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The Coin Worth Millions

This is the most sought-after coin in the United States. Only five of these coins made it past destruction, and one of these in your possession could solve many of your financial problems. 293 more words


The 1787 Brasher Doubloon

One of the rarest coins in the world was made when a goldsmith and silversmith was denied a petition to mint his own coins.

A man named Ephraim Brasher wanted to mint his own copper coins, but ran into a roadblock: the State of New York did not want to mint copper coinage. 202 more words


The Gold and Silver Mine 14.25

   The Gold and Silver Mine



A weekly column dedicated to “digging out” current information about precious metals, coins and other numismatics.


Last weeks’ article about auctions and the fact they don’t always meet expectations was timely, given that the results of the auction for the rarest stamp are now in. 466 more words

Antiques Show to Visit History

Art Building at Lake County Fairground is full with gems, military artifacts, vintage jewelry, swords, and numerous antiques and collectibles relic.

There were 46 vendors in Myriad Antiques Show. 20 more words


Helping Heirlooms Find a New Home

Finding Reputable Jewelry Buyers

As any experienced collector can tell you, many of the best finds can be made in the most unlikely of places. A locked drawer, a forgotten cabinet, an old shoebox that was never thrown away. 80 more words


A Solution for Unused/Unwanted Jewelry and Watches

Selling old jewelry

Frequently we find ourselves with old family heirlooms: watches, necklaces, even antique coins and rings; and we just cannot find a home for them. 129 more words