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The Ethical Prude: Imagining An Authentic Sex-Negative Feminism


“A slut is a person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you,” write Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy in… 9,692 more words


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Not the Sum of My Closet

In a conversation with my parents last night, I began to think about censorship.  Specifically self censorship for the benefit of others.  My parents asked me to wear more modest clothes while nannying because one of my charges is an 11 year old boy.   594 more words


Nice People Don't Finish Last

**Expletives have been censored, but there is some offensive content in this post though it is not directed at the readers.**

‘Nice guys finish last’ is an over-rated, over-used, statement. 434 more words

Rape culture?!? Teaching girls to protect themselves vs. teaching boys the importance of consent

I saw this interesting cartoon today and thought it was great because it was aimed at helping teach boys about consent. The article attached spoke to the controversial issues between arming our girls against rape versus teaching our boys about consent! 330 more words

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25 Disturbing Tweets From #BeingFemaleInNigeria


But Madam, what did you do for your husband to beat you like this? Why did you provoke him? #BeingFemaleInNigeria

— Vera Ezimora (@verastic) …

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On Vine stars and rape culture

I want to give everyone a break from the stories that have dominated social media feeds over the last two weeks. A news story occurred… 1,699 more words

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