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Black water

Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
It is joked that black people cannot swim
Listen at my chuckle as I count all those I know
– who can swim… 166 more words

I have met peace

There are some smiles that cannot be explained
Like that which fill my face at 4 am
I am starved of sleep and too tired to eat… 36 more words

My beautifuls

These are beautiful, she said
These are my beautifuls, she pointed
These are my pretty, she emphasised
These are my precious, she whispered
These, these very ones are my desired, she stressed… 53 more words

Not only kisses

I feel the chill in the night
This is the earth gently reminding me
Possibly of the risk of being here
Or of its un-forgiveness… 124 more words


My spear is curved
My barrel is curved
The force I lunge with will hurt you and me
Your blood is red
My blood is sad… 106 more words

A gentle walk

A gentle walk
A gentle flowing breeze
A gentle shiver
A gentle touching of swinging arms
A gentle retraction of arms
A gentle shy from unintended intimacy… 34 more words

Picture of  the broken

Show me a picture of me
That I may cower in shame
And my face, hide from the world
For I am ashamed of my fractures… 166 more words