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Iraqi Lesbian? Read!

So this is advice for any Iraqi woman who identifies with any sexuality other than straight or any gender identity other than cis.

You’re persecuted, shamed, threatened, isolated, secretive and very ¬†alone in your struggle. 1,371 more words

Running with Kings

I am running with the king
His horses and chariot cloud my sights
They crush the earth like the fists of giant gorillas
thumping monstrously in display of anger… 158 more words

Believe the hype

Believe the hype
Love ruins
It runs the senses of the eloquent to the ashes
their composure it rattles and tosses like a dice
Left sprawled at the hand of fate… 74 more words

Lean into me

Lean into me, my darling
Lean close into my chest
Let your warmth be my everything
Snuggle deep into me
So my soul may broaden in a smile… 95 more words


This bitter taste of doubt
Lies on a time so precious
It does cast a taste of great sour

On the tongue of one that welcomes it…
57 more words