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Silver coins and bullion as being a hedge on inflation

Why Silver Coins is sure to save Your ass in 2017

You should understand, what goes up must go down. This is always the way with… 576 more words

Rare Coins

The South African Veld Pond Was Introduced In 1902

‘South African War ( a.k.a. the Anglo-Boer War) remains the most terrible and destructive modern armed conflict in South Africa’s history. It was an event that in many ways shaped the history of 20th Century South Africa. 1,537 more words



Numismatics, the study or act of collecting coins has been one of my hobbies since school. I collect medieval and British-India coins in silver. It started with my father giving me some old silver coins and progressed to a professional collection. 58 more words

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2015 a Strong Year for Rare Coin Demand

As the president of Youngblood Metals Mining, Kota Saint Jovite Youngblood combines his experience in business and finance with his expertise in precious metals, coins, and antique jewelry. 127 more words

Saint Jovite Youngblood

Rare Stamps and Coins Tell The County's History

Down County’s rarest stamps and coins will be on exhibit through June 31st at The Overmeyer Historical Society on Slopeside. The exhibit, called Down County’s Most Ludicrous Stamps & Coins… 991 more words

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