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I Believe In The Sisterhood

When a woman says she doesn’t think anyone will believe her, it is almost always when she’s speaking out against a man.  And pretty much always against a man with power and influence. 638 more words



isn’t always dark alleys
and whistles
and pepper spray.
It isn’t always
a stranger,
they don’t always
look dangerous.
Whether it is
your boyfriend… 93 more words

Tahreem Writes

UK and me

I had one night last week at my house and I had a migraine the entire time so I didn’t get the rest that I really wanted. 889 more words

I Wasn't Special

When I was in high school I had a sexual relationship with a teacher for over a year… but I didn’t talk openly about it until I had a daughter of my own to protect. 423 more words


Updates and late night feelings

I didn’t update what happened when I went back to my college to clear out my dorm room because my parents did not permit me to return for the spring semester. 476 more words

25 Everyday Examples of Rape Culture

Chances are, as feminists and other liberal-minded people, most of you have heard the phrase “rape culture.”

Perhaps some people truly don’t understand what rape culture is. 863 more words


सेक्स को सेक्स ही रहने दो...न वो पवित्र है और न घृणित है

यदि प्रकृति ने किसी भी प्रजाति को सेक्स ज्ञान न दिया होता तो यह सृष्टि आगे ही न बढ़ी होती लेकिन प्रकृति ने मनुष्य के अतिरिक्त सभी प्रजातियों के लिए सेक्स और प्रजनन का साल में एक समय अन्तराल निर्धारित किया है । मनुष्य को इसका अपवाद बनाने के पीछे क्या कारण रहा होगा ?