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Living with Domestic Violence

Trigger Warning: mentions of physical abuse, extreme violations of personal space/invasions of privacy, threats of violence. This is a pretty heavy post.

Being in an abusive relationship is exhausting. 1,302 more words


Four Generations of Feminism

CN: mentions of child abuse, none graphic

Grandma was born in Puerto Rico. She moved to NYC in the early 50’s as a teen. She worked at a factory. 842 more words


The truth is complicated - "A Stunning Accusation" COVER REVEAL & excerpt

It’s the day I’ve been waiting for on pins and needles for weeks – cover reveal day! Looks pretty foreboding, doesn’t it? My cover artist, Jennifer Howell, did a phenomenal job capturing the tension and suspense I was hoping for. 1,648 more words

Author Sarahbeth Caplin

I used the same excuses, too

Watching Jill and Jessa Duggar talk about the abuse they suffered from their brother on Fox News reminded me of someone I knew from college. “Jane” had told me that the guy I went on a date with the previous weekend raped her at a party. 662 more words


Defending the Duggars is defending rape culture

I’ve watched reactions to Josh Duggar’s molestation charges with morbid interest over the last several days. Aside from being yet another celebrity “scandal” (one involving a family with absolute Christian values, no less), you wouldn’t think this news would affect me personally. 668 more words


Grounds for Outrage

Journalist Emily Yoffe has tried to “disprove” just about every story of rape that is publicized, especially if it’s related to a college campus. She blames anyone but the perpetrators to show that this “rape epidemic” is really just college kids drinking too much and doing things they regret or are confused about. 2,641 more words


A Commentary

I share a lot of current news articles about sexual violence, especially those on campus rape, and I almost always include a caveat to “not read the comments.” As usual, however, I don’t always follow my own advice, and I’ve found myself posting a slew of responses to certain…uninformed…comments on these articles lately. 1,874 more words