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452 - The Awakening (with video)

Happy holidays y’all!

I give you this piece – The Awakening – because nothing says “Season’s Greetings” like an angry Raphael being woken from his genie-nap. 124 more words

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Hello, my name is Raphaël, but you can call me Raph or Raphi. ❤️❤️👽❤️❤️ this is my (mainly) art blog! Here are a few things about me: 124 more words

448 - Raph in a cat onesie

Raph absolutely adores his kitty onesie; it’s warm and soft and snug, especially in the damp and cold sewer. But his brothers always laugh at him for wearing it. 49 more words

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CINEMANIA: Ma Loute (Slack Bay, France, 2016)

Sandro Forte for Cinetalk.net

The ways of Bruno Dumont have never been easy. He came up, since the end of 1990’s, with some unsettling gruesome dramas that were sometimes received with hostility. 270 more words

Contemporary Cinema

445 - Rude (inktober day 30)

I love a rude Raph, don’t you?

First up, here’s the rough pencils:

I was so tired when I was drawing this in pizza express in Watford. 87 more words

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415 - Broody Raph

I’m running out of names for all my drawings of Raph!

This one was a drawing in my sketchbook, and started out in just ink: 111 more words

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401 - Mizzle & Raph in 'Netflix and chill'

Hello! Did you have a nice summer?

I’m just getting back into routine after a few weeks spending time with family over the school holidays. Came back straight into preparing for Leeds zine fair, and doing some street painting in Todmorden (pictures to follow). 150 more words

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