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Pimp your sock game, Belgian style

You may be familiar with an item of cycling kit known as Belgian booties.

Or perhaps you know them as over-socks?

Why you would intentionally forgo the chance to use the phrase “Belgian booties” eludes me. 495 more words


I Want To _______ So I Need To _______

I’ve been down on myself and my riding lately. When I say lately I mean the past four months.

^^^ This is my bike. I love it. 614 more words

Lindsay, how ya doing?

Every time someone asks me “how are ya,” I say what everyone else says whether it’s true or not, “Pretty good. How about you?” I could’ve stepped in dog doody on the way to work and I would’ve still said “good.” Knee jerk, ya know?  749 more words

Manchester to London "Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much"  - Helen Keller. 

On the 2nd September 2018 I am riding my bike from Manchester to London in one day, just the 220 miles and probably more than 16 hours of pedalling to complete the Rapha M2L ride for Ambitious about Autism. 926 more words

Women Cycling

How to keep warm on the turbo trainer (with help from Rapha)

Here in the UK you may have noticed we’ve had some weather recently. Largely in the form of snow, wind, and minus temperatures.

We Brits, who love a good chat about the weather, now have enough material to maintain conversation at even the most awkward of social situations for several weeks. 423 more words


I Hope I Keep Not Hating Mondays and other thoughts

I basically just said I like Mondays. Does that make you want to punch me right in my face? 

Gary Vee did a whole speech/rant on why you shouldn’t ever waste a single second being miserable in your job/life. 591 more words

The Strava Effect

There is no doubt that Strava has driven the phenomenon of social cycling, and sociable competition.  Millions of cyclists track and share their rides on the Strava website.  408 more words

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