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Surprise! A republican man hates women

Bonnie Bacarisse, writing for The Daily Beast, researched a republican representative and demonstrated that he is in fact the founder of ‘The Red Pill’ men’s rights forum. 413 more words

Radical Feminism

Grace & Frankie: Nick is a Creep

Netflix’s original series Grace & Frankie returned for it’s third season March 24th. I love this program. However, a plot point which begins towards the end of the latest season bothered me and I needed to write this. 1,333 more words


Sunday Reads: Presidency of Horrors 

What a week it has been…

This presidency is like a horror show, and I’m not talking about a good one either. It is beyond Plan 9 From Outer Space… 1,373 more words

Morning Reads

Presidential Trauma

He was so presidential.

Did you hear him speak?

It’s a complete turn around.

I think we are seeing the leader that Trump will become. … 682 more words


Gender Stereotypes & Abuse

CN: gender stereotypes, abuse, SA, fat phobia, victim blaming/shaming, size shaming, r*pe apologia, uncensored use of the word r*pe, toxic masculinity, ableism

“Is he bigger than you?”, is usually the first question people ask after finding out I’m a victim of domestic violence. 490 more words


So you want to make a protest sign about rape

There’s a lot to be said about protests – the energy, camaraderie, connecting with people, and sparking new or revitalized action in people. There are also the signs – we want to see people’s creativity and spin on specific topics and issues. 827 more words


Sunday Reads: Knock Em Out!

Hello, I’ve used photos of woman boxers, or women boxing, before…it seemed appropriate with the latest assault in women’s rights out of Ohio and Texas, that images of women in boxing gear (vintage ones at that) should be the perfect accompaniment to this thread. 3,777 more words

Just Because