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Tsk Tsk....Roe vs Wade, people (It's kinda a thing)

I have made no excuses for my liberal thoughts and ideas in my life, and I don’t intend to now.

So…this one is gonna hit you right in the touchy part of your black little heart if you’re conservative.  503 more words


It Follows me like a shadow,
clings to me like my own skin,
rides my back until I break in
two — I’m a mule to the shame. 102 more words


Is parole a risky necessity?

So he was on parole when he killed Jill? Really? How on earth does that happen!? What an absolutely disgusting failure of the system! This is OUTRAGEOUS! 1,018 more words


Removing the Burden of Cost from Sexual Assault Survivors

When it comes to a woman’s body it seems the entire world is out to make a profit off of it. Women are told what clothes to buy, face creams to use, and what to inject into or remove from their body to achieve the perfect ideal figure. 524 more words


Exit, Pursued by A Bear by E.K. Johnston

I bought this book because of the cover. I have cheered most of my life and I was so excited to see a book that at least involved cheerleading at some level. 1,253 more words

Self Doubt

I have been struggling a lot with self doubt over the past few weeks. I started therapy again recently, and these two words, self doubt, are the best way to describe the underlying feelings that seem to stick to me. 556 more words

Blue Sky

What I do to function on a daily basis

When I wake up in the morning, I get my journal and I write down any nightmares from the night before. Next I get up if I feel like it or I will stay in bed until I am done crying. 290 more words