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Modern Feminism's Need for Rape Culture

Why does modern, Third-Wave Feminism exist? It would seem that our culture has more than achieved full gender equality. Women are being granted front-line combat positions in the military, they’re attaining higher levels of formal education than men are, they’re earning more than men; the list really goes on and on. 672 more words


A Psychological Perspective on the National University of Singapore’s Orientation Fracas of 2016

Yesterday evening, while the author was filled with anxiety waiting for their module bidding results, a circular was sent out to all NUS students from the Provost announcing the blanket cancellation of all student-led orientation activities such as O’Week (Tan, 2016). 1,619 more words


I'm Tired

I’m tired.

The words “I’m tired” don’t even have the same meaning to me as they used to.

They can’t even come close to describing the mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion that I experience almost daily. 1,514 more words


What Scares Me About Being A Violence Prevention Educator

By Beth Ann Hamilton (tw: sexual violence, relationship violence, coercion)

In my experience, teaching teenagers about gender-based violence can be terrifying. 551 more words

She isn't impressed.

Drudge has a link to a story about a Texas man on vacation in Tennessee who called 911 after his wife was squirted with water by a Hibachi chef (as part of the show): 275 more words


This EPIC Facebook Post Just Took Enablers Of Rape Culture And Read Them For Filth

Too often women who are victims of sexual assault are questioned because, “Are you sure you weren’t asking for it??” 90 more words

Preventing Gateways of Sexual Violence Towards Women

Women aren’t toys and decorations to make your party better.

I sometimes stare at my generation of men and wonder why? Whether it’s scrolling through social media like… 461 more words