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Surprise! A republican man hates women

Bonnie Bacarisse, writing for The Daily Beast, researched a republican representative and demonstrated that he is in fact the founder of ‘The Red Pill’ men’s rights forum. 413 more words

Radical Feminism

Grace & Frankie: Nick is a Creep

Netflix’s original series Grace & Frankie returned for it’s third season March 24th. I love this program. However, a plot point which begins towards the end of the latest season bothered me and I needed to write this. 1,333 more words


Sunday Reads: Presidency of Horrors 

What a week it has been…

This presidency is like a horror show, and I’m not talking about a good one either. It is beyond Plan 9 From Outer Space… 1,373 more words

Morning Reads

Presidential Trauma

He was so presidential.

Did you hear him speak?

It’s a complete turn around.

I think we are seeing the leader that Trump will become. … 682 more words


Gender Stereotypes & Abuse

CN: gender stereotypes, abuse, SA, fat phobia, victim blaming/shaming, size shaming, r*pe apologia, uncensored use of the word r*pe, toxic masculinity, ableism

“Is he bigger than you?”, is usually the first question people ask after finding out I’m a victim of domestic violence. 490 more words


So you want to make a protest sign about rape

There’s a lot to be said about protests – the energy, camaraderie, connecting with people, and sparking new or revitalized action in people. There are also the signs – we want to see people’s creativity and spin on specific topics and issues. 827 more words