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It's just a joke

(TW: rape)

Dear Dad,

I want to talk about comedy today, partly because comedy seems to be all anyone’s talking about today (fitting that it’s April Fools), and partly because the discussion of Ari Shaffir, Trevor Noah and Patton Oswalt has reminded me of my own experience with off-color jokes. 437 more words


Columbia Police Office wants man for rape

Man tried to rape woman on Monday

COLUMBIA — A young man is wanted by the Columbia Police Office for a rape.

Jennifer Timmons, the spokeswoman for the Columbia Police Office, said the man and the woman in this case agreed to meet each other around 1:30 on Monday, March 30 at GREGG ST. 270 more words

Rape Culture

I Didn't Consent, But I Won't Say I Was Raped

Too often do we do find ourselves in the gray zone, the area between right and wrong, defined and undefined. Our generation is plagued with a fear of committing to a title. 1,957 more words

Being An Actor Does Not Make it Okay For You To Be A Stalker - That Jamie Dornan Interview

There is a BBC drama called ‘The Fall’, starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. I hadn’t watched either the first or second series at all yet, and after… 426 more words


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From designing training programmes to engaging with young people and politicians. From public speaking, to developing research, Ellie has a wide range of experience in energising and supporting communities to make change. 26 more words


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