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Til It Happens To You

Over the weekend, I had a some free time. Keyword here being some, not a lot (#HomeWorkForDays).

Anyway, in the short lived time I had away from grad paper writing, I saw a link on Facebook about Lady Gaga’s newest song. 624 more words


What Bill Cosby's Confession Reveals About Rape Culture

Before today, I’d never heard of Marc Lamont Hill. I didn’t, “follow him,” on Twitter until seeing the following featured in an article by HuffPost: 499 more words

Rape/Sexual Abuse

The Hell Of Neverland

I had a dream of him again last night. The person in this world I least want to lay eyes on ever again. It certainly wasn’t the first (I lost count in the first year following alone) & I’ve come to accept it probably won’t be the last. 492 more words


this is what PTSD looks like

PTSD is (usually) not what you view on a colored screen. Most often, it is not a violent reaction to others or anger at the world. 675 more words


What Duggar Sisters Defense of Brother Tells Us About Abuse

In a recent interview, two of the older Duggar sisters, Jessa & Jill, confirmed they were two of Josh’s victims. While Jessa deemed his actions, “very wrong,” she went on to defend him anyway. 338 more words

Rape/Sexual Abuse

The Duggar Child Abuse Scandal

If you are not currently residing in a cave, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Duggar scandal surrounding child molestation. What the media has failed… 395 more words

Dysfunctional Parents/Families

Pros & Cons of Being Open

When I started this blog, I knew I would likely receive some negative feedback. That is not to say, however, I haven’t received ample encouragement & support in sharing my struggles on several different fronts. 360 more words

Rape/Sexual Abuse