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Women's History Month Profiles: Claire L'Heureux-Dubé CC GOQ and Implied Consent

Claire L’Heureux is a French- Canadian female judge of the Supreme Court of Canada. She was a trailbrazer in terms of redefining Canadian legislation regarding application towards women. 262 more words



Everyone knows that a theory or statistic that claims to explain everything, in effect says nothing. Because it oversimplifies complicated problems. “Every Complex problem has a simple solution – usually the wrong one.” (Warren Farrel, … 341 more words


Shit that Pissed me Off - 3/24

Soccer Player who Had his Girlfriend Murdered and Fed to Dogs Gets Out of Jail and Proceeds to Get a Job Playing Soccer

Look, I honestly believe that someone charged with a crime should serve their time but then they should have the chance to live their life.   1,111 more words

Shit That Pissed Me Off

Day 2 - Something I feel strongly about

Day 2 – Something you feel strongly about

Well, this is hard… I guess, I feel strongly about three different things especially right now. These are things that should be given light considering how Filipinos can be. 896 more words


​The survivor: Rape #1

A story of a rape survivor, witness and survivor to domestic abuse, pill addict and depression victim.

My story much like others has remained untold for nearly 7 years but being raped not once but twice does something to you so it’s about time I spoke out. 582 more words

ARC Review: Vigilante

Vigilante by Kady Cross
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Release date: March 28, 2017

It’s senior year, and Hadley and her best friend, Magda, should be starting the year together.

1,063 more words

See and blind, hear and deaf...

The following is my unedited Gleaner column of March 22, 2017. Because it goes directly against the anti-Latoya Nugent and anti-#saytheirnames position adopted by the Gleaner this column wasn’t even shown in the Commentary lineup today (the sidebar showing columns published on a particular day), and you would have had to search hard to find it, very odd considering the number of views it has attracted. 933 more words