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Just Kidding

After my visit to Natural Capital it transpired that going to stay with a friend would involve a shorter journey time than heading home and therefore require less energy. 408 more words

7 Ways to Improve a Rare Breed With a Gene "Puddle"

Let’s face it: In some breeds we don’t see a gene “pool,” we see a gene “puddle”! This can be extremely challenging, especially if you don’t have the luxury of an extraordinarily large rabbitry and unlimited bank account! 870 more words

Show Rabbits

Pets are fine, but be careful

My mother didn’t allow us to keep the cute little puppy years ago because she wasn’t sure if we’d take care of him. But a young woman name Barbara who lived upstairs had a Doberman pinscher.  419 more words

Dynamic Tension 2

When we steward rare breeds of livestock, we are constantly aware of potentially opposing tensions.  On the one hand, we must pay attention to the market since recovering rare breeds is most successful when their economics make sense.  886 more words

Fell Ponies

The Redcoats Are Coming! The Redcoats Are Coming!

Before the Royal Canadian Mounted Police existed, the Canadian West was policed by the North West Mounted Police. Established in 1873, the NWMP patrolled the previously lawless area covering Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. 222 more words

Heritage Festival

What do you do with my Longwool curls?

I thought you’d like to see a couple more creative ways to use British Rare breed wool locks. I really look forward to seeing these images! 49 more words

Consequences of Breeding Closely in the Fell Pony

DNA research has found that the Fell Pony’s genetic diversity is healthy relative to other breeds.  Nonetheless I think we have to be careful when breeding closely-related ponies to each other.  532 more words

Fell Ponies