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A Different View of Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty under construction in Paris in 1884.

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Testing Bulletproof Vest/Worst Job Ever

Testing bulletproof vest, Washington, DC. Date 13 September 1923.  Whatever they were paying this guy…..it wasn’t enough.

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London Gas Drills 1940

Three nurses carry babies cocooned in baby gas respirators down the corridor of a London hospital during a gas drill. Note the carrying handle on the respirator used to carry the baby by the nurse in the forground. Date-1940

Historical Photos

The Origin of Sideburns

This is a portrait of Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, officer of the Federal Army whose facial hair later inspired the term sideburns. ‪I have to admit….they really are pretty badass.

Historical Photos

#160 Rare photos


#160 Rare photos

De cate ori ai mai vazut asta?
Artisti, inventatori, articole si mai ales intamplari adevarate; toate “spuse” in poze rare. 31 more words

I Am Me

Young Jet Li

Young Jet Li on The set of movie Shaolin Temple