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Sous Vide with Anova Precision Cooker

When Jeff and I moved in together, I was really happy to finally have a kitchen where I don’t have to share. I really wanted to cook and bake more,  but it was hard when the kitchen was always occupied. 282 more words


Rapini Pasta

Don’t you love it when a dish is “accidentally” vegan? That means the creator wasn’t overtly trying to conceive a plant-based dish, but it just so happened to come out that way. 491 more words


Rapini (Ραπίνι)

This is rapini…or broccoli rabe…or broccoletti…or about a thousand many other names which would tend to have you believe that this lovely green vegetable comes from the broccoli family.   474 more words

Greek Food

Fettuccini with Rapini (aka Broccoli Rabe) and Garlic

I love this dish! There is something about taking a bite of mildly bitter sautéed leafy greens, that at first taste says, Not sure about this, and then quickly turns to, Got to have another bite. 857 more words


The Three R's

When the cold weather comes along it means two things. 1. It’s the time to stay inside. 2. It’s the time to get fat and eat as much comfort food as you like! 507 more words


Spinach and Rapini Curry

The first time I had what would probably be classified as “real” Indian food was in middle school in Toronto. My parents’ friend gave a recommendation for a restaurant she particularly liked, and off we went. 632 more words


Sweet Potato Eggs Benedict

1 large sweet potato, grated
2 T salt
1 small onion, grated
1 small bunch, chives, minced
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 c four
4 T malt vinegar… 143 more words