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February 2, 2017

On February 2nd, 2017 I had a party at my house for a friend.
It was a really good night. Parties at my house happen on a regular basis because you see, I’m more comfortable at home than I am anywhere else. 129 more words


Victim blaming needs to stop

I was raped by a colleague, JAMES ALEXANDER MARTYNIUK, in February the night of a birthday party I had thrown for another colleague in my home. 1,772 more words


Victim Blaming?

We all, i guess, would like to believe more in something we can see. We hardly believe, including our beliefs, something that we cannot see. I didn’t say we don’t believe, but hardly believe. 818 more words

Fuckfree (otherwise how's she gonna get married?)

free fucks that was all

the fuckers viewed me

breaking hymen and soul – wrong not

am I only because theym fuck

I think you have it backwards… 123 more words



Pamela was having a psychotic episode she was verbalizing that she was raped. Whether there is some validity to this claim is a mystery. The staff isn’t paying Pamela any attention as far as her claim of being raped is concerned. 282 more words

Psych Ward Chronicles

Bernie Sanders Rape Essay

Many of us agree that Bernie Sanders is a nut. But a rape essay Sanders wrote in the ’70’s proves just how big of a weirdo Sanders is. 158 more words

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