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Black America: Vindicating Rapists, and Vilifying Victims. Stop That!

I am tired of when every time a successful Black man is accused of raping someone, Black folks immediately vindicate him and say he is only being attacked because he is Black. 63 more words


Domestic Violence Facts

Mental effects of Domestic Violence Facts

According to Domestic Violence Facts, victims are likely to experience cases of depression and sleep disturbances. These conditions may be worsened by anxiety, emotional distress, and flashbacks that are common among the victims of domestic violence. 129 more words

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Victims of Sexual Harassment

The most common cases of Victims of Sexual Harassment involve a situation where the harasser creates an unfriendly situation. In turn, the harassed person whether a female or a male feels uncomfortable and cannot perform their duties efficiently. 42 more words

Abuse Stories

Pretenders Singer Chrissie Hynde Under Fire for Saying Rape Victims Should 'Take Responsibility' - Billboard.com

“If you don’t want to entice a rapist, don’t wear high heels so you can’t run from him,” Hynde said.

Singer Chrissie Hynde has stirred up controversy with her recent comments about rape victims. 461 more words


Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women is such an extent that many of us who are victims feel in the structure of society that we are woven in the wrong. 44 more words

Abuse Stories


We often train our daughters to protect themselves from being a victim of “RAPE”, but I believe it is time as parent and guardians to teach our sons that a girl’s “No Means No”. 776 more words

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The Victim Spiral

I’ve heard people levy criticism against feminism based on the idea that feminism tells women that they are victims and forces them into a “victim mentality” they can allegedly never escape. 720 more words

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