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This doesn't mean everyone is a dick.

Mary Beard has tweeted about the accusations made against Oxfam and attempted to do her part to minimise the impact by, whilst not condoning the behaviour, explaining how visiting areas where horrific natural disasters have occurred may impede your own civilised character. 372 more words

"Law & Order: SVU" is the most important show on television

As a culture writer I’m supposed to turn you on to some cool Euro detective drama on Netflix. Sure, I’ve watched them, and I have to say, not only are they mostly humdrum or clever without being smart, they’re not as interesting as what’s happening on  1,039 more words

#RageAgainstRape: A Social Media Campaign to Fight the Rape Culture

Pragya Lamsal

A women-led campaign on social media has started in Nepal to speak out against the rape culture.

#RageAgainstRape, a recently launched social media campaign by a small group of women’s rights activists, is targeted to openly discuss rape cases and put pressure on the government for the policy reforms. 167 more words

Rape And Sexual Assault

#Archives | What Amber Rose's Emotional #SlutWalk Taught Me

Posted October 1, 2016 on xonecole.com

I was in 7th grade when I first kissed a boy. His name was Will. We were young lovers in every sense of the word, and when it finally happened, we were both excited about our first time experience. 1,032 more words


The Far Right's Behavior Toward Women and Sex: Old Anxieties, Modern Settings

In the context of the worldview espoused through right-wing politics, women are definitely not valued to the degree that they ought to be. In the context of the worldview of the far right, the societal value of women amounts to little more than living property–house-bound baby-making objects of desire which need protection, especially from rape by men of other races. 684 more words


Chinese New Year Perverts

I was originally planning to write a post about how fun it is to celebrate Chinese New Year in Yangon and post some pretty pictures. I am having a lovely time here but I know my writing can often be negative. 579 more words


Rape Codes

Listen closely to the codes people speak in. My rapist told me so many times he was a rapist – before he raped me.

I wasn’t paying attention. 128 more words