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Tips for a gynecologist exam when having PTSD

You would think that 30 years after sexual abuse that an exam would not be so triggering. It is. Especially if it is a gynecological exam. 1,321 more words

In California...

..90 days house arrest is considered justice for raping a five-year-old girl.   At least it is if you  have money  and influence and no morals whatsoever. 92 more words

Rape Culture in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions; Beware Students

The average Nigerian student entering tertiary institution whether University or College, is most likely going to be between 15 and 19 years old. 

Their self-esteem will most likely be shaky. 1,098 more words

University Gists

Men Are Trash: Things We Should Stop Saying

I’ve had at least 3 conversations about #MenAreTrash in the past week and I thought I should take this opportunity to share my insights. Although Men are trash started as a hashtag on social media two years ago, it has since taken multiple forms but one thing is crystal clear: it is still relevant and there are a number of misconceptions which need to be addressed ASAP. 749 more words

South Africa


In this part of the world what we do is blame.

Blame. Blame. Blame.

Ofcourse, it is easier to blame than act. Than chide the wrongdoer. 464 more words


The business of maligning India - Maria Wirth

There was a strange question on Quora recently: Is India becoming the most hated country?

It reminded me of the years after Nirbhaya’s rape and murder… 582 more words


Respect has no grey zones

50 shades of grey? No’b – strike that!…

After my crucial “first yes” to loosing my virginity – and “yes” to have the knowledge of my own body’s reaction to intimacy – and the loss of innocence, it took some time before I entered “round 2”. 579 more words


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Continuing my story with this next blog post about date-rape. As I share my "journey of the flesh", I'm hoping that all the beautiful youngsters out there will think twice before... Before it might be too late.