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Collard Green Coleslaw - The hot dressing poured over this salad slightly wilts the greens without cooking them. Chilling the salad lets the flavours develop.

 Serve as a side dish, or use instead of lettuce to top vegetarian barbecue. Other greens to try in this recipe: Swiss chard, beet greens, or flat-leafed kale. 126 more words


Broccoli Rabe

Sometimes the country surprises you. It certainly surprises me. Just when you thought all this nation had to show for itself was a book of selfies by Kim Kardashian, a racist presidential candidate, and a mega pop-star taking Apple head on self-centeredly thinking that she truly represents the hoi polloi, the plebeians, the tired, poor and huddled masses- the country manages, if only for a fleeting moment, to pull itself together. 583 more words


Scenes From a Skillet

I am very inconsistent about photographing my cooking for blog purposes. Usually I become absorbed in the cooking and forget to take photos at critical points (such as the finished product). 127 more words

Food And Wine

From dirt to delicious

We installed a few rain barrels off of our gutters back in April.

N tapped into his Roman ancestral knowledge of aqueduct engineering and rigged a system to flow away from the utility meters and wiring at one corner of the house a barrel down a hill and close to one of the garden gates. 534 more words


sweet corn polenta

In Warren, Ohio on the road with my husband Rob, his touring chef, Chef Michael whipped up an awesome dinner of sweet corn polenta w/ baba ganouj, garlic confit and roasted tomatoes along with green beans w/ toasted almonds and rapini w/ garlic.


On The Road

Do-it-yourself orecchiette

Last summer, Daniel and I went to Apulia, Italy for a holiday. We ended our stay a little early because the weather in the beach town of… 1,295 more words


Rapini and beef. Proteins and healthy veg ...

Amazing and simple dinner.

I’ve just cooked it and I am really enjoying it….

So let’s start from the meat. A peace of beef with fresh green pepper. 83 more words