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Broccoli Rabe

peasant greens

pleasant bitterness

stunted florets of

demure dewy buds

leafy savory stalks

pungent memories

tasting of ancestry

brought to a rustic

hearty perfection

sautéed with… 61 more words


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Nauseated

I was texting with Andrew during intermission of his show Friday night, obsessing over the fact that I had made a quart-and-a-half of spinach pesto and still had a bunch of spinach left over. 1,025 more words

Week 1

On Being Raised on Rapini and Red Wine

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”

– Julia Child 1,920 more words

Sous Vide with Anova Precision Cooker

When Jeff and I moved in together, I was really happy to finally have a kitchen where I don’t have to share. I really wanted to cook and bake more,  but it was hard when the kitchen was always occupied. 282 more words


Rapini Pasta

Don’t you love it when a dish is “accidentally” vegan? That means the creator wasn’t overtly trying to conceive a plant-based dish, but it just so happened to come out that way. 491 more words


Rapini (Ραπίνι)

This is rapini…or broccoli rabe…or broccoletti…or about a thousand many other names which would tend to have you believe that this lovely green vegetable comes from the broccoli family.   474 more words

Greek Food