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Bad Advice

TW: domestic violence, r*pe, abuse

Every time I come across a story about domestic violence there are always the well-meaning, but horribly misguided folks commenting on how to avoid becoming a victim. 422 more words


Convincing students to care about assault awareness in a culture of apathy

I received an email yesterday informing me (for the first time) that I had not yet taken an apparently mandatory sexual assault awareness course. As such, my student account would be frozen until I completed it, prohibiting me from registering for spring classes (registration starts next week). 462 more words


The #1 thing I want people to do this week to support ace survivors

If you’re giving an Asexual Awareness Week presentation or doing any kind of 101 panel this week, here is the number one thing I want you to do to include and support ace survivors: 429 more words

Asexual Visibility

Will Paine College to the right thing and revoke Bill Cosby’s degree?

AUGUSTA, Ga. — The very next college to strip serial rapist Bill Cosby of his honorary degree just may be one of the three HBCUs right here at home. 91 more words

Rape Culture

The Myth of "Innocence"

*Author’s Note: This article focuses on the experiences of women because the author is a female, and so has direct experience with that perspective. This is not intended to say that men do not also suffer from related issues, but that this specific problem is primarily felt by women. 425 more words

Women's Issues

What will it take to change your mind?

While it’s nice to have the support of both friends and strangers on the internet who tell me I’m brave for writing about pain, the reality is, I wish I weren’t. 340 more words

Author Sarahbeth Caplin

What confronting my rapist taught me about justice

This is my first paid writing piece (not book-related) via xoJane!


I didn’t realize I was raped until years after it happened. I, like many young women, entered the dating world with the idea that rape was something that happened to spandex-clad joggers early in the morning and partygoers in short skirts late at night. 1,281 more words

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