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This is rape culture

I’m going to describe two separate but extremely similar events to you and then I am going to tell you very frankly how I classify them. 358 more words


#bepatientbeimpatient p.1

She is tall, dark, understated and a little stressed. It’s dead week. She doesn’t need this right now, but she’s sitting across from me, in the rolling chair beside my bed, and she’s trying to describe it. 2,660 more words

Maybe You Were Raped Because...

Maybe you were raped because you suck at living your life or maybe you were raped despite the fact that you were living your life in the best way possible. 447 more words


Potential Solution to the Sexual Assault Crisis on College Campuses by KRM

Despite its cold and snowy winters, Missoula, Montana may seem like your average college town. But, this seemingly normal place has a major issue. Rape and sexual harassment is a huge problem in our society, especially at Missoula’s University of Montana.   939 more words


Sexual Arousal, Rape, and Victim Blaming

Warning: This post may contain triggers, particularly concerning rape, sexual abuse, and trauma.

Note: Spoiler alert for Push by Sapphire


Today, we need to talk about something important. 564 more words

Hijack Victim Branded Fool

“Three hijack car left idling” the headline blared from the street pole it had been staked to as I drove past.

“Idiot,” I thought. “Who leaves their car with the keys in the ignition – idling? 410 more words


Don't Tell Me To Smile

“Smile, love” “Cheer up, darling” “it can’t be that bad”

Say any one of those things to me and I guarantee I won’t be smiling. My biggest pet hate is men constantly telling me to smile. 262 more words