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Amazon Sells Guide Books on How To Make Sex Slaves

Amazon is an amazing website.  You can usually find whatever you want or need and quickly purchase items to be dropped off at your doorstep.  They have thousands of books available to buy for your tablets or to own as a paperback or hardcover copy. 392 more words


McMaster Welcome Week Training

In the last eight days, SACHA and Equity and Inclusion Office at McMaster University trained nearly 400 Residence Life staff and reps on taking action to end rape culture and nearly 1300 Welcome Week Faculty reps on  720 more words


Rape isn't a distraction

After watching this video about Nate Parker and his part in a rape case when he was 19:

I felt very conflicted about seeing The Birth Of A Nation, a movie our family was originally very excited about seeing. 449 more words

“Provocative” dressing and the female body

CN: Burkini ban, racism, rape, transphobia, street harassment 

A few months ago, I bought a new top. It’s a denim crop top, lace on the sides, Hollister, second hand for £4. 821 more words

How sexism is entrenched in South Africa, or 'Willene's Thoughts: Part 1'

Call this what you want; a memoir, diary entry, a girl ranting, an open letter to the drunk Stellenbosch brah. I honestly don’t care, but I do feel like sharing this and possibly starting a series. 1,167 more words


Sexual come-ons welcome students back to school

Over the next few weeks, banners and balloons will fill college campuses to welcome students to the new academic year. But at some schools, students are opting to post overt sexual come-ons around their student-housing complexes instead. 220 more words


Men hate us

In my last anti-porn article someone made a comment that I “openly hate men.” I was thinking of writing a response to that but I found I didn’t feel like explaining it. 1,074 more words

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