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The Real FD (Fucking Dickhead)

All the stories are finally being told.

Piecing them together shows you for who and what you really are: a disgusting and disturbed individual who cannot be classed as human. 437 more words


Grace - Part 12

Trigger Warning: Rape

This is the Final instalment of the Grace story – at least for now. To catch up on all other instalments follow these links for chapters… 665 more words


The Right Kind of Darkness

I love the dissonance of the cello in this song. I was raised to appreciate absurdity, so to me, joy is like a C chord: ordinary; too dreary; without nuance to dig into. 459 more words


Jeremy Kyle

I love a good fix of Jeremy Kyle; especially when I can’t sleep.

BUT, when there is a lady on there, who has accused not one, but TWO gentlemen (HER OWN FATHER AND BROTHER) of rape, went through an investigation, and then came clean that she was lying.. 244 more words

Getting Raped Is Not The Fault of the Victim

People need to understand…getting raped/sexually assault is not because they wore revealing clothes or because they drank or they went into someone house. Last I check, there’s no checklist on “how not to get raped”. 86 more words

Sexual Assault Survivor