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Survivor to Survivor

She tells me,
“Man, I just wish I had the grit you did.”

And I say,
Girl, grit is all you’re left with
when you’ve been gutted like a fish.”



The rape will not kill you but the silence will.



I awoke as if it were a nightmare.

Had I seen this before?

Like the woman who committed suicide,

choosing silence

for she could not speak… 191 more words



Like a grapefruit


Like a grapefruit


Like a grapefruit


That which was rape to me

was satisfaction for you

How is this? 80 more words


Rape Culture Will Never Change – Unless We Change Our Culture

by Marti Ayres White

During the whole Roy Moore predilection for underage girls thing, I had a revelation that shocked me. Perhaps it won’t shock you. 546 more words

Living In Community

The Pence Rule -- Not the law, just a good idea

Put me with Pence and Coates. I also have rules. I’ll have lunch alone with female colleagues, but in more than 20 years of marriage, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve had dinner alone with a woman not my wife.

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"Vive la Revolution"

Vive la revolution,”I totally snagged that title from Wine and Cheese Doodles, words used to describe a post about, “the cascade of sexual assault allegations which are coming down as thick and fast as Niagara Falls” 621 more words