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Write Your Senators about Planned Parenthood. Copy my letter if you want. JUST WRITE.

Did you know that it’s INCREDIBLY easy to contact your senators to tell them they should support Planned Parenthood? It is and you can CLICK HERE… 682 more words


Communication and the Soft No

We have a communication problem. Or, more precisely, we have a problem with reaction to certain communication: the ‘soft no.’

A lot of people profess to be confused about it–to the point that Dr. 786 more words


Republicans vote to legalize rape and make birth control a crime

The Republican War on Women is at the center of Hillary’s campaign platform and the reason Republicans are the greatest evil on the planet.

GOP candidates for president are applauding the new laws passed by the Republican Congress to legalize rape by white men and made the use of birth control a crime.  913 more words

Election 2016

This bread you are trying to feed me is stale

Another lovely slice of misogyny where men are people and women are just property to be used (by God) to make a point about the man’s sin. 1,230 more words


"Fuck you, big tittie bitch"

No story today.

No prompt.

No imagining, no inventing.

Just rage.

Rage, that after a long day at work taking care of people, all I want to do is put my feet up and watch some TV with Husband. 872 more words


Act Hero Only

‘Wow, looks like someone doesn’t want to give up their seat to those in need. C’mon guys, let’s make him/her famous.’

Erm how about you walk over and ask him/her to give up the seat instead of posting his/her photo on FB. 216 more words