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Now someone hates me- Henna Sjöblom

You ever run into someone on town and instantly get a feeling that they hate you? It happened again.
I’m not sure, of course, we locked eyes only for a brief moment, 669 more words


On Naming Male Violence and Conquering Fear. (CN)

Let’s name the problem: the problem is patriarchy. It is patriarchy which enables, perpetuates and encourages male violence. Over eons, woven through systems political and religious, and whilst sometimes having to give a little ground in order to otherwise resiliently maintain the status quo, it has woven into our cultures, our systems and our communities the entrenched idea that men will always, … 510 more words

Faith & Feminism

On Al Franken

I’m not at work today– I woke up with my head swimming like crazy, a condition that, seven hours later, hasn’t really gotten any better– and I probably ought to be doing something,  566 more words


Mixed feelings

How come you get to be happy and I get to be fucked up? Is that how it’s going to be from now on? I get to be messed up, to disappoint the people around me, to cut myself, to be mad, and you get to go on with your life as though nothing has ever happened? 785 more words

Rape Culture

Silence Will No Longer Ring in My Ears

I will not be silent

I will not maintain the peace

I will say the ugly words

out loud and I will not flinch

Murder… 135 more words


Of Solitude & Men

And what does it mean
that when I walk the woods alone
I am not listening for the sound of tree fall.
I have no fear of animals. 527 more words


Not a "chill feminist" no more

At many points this year I’ve gone out of my way to not allow my feelings and emotions take control of my words . I’ve been even tempered and listened to your opposing view-point. 316 more words