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373 - Raph (My first live sketchcard)

So a couple weeks back I had a stall with some other comicheads at the Todmorden Folk Festival, and out of the blue I started drawing sketch cards, which was loads of fun. 36 more words

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365-369 Ten Minute TMNT (set 2)

The second set of my Ten Minute TMNT requests over on Tumblr!

A 1990 Splinter sitting on a crate (of nashi pears) and drinking tea while enjoying a bit of silence in the lair. 82 more words

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360-364 Ten Minute TMNT (set 1)

So because I’ve not been drawing as much turtles as I’d like recently, I’ve started taking requests over on my tumblr, which I’m calling “10 minute TMNT”. 62 more words

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355 - Raphael commission

Remember this commission of Leo? It had been commissioned as a gift, and was so well received by the recipient that she commissioned one back for her friend! 25 more words

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348 - Raphael

Aaaand… we’re back to turtles.

Here is a thank you card I made for a friend. She’s a bit taken by Raphael too and in particular from the 2014 film. 7 more words

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337 - Big Kahuna

This is a drawing I did on the train from Paris to the south of France last week. I have no idea why. It made sense at the time. 16 more words

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