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Here with you

There is a beauty being here with you
One that works well into the deep of my heart
It burrows deep into my soul
The secrets of my heart, has it found company with… 124 more words

Blessed company

Blessed be your company
For you give me joy in the morning
My night has been crowned with excitement
In it flows a river of laughter… 121 more words

Grace, Needful

I am in need of grace
Like a dying donkey stuck in the Sahara
My path has led me deep into the dry lands
The sun is aggressive here… 159 more words

Without me

As you dance round the vacuum
Fill the space with your celebration
Has satisfaction found your heart?
If it eludes you, I admonish
Toss your glasses high… 144 more words


Discomfort encroaches slowly
It creeps around
It slithers into place
It repels comfort
It distracts focus
It irritates the senses
It brews disgust
It fosters stress… 25 more words

Hold your breath

Hold breath in your mouth
Let it sit till it bids for company
Till it strains your consciousness
Till warmth becomes of its countenance
Till your focus lies on it… 82 more words


Whisper in the ear of adversaries
Better yet;
Whisper in the face of adversaries
Pour fourth your heart on its countenance
May your soul find its way into its core… 160 more words