Non-Apologies

Drive Thru RPG responded to what has been going on over the Tournament of Rapists issue. I just read Steve Wieck’s response on his blog… 1,459 more words