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Poetry on a bat

Swing, swing swing, my pretty little bat
Swing with your shine, my pretty little bat
Dance with the wind, my pretty little bat
Crash down on those who oppose you, … 116 more words

Sweet sweet excitement

Sweet sweet excitement
Like the dance to the sounds of loud drums
Your tingle crawls through me.
Reverberating across my back, it shakes me to action… 149 more words

Tomorrow and this heart

The eyes of my heart are spread opened by expectation
They look forward to tomorrow where you are seated
The eyes of my heart are filled with life… 132 more words

Here with you

There is a beauty being here with you
One that works well into the deep of my heart
It burrows deep into my soul
The secrets of my heart, has it found company with… 124 more words

Blessed company

Blessed be your company
For you give me joy in the morning
My night has been crowned with excitement
In it flows a river of laughter… 121 more words

Grace, Needful

I am in need of grace
Like a dying donkey stuck in the Sahara
My path has led me deep into the dry lands
The sun is aggressive here… 159 more words

Without me

As you dance round the vacuum
Fill the space with your celebration
Has satisfaction found your heart?
If it eludes you, I admonish
Toss your glasses high… 144 more words