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Before We Start

WARNING: This is a poem that references rape and sexual assault. If this is something that you are not comfortable reading, please skip this poem. 279 more words


This dramatic moral frenzy men are having about the likes of Savile and Trump, is an insult to women.

On the surface, it looks like a good time for women. Victims of rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and men’s creepiness in generalĀ seem to finally be listened to, granted headlines and airtime and taken seriously. 1,188 more words


How I Finally Admitted To Myself That I Was Raped

ItĀ is time to write about the thing that I have never wanted to admit to anyone before: the time that I was raped. I never wanted to be a victim, so it took me a long time to admit to myself, let alone anyone else, that rape is what happened to me, but when I look back on it now, I know that it is true. 2,163 more words

Stand up for the victim: a Poem about a rape victim.

I wrote this poem for an incredibly brave friend of mine, who shall remain anon. This one is for you anon, I am so proud of you. 242 more words


Yuvani lay curled up in a corner of her room. The curtains were drawn to shut the light from outside and the door was bolted from inside. 2,430 more words

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