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They didn't choose to rape me

They didn’t choose to rape me, I’m so unlucky. Why this happens with me every time? All my fellow classmates have been raped once and some of them even have been attacked by acid. 214 more words



If it happens, it’s not something you talk about.  Maybe you’re comfortable telling a few members of your family or your best friends, but it’s not something that you publicize.  311 more words


Adventure in the People You Know

Again, trigger warning. There will be discussion and details of rape in the following. Sincerely, mom, stop reading.

Two weeks before my twenty-third birthday it was my high school homecoming and a friend’s birthday (we’ll call this friend Caliban). 1,012 more words


The #MeToo Campaign

As readers of mine probably know by now, there has been a #MeToo campaign which has put a spotlight on how big of a problem sexual violence, particularly sexual violence against women, really is. 524 more words


In light of #metoo trending on social media and the Weinstein scandal, I don’t have too much of a say in these proceedings, but considering the girls and women in my life whom I strive to protect every day, I have racked my brain for some logical reason this so pervasive among you. 122 more words



Most of us know that #Metoo is going viral. The campaign is raising awareness to the community to show how many people have been sexually harassed in any way from being catcalled to actual rape. 410 more words


#Metoo - dealing with sexual harrasment at work

If you’re on social media you may have seen your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram filling with #MeToo over the last few days. The hashtag is being used by women following the widespread coverage of allegations of sexual abuse and harassment allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. 306 more words

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