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Who are campus rapists and what should we do with them?

Part 1 of 2.

In the past two weeks, the media has focused a flood of attention on the perpetrators of sexual misconduct on college campuses. 2,700 more words


Bitterness: the new religious B-word

“Why are Jews still bitter about the Holocaust? It was over half a century ago; it’s time to move on.”

“You’d have a much better relationship with God if you got over your bitterness and forgave people already.” 811 more words


The secret benefit of "spiritual disconnect"?

Every now and then I get this compulsion to go back and reread some old journals – maybe in hope of finding proof that I am, in fact, maturing properly, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. 379 more words


How growing up and getting married changed my views on abortion

I pissed off a great number of people in college with some of my opinion columns on abortion. It’s critical to note that at the time they were written, I had never had a pregnancy scare, and I was adamantly against the pill: my understanding of how it worked wasn’t entirely accurate. 842 more words


This is my Fight Book

Happy release day, A Stunning Accusation!

You know that song by Rachel Platten, “Fight Song,” that you probably find yourself belting out alone in your car (or is that just me)? 696 more words

Author Sarahbeth Caplin

Living with Domestic Violence

Trigger Warning: mentions of physical abuse, extreme violations of personal space/invasions of privacy, threats of violence. This is a pretty heavy post.

Being in an abusive relationship is exhausting. 1,301 more words


Four Generations of Feminism

CN: mentions of child abuse, none graphic

Grandma was born in Puerto Rico. She moved to NYC in the early 50’s as a teen. She worked at a factory. 842 more words