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Perversion of the sanctity of sex

I recently had to put my self in the shoes of one of these women who have to know their husbands have neuropaths crossed in their minds from childhood or inherited trauma who as a result sometimes act on perverted desires. 1,536 more words

Sex is important to many people, obviously.

Why do people give so much importance to sexual satisfaction in a marriage?

Satisfying, thrilling, enjoyable, comforting, and pleasurable sexual experience is very important to a great number of people.

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REVIEW: Tradition by Brendan Kiely

Tradition by Brendan Kiely

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Length: 352 pages

Release date: 1 May 2018

Amazon UK | Amazon US

The powerful, glamorous and privileged students of Fullbrook Academy gather for a secret party in the woods.

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#AzizAnsari 6: It Didn't Count

Bonus material accompanying #AzizAnsari 6: Denying Female Agency (Or, Common Reasons Some Rapes/Sexual Assaults Don’t Count)

“It didn’t count because it wasn’t bad enough 1,116 more words


Girl Made of Stars: the book that really should be added to high school required reading

4/5 stars

In Girl Made of Stars, Ashley Herring Blake delivers a compelling coming of age story and a timely critique of rape culture. Mara, an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and leader of her school’s feminist club, was lost after her close friend Hannah accused her twin brother Owen of rape. 761 more words


2nd Book: Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture| Roxanne Gay

April was Sexual Assault Awareness month and I was going to do something involving since sexual assault has touched my life much like many other people. 597 more words


Do women need to be ‘whores’ to enjoy sex?

I started reading a book called ‘Finding God Through Sex’, by David Deida, ‘one of the world’s most insightful and provocative teachers of our time’, so the blurb at the back says. 1,251 more words