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Hide me

Cover me in your mystery
Let your vail rest on me
Hide me from the light of the day
Conceal my being in your bosom… 231 more words

How can two run

I watched them run
Together, their steps aligned, for their hearts were one
The bond of friendship held them tight
And in it, did they find comfort… 266 more words

A longing for you

Fill my ears with your sound
Let your melody soothe my soul
I long for your voice
And the feel of you beside me, calms my soul… 196 more words

Awake from comfort

Make this heart drift to the light
Lift it from its shelter
For comfort has become its demise
Rest has become its shackle
And complacency, it confidant… 197 more words

Spike Lee's Chi Raq film

gotta give it to the greatness of  Spike Lee

for telling this story about what is going

on the Hood in the CHI.  this film… 54 more words

Chi-Raq Trailer: Spike Lee Takes on Chicago Gun Violence

Nick Cannon, Wesley Snipes and Teyonah Parris star in director Spike Lee’s drama Chi-Raq.

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Kiss the hand

Kiss the hand that pulls you up
for it is precious and a gift from above
A blessing in the day of trouble
An uplifting in the day of sorrow… 183 more words