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O kranie i kranówce

Dzisiejszy wpis z pewnością ucieszy fanów smartfonów i tabletów, którzy pracując na swoich urządzeniach niejednokrotnie musieli spotkać się z angielskim poleceniem tap, np. w zwrocie… 271 more words


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Development Trends That Will Shape The Web In 2016

Web development is a rapidly evolving industry. Every once in a while, a new trend comes by and introduces changes that everyone needs to adopt in order to remain competitive. 472 more words


I have been watching your world on tiptoe

Thank you, I have been watching your world on tiptoe, I’m looking behind you chase your feet, so I can grow rapidly. Now, I wonder if you know I love you, but this is not important, because you are there, I was able to break the cocoon into a butterfly, to stay in their own end of youth in a unique memory of their own. 124 more words

Just Do It

Give Indie-Pop Darling BANKS a Call Before She Blows Up

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She was born Jillian Banks. She goes by BANKS. And it only takes a matter of seconds after queuing up the singer/songwriter’s first EP, London, to understand the necessity of that stylization. 649 more words


Calling all Prayer Warriors, Intercessors, Prophetic Watchmen, Apostolic & Prophetic Intercessors, Generals, Praying Saints, Prayer Immobilizers, Prayer Educators, Instructors, Coaches & Teachers, Prayer Directors, Assistants, & Leaders, Locally, Regional & International Intercessors, Prayer Directors, Prayer Group Leaders & Participants, Midwives, Those who Travails, Lament & Wails before The Throne of God, Prayer Strategics, Tacticians, Chief & Governmental Intercessors, Prayer Ambassadors, Those with Prayer Ministry, Organizations, College & Schools, Those that Facility Prayerlines, Those who have Television & Radio Venues about Prayer, 24/7 Prayerline Partners, Crisis Prayer Workers, Evangelism Prayer Warriors, International & Global Intercessors, Persecuted Nations Intercessors, Intercessors For Israel, Traveling Intercessors those who go onsite to Pray, Special Prayer Forces, 522 more words

Guide to Surfing in Phuket

When you think surfing you probably think of Hawaii but Phuket is rapidly gaining a reputation as a surfing center. Here’s your guide to riding the waves in

Myanmar hair business is growing rapidly

Myanmar Hair export in China began more than a decade and the demand is increasing rapidly. Probably because of the growing popularity of hair extensions and wigs, exports have increased tenfold. 24 more words