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Horrific. Devastating. Rape.

People use words like ‘devastating’ and ‘horrific’ all the time, without even understanding what it means.It isn’t devastating that your football team lost the match. It isn’t horrific that the dog chewed your favourite pair of shoes. 773 more words

Broken Bones

Broken Bones


What are these? Nothing else but broken bones,
The murder that happened last night,
Police left no effort to kept the stones unturned,
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Video Release- Skeleton Boy- Rape Culture Spoken Word Poem

I’m really excited to share this video with you of the poem Skeleton Boy. I have such an affinity for the backstory on writing this poem. 221 more words

"Rape Poem to End All Rape Poems"

“Until rape means crime. Until woman means human. The rape poems will continue, until there’s no damn material left.”


Let's Analyze

'Rape Poem To End All Rape Poems'

this. is. important.

It’s sad that even though the message of the video has been reproduced in many different forms for a long time now, it is still necessary for this message to exist.