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Rare breed spotted in Hackney

This is a very rare breed that does not seem to exist in Cheltenham but seems to thrive in Hackney in East London. “Man with Brush” used to exist in large numbers countrywide, with the country versions as well as the town breeds having areas to look after day in and day out. 160 more words

Erik Hofstatter - Rare Breeds Review

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When I read the title of a book sometimes I wonder what significance it holds and what is waiting for me in the pages of the book. 366 more words


Rare Breeds: Meet the Kooikerhondie!

What’s a Kooikerhondje?

The Kooikerhondje or Kooiker for short, is an uncommon breed of dog that originated in the Netherlands several hundred years ago. They were a favorite of Dutch nobility. 210 more words


Geese, Ducks and Emus.

We stopped at a pottery and they specialised in rare ducks and geese with a few emus thrown in for good measure. I had to take some shots. 13 more words


Bade Ka Gosht

“Bade Ka Gosht” means red-meat biryani. It is the favourite meal of Muslims celebrating Bakr Id (Eid Ul-Adha) today in India. This festival commemorates the Biblical story of Abraham who was about to sacrifice his son to God and at the last minute, God substituted a ram. 467 more words


Kerry Hills at Melton Native Breeds Show

How do I get myself into these things? What on earth would the younger me make of the lengths I seem to go to these days to ‘have fun’ – I have now reached the point where I can assure you, dear reader, that all sheep do not look the same and I am starting to be able to appreciate the differences between good and bad but I am now wondering just how far this crazy journey is gonna take me. 1,037 more words