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The Effect of a Turtle: A Synopsis of TMNT

Hollywood has become a master of CGI and the ability to utilize technology to bring animated characters to life.

In 2013 it was all the rage when Paramount Pictures released teaser trailers for the newest super hero action flick…Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 385 more words


123 - Bandana Raphael

Long time no ninja turtles.

Here’s Raph, somewhat redesigned… I always did think the eyemask thing must be impractical, on so many levels.

Watercolour & ink, 10×7″

1000 Drawings

New Drawing

Raphael, based on the newest TMNT movie :) I think the turtles look better with more turtle-shaped faces than human like they did in the movie.


"BELIEVE" -- short poem by Donal O'Meadhra

From their homes stolen lives.
Injustice never new.
Not one crime done nor crime seen.
A sentence served undue.

Witness blind and judge astray.
Trial a kangaroo. 383 more words


TMNT - Becoming Masters

Chapter 1 – An Ending

From the outside looking in, it would’ve been a strange scene -three giant bipedal turtles kneeling around a giant dying rat. 720 more words

103 - Raphael (acrylics test)

Following my latest attempt at Raph in watercolour, I wanted to experiment with acrylics to give a much darker, richer result.

Yeah, acrylics it is.

1000 Drawings