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Where do we stand with Rape on Our Screens?

by Sabrina Mahmood

(Trigger warning: this article contains references to rape, which may be distressing for some)

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So, it’s a pretty classic thought experiment: If you had a time machine, would you go back and kill Hitler before he had a chance to start WWII? 756 more words


ACTIVIST SPOTLIGHT: Taylor Yocom (Guarded)

In this week’s activist spotlight, Stand with Survivors interviewed Taylor Yocom, the creator of the photo series “Guarded.” In this series, Yocom photographed women from the University of Iowa holding up the self-defense items they keep on their person– mace, rape whistles, etc. 602 more words


ACTIVIST SPOTLIGHT: Helen Alison (My Imperfect Rape)

In this week’s activist spotlight, Stand with Survivors interviews Helen Alison, age 24, the creater of the popular Tumblr page “My Imperfect Rape,” which can be found at  984 more words

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Sexual violence as a literary device in A Song of Ice and Fire

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The Mintified #BlameOneNotAll campaign: #NotNorman

Media company Mintified have for reasons best known to themselves, decided to launch a campaign to remind men and women that NAMALT*, as if we somehow didn’t know… Mintified’s… 470 more words