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Mansplaining, Derailing and #NotAllMen

TW: discussion of rape, rape culture, victim blaming, domestic abuse

In my bid to get away from revision by engaging in kind-of-revision-but-not-as-useful-as-real-revision, I spent a good hour today looking through my old A-level notes. 1,073 more words

An Open Letter to Vice Media's Natasha VC and to Anyone Else Who Thinks I'm Lying

Last week, I published an article on xoJane that got a hell of a lot more attention than I expected. The story was about my decision to beat up my rapist. 1,054 more words


It was never about bathrooms, or protecting women and children

Continuing the thought process of my previous post, I want to clarify a few more things regarding evangelical hypocrisy as to who can use which bathroom at Target, the concern over which is supposedly about “protecting” women and children: 513 more words


Former principal arrested for private indecent exposure, sexual assault

Remember the story about the former Williston Elko High principal?

He was arrested this morning by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

According to the People Sentinel, Joel Mitchell is accused of private indecent exposure (covered under SC Section 16-15-130), and sexual assault. 57 more words

Rape Culture

Cultural Wednesday: Rape Culture & Tragedy

A lot of shit went down in Korea in the last week. Earlier, I posted about saving face in Asia and that point when it goes too far. 826 more words

Cultural Wednesdays

[cw: rape culture]

Today I found out someone linked one of my posts and a post of Libris’ in a post arguing that, as long as it’s within certain circumstances, it’s okay and even good for a man to make a woman have sex with him when she wants not to.  I will never sleep again.

You have the right to remain silent

TW: discussion of rape culture.

Protests erupted on Rhodes campus last month against rape culture, and everyone’s experience was complex and unique. This series voices the thoughts of our editors. 660 more words