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About the man that is anxious

It slithers through the heart
A vile tremble
It ruptures the walls of composure
An unwavering quake
Look how it ceases the mind
Guard and instigator of captivity… 190 more words

A memory of you

Let me stare at your face
So it may be seared into my mind
Let the image of you be engraved in my memory
Forever defining perfection… 117 more words

Cheat Sheet

I made a cheat sheet for people that are new to the beer scene. It’s just some basics on beer knowledge. The last statistic about the Brewers Association comes directly from their 2015 beer styles guide.  Cheers!


Tasting the Right Way

Customers often ask if I have to try every beer on the menu. Even if I didn’t have to, I think that I should because how else am I going to know what I’m selling?   578 more words


Fermentation Innovation

In the modern era, beer is often viewed as the drink of choice for frat parties and general drunkenness. While I can hardly deny that a college house party is incomplete without a keg of some cheap mass produced beer, it’s important to acknowledge some of the benefits that brewing has brought us over the years. 396 more words


For the Love of Beer

Hello again!

Working for a company that not only brews their own beer, but also distributes and promotes other local (and some non-Colorado) craft breweries has forced me to try numerous beers that I would never have considered if my job did not depend on it. 486 more words


The arms of panacea

Resting in the arm of care
Resting in the embrace of panacea
There I lay, least graciously
But grace, was of little concern
These arms were too weak to hold up any façade… 162 more words