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So you want to make a protest sign about rape

There’s a lot to be said about protests – the energy, camaraderie, connecting with people, and sparking new or revitalized action in people. There are also the signs – we want to see people’s creativity and spin on specific topics and issues. 827 more words


That sure sounds scary... On inconsistent statistics and the feminist challenge

1 in 4 women…

1 in 6 women…


We’re in a terrifying statistical minefield here in the FC2k17, where the challenge creator and volunteers are telling us that violence against women is a major, common problem.

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Let's get real #FC2k17

In the lengthy introductory email I received, I happened to come across this gem:

Let’s get real on day one. It is very statistically probable that some of you on this list have fraught or violent histories with women. 

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Sunday Reads: Knock Em Out!

Hello, I’ve used photos of woman boxers, or women boxing, before…it seemed appropriate with the latest assault in women’s rights out of Ohio and Texas, that images of women in boxing gear (vintage ones at that) should be the perfect accompaniment to this thread. 3,777 more words

Just Because

The Unabashed Racist Sexism of Twitter

Twitter has locked me out of my account today because of this tweet:

They say it violates their rules and I have to delete it before they’ll reinstate me but I’m not going to do that. 504 more words


The Rape Culture Candidate

Trigger warning: rape, rape apologism, and all associated awfulness. 

For some of us, it’s been obvious—and ignored by the mainstream—for far too long: Donald J. Trump is rape culture incarnate. 2,044 more words


Children and Boundaries

CN: brief mentions of SA, CSA, use of the word r*pe uncensored

I recently saw the above image on Facebook. Long story short it’s talking about not forcing children to hug people that they don’t want to. 509 more words