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The others

Let me tell you about the people i hate the most :

person no.1 : i was raped and all men are pigs and i hate you for being married and i hate everyone with a functional relationship. 123 more words

Jetta - I'd Love To Change the World (Sing alike)

Wheels are moving
blood is raging
rape is teasing
people seething

What to do?

Make a living
but believing
is the feeling
not assuring

Save us too! 81 more words

Jetta Song Lyrics

Another Case of Rape

Rape is an ugly word in India. After the infamous Nirbhaya case in Delhi (2012), India has awoken to the evils of rape. Local communities are banding together to ensure the safety of their women and children. 511 more words

David Faria

Running Scared from Sexual Assault and Rape on College Campuses

A recent spate of high-profile cases have shone the spotlight on sexual assault and rape on college campuses, and not in a good way. In most of these cases, the victim has been essentially told to sit down and shut up, had their case dismissed, or found that they were being blamed for being too drunk or leading a man on. 681 more words

Don't tell us there's no war on women

Republicans decry the “war on women,” claiming there’s no such thing. It’s just a progressive meme concocted to seduce women into voting for Democrats. Right. So why is it that, in the first three days of the new legislative session, Republicans in Congress introduced five abortion restrictions that would  limit women’s access to the procedure? 448 more words


Film Banned For What?

The AIB roast is completely against our culture. Of course, insulting others is absolutely a no – no in our culture. The funny thing is that while it was meant to tickle our funny bones, a whole lot of cultural and sanskaar bones got tickled out of proportion. 339 more words

BBC Documentary Ban

New Clothes Are Needed For Rape Victims - Details On How YOU Can Help

When Jen Toohey saw Regina Brett’s latest column, she knew she had to help.

After posting it to her personal Facebook, Jen received an overwhelming amount of comments from people who also wanted to join her and help those rape victims. 69 more words