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The winter cyclist

Prompted by an excellent read of: Pedals & Pain Blog I figured I’d add my own take on things.

Winter……. the time when cyclists do one of three things, leave the bike alone until March, ride in all conditions known to man (and ensure we let everyone know about it) or retire to the turbo shed. 438 more words

One trail run + One story.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 5:15 p.m.: eight trail miles in the bank.

And the run coughs are SO REAL right now. They are a sweet and painful reminder of how high I live and train, how fast the temperatures drop in the evenings, and how much more important it is to over-dress than under-dress especially when the sun goes down at FOUR FORTY FIVE IN THE AFTERNOON. 659 more words

Part-time. Full heart.

THREE of the FOUR people (the most sad, yeah? LOL) who voted in my Twitter poll want to hear more about my job life right now. 794 more words

Updates! All the updates!

First, I cannot believe I haven’t updated since June. I swear I’m not dead. How would I be writing this if I was.

But secondly, the reason I haven’t been updating is because I had a summer’s worth of excellent riding that completely distracted me from posting on the regular. 729 more words


Ryality Bites

Club Run, Saturday 30th September, 2017            

My Ride (according to Strava)

Total Distance:                                 118 km / 73 miles with 1,120 metres of climbing

Ride Time: 3,376 more words

Club Runs

5 x Copenhagen for foodies

Those who believe I flew to Copenhagen merely to ride the Rapha Nocturne are sadly mistaken. Yes I obviously love to cycle, but deep in my core I’m also what people would call ‘a foodie’. 884 more words


Rapha Nocturne Series

When it comes to folding bike races, there aren’t really all that many of them besides the Brompton World Championships. A shame really, ‘cause nothing beats seeing a bunch of well-dressed guys ‘n galls racing like there’s no tomorrow. 447 more words