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Everything is Violence – or the Whinging of Nice Guys


We have people with vast and varied skills and talents, but regardless of the particulars, if a person cannot fight, they are not going to win anything and some less skilled person who can is going to be the one who gets the money. 735 more words

1 in 6

This is a sad topic,  but one that seriously needs to be discussed more. I’ll just put this here and if anyone needs to talk, just leave  442 more words


Verna Review

Starring : Mahira Khan , Haroon Shahid , Zarrar Khan 

Directed and written by Shoaib Mansoor 

Verna has been getting mixed reviews and I had no particularly high hopes of this movie despite the fact that was directed and written by the legendary Shoaib Mansoor , maker of the unforgettable Khuda kay leeye and the hard-hitting Bol.   922 more words

Inanimate Existence's Cameron Porras Accused Of Rape

It was previously announced that Inanimate Existence were dropped from The Faceless’ upcoming tour due to “actions that simply cannot stand for.” Now, it has been revealed that the band were referring to a rape accusation against Inanimate Existence’s Cameron Porras. 1,911 more words



In my last post, I touched on the topic of sexual misconduct, abuse, assault, and rape. I may not have outright said it, but there were definite undertones that it was something on my mind. 805 more words

But I Will Not

Warning: Today’s blog is a heavy topic. It discusses sexual assault and rape, so if this would be a trigger for you, please do not read. 956 more words

Fake News Includes Misleading Hypotheses


Being a democratist by my definition, Morrissey doesn’t hold on to -isms and speaks of the truth. We don’t have to agree on everything, but please save us the media’s handling of facts. 113 more words