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The Woman, The Culprit

I saw ‪the BBC’s documentary India’s Daughter‬ yesterday. It shook me up. We have known that such views exist but to see them, to see the unflinching faces, to hear the commitment in their voice, was something else. 93 more words

India's Daughter: A Misleading Promise

After furiously expressing angst over its ban and anticipating the debate it might rekindle about rape culture in India, viewing India’s daughter left me disillusioned and disappointed. 682 more words


ASOIAF vs. GoT, First: Lannister Twincest

I’m a fairly recent devotee to the Society of Ice and Fire, and I haven’t yet read all five of the presently available books from end to end. 3,287 more words

Rape Culture

Why Is 'The Hunting Ground' Driving a Campus Rape Activism Backlash?

Even as new documentary The Hunting Ground gets activists fired up to combat the problem of rape on campuses, there’s a backlash brewing. Emily Yoffe has published… 1,234 more words


The IndieGoGo Campaign is now Live, become a Supporter

We have just launched our IndieGoGo campaign. Please take a look at it, and help us raise the funds we need to make The Backup Belt™ happen. 42 more words


You Need to Respect Her No

It should be more horrifying when we hear of a women who was raped or sexually assaulted, and the first questions out of people’s mouths are: Did she say no? 741 more words


Writer's Block.

We all know what it is. The long slow death of a writer. Depression for writers. Killing you from the inside. Hindering you from doing the very thing that gives you purpose. 408 more words