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Consequences of Breeding Closely in the Fell Pony

DNA research has found that the Fell Pony’s genetic diversity is healthy relative to other breeds.  Nonetheless I think we have to be careful when breeding closely-related ponies to each other.  532 more words

Fell Ponies

A Cautionary Tale for Fell Pony Stewards from the Thoroughbred

What do you think when you hear that the Thoroughbred has a narrow gene pool?  Perhaps you are as skeptical as I was.  I was skeptical because of my two decades’ involvement with rare breeds of livestock where we think about the size of gene pools often.  568 more words

Fell Ponies

How people use my British Rare Breed Locks

Having just been asked if I had any ‘wool’ suitable for doll hair I said ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’

I couldn’t tell what was suitable over the phone so my friend popped round with her scantily clad ‘lace project’ a beautiful fabric doll wearing a lacy negligee, lace stockings, suspender belt, bra and panties. 121 more words


Silkies are a particularly attractive pure breed of chickens – please go the ‘the spare’ to see my pictures of them!


Back to the Beach

This Saturday April 18th marked a celebratory return to the beach for my family and me. It also marked one of the first times since I was a child that I walked the shores with my Father. 386 more words


Sheep, Sheep Everywhere....

This blog post is going to feature several sheep. Yes, that’s right I do mean the woolly, grass eating sort (as if there were any other). 632 more words

Loose Leaves

Lamb's first week out

We knew we had to get the lambs outside, once they started jumping up and down on their Mums:

It was a lovely Easter Sunday, the sun was just breaking through the mist… 121 more words