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Continuing to Police Bodies and Behaviors Only Adds Fuel to the Fire

It’s almost everywhere – my facebook feed, friends’ conversations, twitter, etc, this new recommendation from the CDC. You know, the one that instructs women of childbearing age to take birth control if they are going to drink. 1,068 more words

False Rape Allegations: A Victim Service Worker's Thoughts

Let me tell you why the “yeah, but why  now?” or “but false allegations!” or “a friend of a friend was falsely accused!” hold no water with me. 1,138 more words


Does listening to Bowie support rape culture?

When I heard the news that David Bowie passed away last week, I posted this status to my Facebook:

Throughout the morning, I shared updates of what Bowie album I was currently listening to, posted my favorite classic Bowie photos, and enjoyed seeing the same from others in my circle…until the news hit in mid-afternoon that David Bowie was actually a rapist and a pedophile. 2,295 more words

Sexual Assault

Where are the slut walks? No feminist outcries over victim-blaming in Cologne gropings

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Scene of the crimes: Chirping crickets from U.S. feminists

New York City cops, 2011, after a wave of street gropings, including an alleged rape, in Brooklyn:

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Bathsheba, justice, and the scandal of redemption

Photo credit goes to my husband, Joshua

What You Need to Know About Bathsheba was recently shared in the Progressive Christians Facebook group (of which I am a member even though… 692 more words


Baby It's Cold Outside: A Feminist Anthem?

Every year in recent memory, I’ve seen a plethora of articles, parodies, and hashtags calling out the Frank Loesser song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” for being a prime example of rape culture. 906 more words

Rape Culture