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A Letter to the Boy Who Never Wanted to Fall in Love with Me

I am not the girl you expected to fall in love with.

I am not the girl your friends would want you to hang out with, not the girl you’d proudly show off to them. 612 more words


Long ago i had the wish to see
The majesty of this bird so free
Famous for its courtship dance
So when I actually had a glance… 86 more words


Joshua Trees

I grew up in Dr. Seuss-land.  I think there’s only 4 Joshua Tree forests in the world and one is just outside of my hometown.


With a one in 2 million chance, two separate fishermen caught two rare blue lobsters

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Image by Nantawat Chotsuwan via Shutterstock

Blaine Marsh and Scott MacKinnon both caught rare blue lobsters off the coast of Nova Scotia… 18 more words

Billboard Pepe

Condition: AA

Rarity: Rare

Price: 2.71828 BTC


Amorph Pepe

Condition: AAA

Rarity: Rare

Price: 3.141592 BTC