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123 - Bandana Raphael

Long time no ninja turtles.

Here’s Raph, somewhat redesigned… I always did think the eyemask thing must be impractical, on so many levels.

Watercolour & ink, 10×7″

1000 Drawings

New Drawing

Raphael, based on the newest TMNT movie :) I think the turtles look better with more turtle-shaped faces than human like they did in the movie.


"BELIEVE" -- short poem by Donal O'Meadhra

From their homes stolen lives.
Injustice never new.
Not one crime done nor crime seen.
A sentence served undue.

Witness blind and judge astray.
Trial a kangaroo. 383 more words


TMNT - Becoming Masters

Chapter 1 – An Ending

From the outside looking in, it would’ve been a strange scene -three giant bipedal turtles kneeling around a giant dying rat. 720 more words

103 - Raphael (acrylics test)

Following my latest attempt at Raph in watercolour, I wanted to experiment with acrylics to give a much darker, richer result.

Yeah, acrylics it is.

1000 Drawings

#98 - Big Raph

I’ve been sketching turtles again.

Thought I’d try them in my newly acquired watercolour and ink technique, but I think I’ll leave it at this one of Raph. 69 more words

1000 Drawings