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Rapists. I hate rapists and their apologists.

Over on Facebook recently a friend of mine posted this meme/image about rape culture:

Pretty uncontroversial stuff in my opinion. But then again, I vote for… 1,193 more words

The Little Brother -Victoria Patterson

This book was a hard read. It deals with a very real problem in this country, and really the world. Rape Culture. It was based on actual events that happened in 2002, when a group of boys conducted horrid, vial acts of sexual depravity on an unconscious girl. 321 more words

5 Little Ways You May Be Perpetuating Rape Culture Without Realizing It

By Mehak Anwar

In our present society, there are a lot blatant of tropes, behaviors, and traditions that perpetuate rape culture: The idea of a sleeping beauty, dads who maintain the idea that women can be owned, and men not taking “no” for an answer, for example. 1,220 more words

I dated Donald Trump

Yes, clearly the title is clickbait. I have never met Donald Trump, much less actually dated him. But I have dated someone just like him – many women have. 1,298 more words


Former Uber Employee's Disturbing Claims Of Sexual Harassment Reignite #DeleteUber

Reflecting On One Very, Very Strange Year At Uber

February 19, 2017

By Susan Fowler

As most of you know, I left Uber in December and joined Stripe in January. 836 more words

Rape Culture

Frat Bros Direct This Disgusting Sign At Their Neighbors, And The Way The Girls Clapped Back Is Perfect

Ohio State student Maria Rimmel and her roommates were shocked to see this sexually explicit sign hung up on the guy’s house next door.

The sign proclaimed, “I want 2 rail my neighbor” with an arrow pointing directly at their home. 623 more words