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Shame On Columbia University: Emma Sulkowicz Deserved Better

As a survivor of multiple instances of coercive date rape by multiple ex-partners, living in this hostile rape culture can be so torturous that I often find myself feeling like the novel: “I have no mouth and I must scream.” 518 more words

Carry That Weight

Wonder Woman and Boogeymen

There was a moment at the beginning of Wonder Woman where I cried.

No, it wasn’t the terrible accents.

No, it wasn’t the fact that the… 1,876 more words


The Disturbing Problem With Bachelor in Paradise’s Sexual Assault Discussion

The fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise premiered last week after an onslaught of controversy surrounding its production. Unfortunately, the way it addressed this controversy was problematic and even repulsive in its victim-blaming. 382 more words

Rape Culture

Experts Explain Why Sexual Assaults Occur On Airplanes & What Airlines Can Do To Stop It

It seems like every few months brings a new story about sexual assault on an airline flight. In March, a woman on a flight from Tampa to Toronto claimed  755 more words

Rape Culture

Bystander Intervention Skills

You can interrupt sketchy behaviour at a bar, concert, or a party to prevent
sexual violence.

These skills are new for lots of folks! Just like first aid, these strategies require learning, relearning, and practice. 272 more words

Sexual Assault

Legs Do Not Mean Sex

I don’t like the way the men look at you
my father says
you should take care
wear pants in the city

I reply… 127 more words