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I Stand With Planned Parenthood & Will Not Be Quiet!

Waking up this morning to the domestic terrorism perpetrated by a white male once again in this country. Every single day in this country white males are picking up guns and using them to kill our fellow citizens yet we are told we need to be afraid of refugees and ISIS/ISIL. 581 more words


Victim Blaming

Before I get started, there are potential triggers in this post for those who have been raped or have been the victim of any sort of domestic violence. 847 more words

The Nigerian Law of Trafficking & How It May Apply to @Sugabelly

It would be interesting to read up on the precedents but I think that Audu and his pals can be prosecuted under this Act – 289 more words



It’s 2:23am and I am horrified with the lack of support and media attention that Kesha has received. Whether you like her music or not is irrelevant. 764 more words

I was freed

When someone says “back off” or “leave me alone,” they likely mean it. Because for most people, it means they have put up with something or someone for some time before they reached the point of asking that person to back off. 1,774 more words


Life as a 4th Waver vs a 3rd Waver

So I was at The Know bar the other night.  A really awesome friend invited me down to listen to her perform. Her name is Mikkayla Emaline Mcalister – … 2,335 more words


No One Asks for Rape

Okay, let’s set one thing perfectly straight in the mind of everyone who reads this.

No person who has been raped asked for it.

The definition of rape is the crime of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will.  533 more words

Getting Through Trauma