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Rape Culture in Mainstream Media

by Nicole Bellford

A young woman participating in protest about rape culture.

A recent study states 27 percent of collegiate women will be sexually assaulted by the time they graduate. 339 more words

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Rape Log

Raped by a family friend at 17: He was drunk and forced himself onto me. He never asked if I wanted to have sex. He was very rough. 616 more words

No, Clemson didn't really ban Harambe memes

You may have seen various outlets reporting that Harambe memes were banned at Clemson University.

But according to the university’s spokesperson, the memes aren’t banned. 694 more words


Gorillas in the dissed: Primate images banned in U. of Kansas dorms because too "masculine"

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Harambe: First killed, then turned into a non-person

Campus Reform reports:

“An RA at the University of Kansas was advised against incorporating an image of a gorilla into a jungle-themed floor decoration because the animal apparently represents ‘a very masculine image.’…

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Clemson Bans Harambe Jokes For Promoting 'Racism And Rape Culture'

Harambe jokes have officially been banned from campus at Clemson University… yes really.  Beloved Harambe captured the hearts of many on the internet after being shot to death for dragging a child around his enclosure like a rag doll, forcing the Cincinnati Zoo to make the quick and controversial decision to shoot him, before he crushed the life out of the young boy.   219 more words


Star Trek's Insights Into the Campus Rape Hysteria

Season 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation is probably my favorite season of that show. It introduced us to the awkward yet lovable character of Reginald Barclay, offered a proper sendoff to Tasha Yar after her embarrassing departure from the show in season 1, added a new dimension to the previously one-note Q, and, of course, gave us the greatest TV cliffhanger of all time in the form of “The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1.” 1,970 more words

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Rape Issues Need More Than Tissues: The Betrayal and Loneliness (of the Experience of My School Mishandling My Case)

Schools strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for their students, but what happens when they contribute to an unsafe and uncaring environment for their students? 943 more words